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10 Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

10 Must Have Social Media Tools Small Businesses

July 2022 Update
I'm updating this article with the latest tools I recommend (some of the tools I mentioned before were out of date). I've now updated tools 1-8. I'm in the process of adding tools 9 & 10.

Do You Have the Time to Manage Your Social Media Empire?


If you run a small business, one thing that you probably don't have, is a lot of is time.

You don't want to spend a huge amount of time trying to find and learn how to use the best tools to achieve your goals.

Call me weird, but I actually enjoy researching the best tools, and have developed a portfolio of great tools and a workflow that works well for me.

In this article, I list the main social media tools I would recommend to most small businesses. Of course, every situation is unique so I do recommend tailoring a system that works for you.

As well as dedicated social media tools, I am including more content-focused tools and tools to help with your business.

Social Media Plan

But first of all - I have a question.

What are you trying to achieve?

You need to ask that question before you start looking for the social media tools that are going to suit you. There is no point in having a presence on all the social networks if you don't know what you want to achieve or which audience you want to reach.

What I am not going to cover...

I am not going to cover how to build a social media plan in this article- I am going to assume that you already have a presence on your social networks of choice- perhaps Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Instagram.

I am also going to assume that you have a website with a blog. One of the big advantages of posting to social networks is in driving traffic back to your website and showing that you are an expert in your field.

You don't need to do it all yourself

Coming up with a plan and a strategy takes time - and then you've got all the time it takes to manage your social media every week. Of course, you don't need to do it all yourself. One of the things I wish I had done earlier on in my business is to get some help. Thankfully there are loads of social media agencies out there which can offer help with strategy and management. My friends at Agorapulse have a new social media agency directory called Social Agency Sprout which can help with that.

Marketing Areas

For a complete social media and marketing plan, you'll need tools in to help in the following areas:

  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Posting & scheduling
  • Content Discovery
  • Security & Password Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing

Social Media Management Tools

It would be great if the “Holy Grail” of a social media tool existed.

Well, a social media management tool is kind of like the "One Tool to Rule Them All" for social media. They try and manage everything for you. In particular, a good social media management tool should allow you to manage the following with your social media channels:

  • Schedule and post
  • Give you analytics and reporting
  • View your audience with insights and compare with your competitors
  • Allow you to listen to what people are saying on social media
  • Help you engage with your social messages, mentions, replies and more with a social inbox
  • Allow team members to manage your channels

Social media management tools can be really powerful.

But if you’re just starting out, they can be overkill. If you’re at the start of your journey, you can manage your social channels natively, using the networks themselves.

If budget is an issue, some social media management tools are either free or have free versions of their tool.

Choosing the right social media management tool is a more complex decision. You'll need to decide on one that supports your social networks and think of things such as how many people are going to be managing your social channels and what budget you can justify.

However don't worry, I've written quite a few guides to help you including a whole video presentation. Have a look at the following:

#1 Circleboom


Circleboom may not be as well known as some social media management tools, but it’s quickly getting recognition by users and on review sites such as G2.

It actually has two different tools:

  1. Circleboom Publish A social media publishing and scheduling tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Business Profile. TikTok is being added very soon.
  2. Circleboom Twitter A management tool for Twitter with follower & friend management and insights, analytics, tools to find fakes, spammers and inactive accounts etc.

I’ve been using Circleboom Twitter for a while and it’s one of the best audience management tools for Twitter I’ve used. You can view accounts that aren't following you back. And filter by language, fake/spam, inactive, overactives, eggheads (accounts that haven't set a profile picture) and even create a whitelist of accounts you don't want to unfollow.

There's a powerful user analytics section with helpful graphs displaying your follower or friend growth. You can dig deeper into the kind of accounts you follow (human vs fake, active vs inactive etc). There's a "best time to Tweet" chart. I found this really interesting (mornings for me are not the time my followers tend to Tweet.

And, finally, there's a cool search facility, allowing you to search by interest and filter by location, language, the date they joined Twitter and more. The hashtag/keyword search makes it easy for businesses to search for the perfect customers.

I also used Circleboom Twitter to help me unfollow everyone on Twitter so I could effectively start again and declutter everything.

Circleboom Publish is a really powerful social media publishing tool. While it might not offer a social inbox or a reporting feature, it has some very powerful features. These include multiple account scheduling, queue publishing, Canva integration, publishing from RSS, article discoverability and a video downloader (to download videos from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok).

I only just found this out, but Circleboom Publish is one of the very few tools to support the scheduling of Twitter threads. I love threads on Twitter, so this is something I'm good to use. Very soon they will be adding a hashtag generator. Finding the perfect hashtag can be tricky, so this is going to be very useful indeed.

It's cool that it supports Google Business Profiles which is very important for small businesses. Circleboom supports 'Offer' and 'Event' posts so you can add your business' call to action.

I’m really impressed with the user interface and the way they’ve made a very powerful tool very easy to use.

Both Circleboom Twitter and Publish have free plans. Circleboom Twitter paid plans start from $24 per month (or the equivalent of $11.99 per month if paying annually). Circleboom Publish paid plans start from $18.99 per month (or the equivalent of $15.83 per month if paying annually).

#2 Agorapulse


I’ve used Agorapulse on my social media since 2015. Although its paid plans are not the cheapest, it has a very generous free plan which is perfect for small businesses to get started.

In my view, it's the most robust and powerful social media management tool and it keeps on getting better. It integrates with all the main networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Google Business. TikTok is coming soon. It offers publishing/scheduling, analytics/reporting, social inbox, listening, competitor analysis, community management and more.

Agorapulse home

I love the inbox zero workflows which allow me to get through all my comments, mentions and messages really quickly. Assigning to my team members or engaging, commenting or archiving.

The reports are incredibly powerful and lovely to look at!

Agorapulse report

Agorapulse free allows you to manage 3 social channels. Paid plans start from $99 per month (or the equivalent of $79 per month if paying annually).

#3 Adobe Express

I used to include a tool called ContentCal in this article. Well, ContentCal was bought by Adobe and it has now included it in Adobe Express.

Adobe Express is the perfect tool for small businesses.

First of all, let’s talk about the price. It’s either free (and the free plan is very generous) or only $9.99 per month (or the equivalent of $8.33 per month if paying annually). That’s incredibly good value.

You get the following with Adobe Express :

  • Templates, design assets and Adobe Fonts
  • Royalty-free Adobe Stock collection photos (limited access with free plan)
  • With the paid plan you get access to 20,000 licensed Adobe Fonts, curved types, grids, and font pairs.
  • Plan, schedule and publish social media content (not available on the free plan).
  • Add your branding, logo, colours, and fonts
  • Convert & export to and from PDFs and other file types.

You use Adobe Express on the web, but there are also apps for iOS and Android.

Adobe Express allows you to create social media images, banners, posters and more. It works very similarly to Canva.

But with Premium, you also have the features that have been taken from ContentCal.

It isn't a traditional social media management tool like Agorapulse, Hootsuite or Sprout Social. It's a social media planning tool. And it helps you post and schedule content.

You can plan by pinning ideas to the pinboard and brainstorming your content. And then move the content over to the calendar, and schedule or publish.

It replaces all those tools and makes it easy to brainstorm, plan, approve and publish content all from one tool. It's just so easy!

#4 Wave Video

Wave.Video is an online video creating and editing tool as well as a live video broadcast tool.

I love using it a lot! It's just so easy to use and integrates with a huge library of stock videos and audio files. There are loads of high-quality free videos to choose from as well as premium ones too.

The Wave Video Library

As well as adding videos from the library, you can upload your own video clips too. Then you can trim the clips, and add more to your masterpiece. Then it's a case of adding text with your brand's colours and fonts, calls to action, graphics, stickers, watermarks and more. And you can add music and sound effects too.

The Wave Video Editor

Wave Video is nowhere near as powerful as a professional video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro. But for many situations, Adobe Premiere Pro is just overkill. Wave Video makes creating videos quick and easy and has saved me so much time. I love the way you can add videos from the library as well as music, audio, graphics and more.

And once you're done, you can export to a plethora of different formats including YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (square), Instagram Story (portrait format) and more. Wave Video crops the video and resizes the text perfectly for each format.

You can also broadcast live to Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and more via its dedicated live video tool.

#5 MailChimp

mailchimp I now use ActiveCampaign for my mailing list.

But when I started out, I used MailChimp. It's got a free plan and very cost-effective starter plans.

MailChimp is an email marketing and newsletter service with a long and proven track record. When doing research for this article, I couldn't quite believe that they have been going since 2001- that's not long after I first started building my own websites!

Since you are reading this article I am hoping I don't have to tell you how powerful social media is for your business- meeting your customers where they are.

However, don't forget email! I keep on hearing stories about the demise of email- that the younger generation isn't bothering with it anymore. This is utter nonsense! What do you need to sign up for the likes of Facebook or Twitter? A valid email address! You may have push notifications on your phone to alert you when someone tags you or updates their status on Facebook- but many people have notifications sent to you by email?

Building up your own database of email contacts is vital for the majority of small businesses. It helps you find out more about your customers or potential ones. MailChimp makes this so easy and over time you can add more information such as demographics (age, gender, location etc).

Whilst many of the features are free, if you want more and specifically you want to send to more than 2,000 subscribers, you'll need to upgrade. However, the prices are very reasonable (from $11 per month) so it shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons I recommend MailChimp is its customer service.

#6 LastPass

How many sites and applications do you use that require a password? How do you remember the password? Do you use the same password for everything, or even for just a few? With so little time at our disposal, it is sometimes all too easy to cut some corners when it comes to security. LastPass allows you to have top security across all your social networks and never have to remember more than one password. I definitely recommend using it- and it is a lot easier than you might expect.

I know many people use the same password across all their sites, but what if a hacker gets hold of that password? It means they can gain access to all your accounts and lock you out. There was even the story of a hacker remotely wiping someone's computers and mobile devices (read about Mat Honan's experience here). Your email account's password is arguably the most important of all- since if a hacker were to gain access to your email account they can potentially reset the password for all your accounts.

LastPass works in your browser or on your mobile device. Once you enter your LastPass password, LastPass automatically fills in all your usernames and passwords so you never have to remember them again. You can also do the LastPass Password Challenge to see how secure you are.

My recommendation once you have installed LastPass is to take the time and change all your passwords to more secure ones. LastPass can even generate ridiculously complex passwords for you- ones that would be impossible for a hacker to guess (unless they had a couple of million years to spare!). For example, here is a password generated by LastPass (16 characters including special characters)- J#BS0AiOdb0!PeRU. You'll never have to write down a password again!

#7 Rev

Video is powerful, but 85% of people watch Facebook video without sound. That's why adding captions to your videos is so important. If you can grab your viewers attention at the start with captions, you might convince them to put the sound up and watch the rest.

And, Live video is powerful, but why just leave it there? Why not repurpose your live video content into a blog?

I use a transcription service called Rev, I do. I've been using it for years and it's saved me so much time.

The Rev Dashboard

Rev is an audio or video-to-text transcription service that uses real human beings to do the work. Over the years I've transcribed meetings, live videos (after they've been broadcasted) and more.

They only charge $1.50 per minute and transcribe audio or video into text in a variety of formats.  For example, they can give you an srt file which you can add to your Facebook or YouTube videos to get really accurate closed captions. To save money, you could get the first 3 or 4 minutes of your live videos transcribed. That way, you'll only pay $5 or $6 and hopefully encourage your replay viewers to turn the sound up. But if you can, get the whole thing transcribed - it's pretty cost-effective at $1.50 per minute!

Or you could get a full transcription to create full show notes, or repurpose them into a blog post!

Pricing:Rev charges $1.50 per minute for their transcription services.

#8 Google Analytics

google analytics

If you have a website or a blog then it's highly likely that you already have Google Analytics installed, and if not- you should!

Google Analytics was launched back in November 2005 and is a completely free enterprise analytics product. That means it doesn't just tell you how many hits you have to your website- it tells you how many actual visitors you have, where they're from, how long they stay on the website, where they come from and much more!

GA was radically overhauled back in 2011 to include custom dashboards and real-time statistics and it also has a very powerful social media analytics report built in. If you don't track your visits and visitors on your website then how can you tell if your social media presence is actually making a difference? Whatever business you are in, Google Analytics is a must. Sure there are other analytics tools that you can add in addition that can do some cool things like Crazy Egg, but I think for the majority of websites GA is the tool to use.


So, there you go, 10 social media tools that all small businesses should be using. Of course, you may disagree and you may think there are some glaring omissions.  If you have any thoughts, then please leave them in the comments below!

10 Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

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Thank you Ian for sharing this great list of social media tools. Some of the tools I am hearing for the first time. keep on sharing such informative article.

sophia willson

A very helpful article, it did help me in understanding the social media tools for small businesses. In this digital world, it is mandatory to be updated and get upskilled. Thanks for sharing and keep writing.


Really great list. I was looking for some good social media tools for my business. Glad that I found your article.


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Nice work, All tools have own value in social media marketing , I’m using MailChimp for email marketing its amazing. ?

SEO Agency Dubai

Amazing work , using social marketing tools can be very helpful in executing a marketing strategy. thanks for this well-researched article. learned a lot from it.

Brand Development

I really recommend LastPass. Absolutely reliable tool for businesses and companies.

Abdul Rashid Sani

I’m totally in love with this list. I use a few of these tools. And I will be trying new ones. Great piece.


Thanks for this post, we personally use buffer to schedule the social media post.

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I really recommend LastPass. Absolutely reliable tool for businesses and companies.

Priya Sharma

Amazing work , using social marketing tools can be very helpful in executing a marketing strategy. thanks for this well-researched article. learned a lot from it.


For a franchise I think is one of the best tool to have. It really helps the business connect create positive sentiments in the followers & connect with ease. I am also exploring best tools which are friendly for local businesses like cafes n malls, what’s your suggestion on same?

john mayer

I must say what an amazing and informational article which will, surely be a big help to the people who have small medium business


Why isn’t eclincher on this list? I was at agorapulse to start and came back to ec. Support is bar-none in the industry Features are way too many to list here– Hootsuite took days to respond to me and just has too much red tape — Buffer was an incomplete solution. eclincher is extremely comprehensive as a social media management tool covering all the platforms (most leave out Google My Business) listening, monitoring, reputation management beyond the publishing, engagement, analytics everyone totes — I just don’t understand how they don’t make these listicle blogs (probably because they don’t do a lot of marketing I’m sure) — I’ve been using them for 1.5 years at HMC — managing 49 military base properties and ec allows me (as a niche) to run like an agency with publishing groups and brands (for each)– I highly recommend you try it out on a trial and test the waters– they should be on this list — I did demos and trials of some of the above services and others not mentioned and wasn’t that impressed honestly — they had features but they weren’t all the way there with functionality and what I needed a sm… Read more »


Loved the article and tool recommendations. I checked them all out and I am impressed with each tool’s pricing and features. Again great article!
I love reading all things technology as it relates to the web.

Jo Gibbons

I really found this post informative and appreciate your features detail for each one. I will be sharing it as a back link on a small business blog I write. More exposure for you and lots of help to my audience. I will definitely subscribe to your blog. Thank you!!

Mary Kay Fitzgerald

Hello Ian! I am working for a start up construction company and I am researching some social media applications. you stated in the atrticle, “I am not going to cover how to build a social media plan in this article- I am going to assume that you already have a presence on your social networks…” We currently only have a website and a LinkedIn presence but looking to expand to Facebook, Twitter and so forth. If one was looking to build a social media plan and doesn’t have much of a presence on social network then where would you recommend someone to start? Do you have other articles written on this or advice? Much appreciated!

Johny Mark

Hi Ian, I really enjoyed reading this list. Generally, blogs deliver only publishing and scheduling tools for social media But here I got many names for different purposes on social media. It is really an impressive read.

Elaine E

Thanks for this great list Ian. I am also using Hootsuite to schedule my social media post, and I used to use HUbspot too. Edocr sounds very interesting, gotta try it out!


Hi Ian,

This is a great collection of tools to boost the social presence. I use Buffer, IFTTT, BuzzSumo, and TailWind to mark my social presence and engage my followers. For the first time, I’m hearing about Edocr and Managefiltter. I’ll check their complete details and use. Thanks for your great efforts. Glad I found your content in Google search.


Great article! I have a question to HootSuite and also Buffer – Using this tools I want to manage my Facebook and LinkedIn Page of my company. The problem is that I often want to link another company or profile by using @. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work….is there any good solution for this other than changing this manually in the platforms?


What about – this tools allows small companies to manage their social media channels with low budget?


Have you checked out yet? Definitely worth checking out..


Hello Ian! Great list!
I use remail ( and can’t recommend it more highly. Remail offers perfect pricing so it makes it very attractive for beginners or those hesitating to switch between email marketing tools easily.


Have you ever tried eClincher? They offer a 14 days free trial. Would love to see a review about it.


Thanks for sharing. Another service to check out is proofy. io – email verification tool which is cost effective and very much efficient and give lots of value addition services.


hi thanks for the great list!
I would mention Snoopreport platform as an useful tool for business. It tracks actions of Instagram users as likes, comments and follows so the businesses can monitor their competitors, customers, influencers.

Josh White

Hello Ian, thanks so much for putting this together. It’s a great article which gives social media marketers insight into potential solutions. I am the Founder of social media marketing software company – I’d love for you to consider us to be a part of this article. Can I send you through some more information so that you can consider us? Our platform strengths lie in planning and publishing, and have a number of neat tools for most social media marketing activity 🙂


I would also like to add to this list.
It is a Social Media Scheduling & Marketing Tool for Agencies and Social Media Professionals with amazing social media analytics and data reporting.
60 Day Free Trials are also on offer


Do you have any opinion on SmarterQueue? Comparing it with HootSuite and Buffer so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


It is immediately obvious that your site has a wealth of fantastic information for aspiring bloggers and others. Having just established a site myself, my head is still spinning with all the different tools out there. Your article helps me make sense of some of it, so many thanks!

Alan Pratt

Great article that I am about to read again and follow the links. I spent a big chunk of my late career working with people who understood a lot of this to achieve my marketing goals and those of my customers. Now I am retired, I though it was about time I leant how to do it myself, and help my friends achieve their marketing goals for their small businesses.


Hello Ian,

I tried many tools for managing my social media account but unable to get proper results. Thank you for such a valuable post and i will try these tools.


Hi Ian,
Great list, Interesting ! will try these tools.


Hi, Ian. Great list! I’ve tried using some of the social media tools you’ve listed and I’m currently using, it has a lot of features that really helps me in managing my social media accounts. I love how the calendar looks like and it’s easy for me to edit and reschedule my posts.

sheemona jordan

I use Sociota just because it’s the first one I tried and I’ve never had a reason to switch. It deserve to be on this list.


Hi Ian, your lists really helpful for newcomer in “social media-ing” like me. But the issue is I don’t really know what things that I should care when starting “social media-ing”, can you tell me or cite a link to something like “Social media-ing 101”? because I love your writing style, it’s easy to read for non english speaker like me.

And the other thing is I want to hear your opinion about best combination tools if we just use Instagram (that is the most used social media at my place) that much likely free (i’m an active student with no connection), mainly for scheduling posts, engaging with follower, analyze my account, it’s better if there has other features that will help me.

Thank you in advance, I’m sorry for my bad english and if there’s some bad manner in my words.

Best regards,


Great list, iv been using for Instagram analytics which has been great to far.


As far as i know, its free but if you want to export data to .csv then that costs. I think it was $1 or something



Hi Ian, thanks for this list – really helpful. I wondered whether you could help me with a couple of specifics? We are a personal training franchise business, doing some social media marketing centrally (just FB at the moment, with an inactive Twitter account) but looking to create a more solid strategy, mainly to encourage and support our PTs in engaging in their own local social media communities. Buffer appears to be a good app that our PTs could use to post across networks, except it doesn’t integrate with Google+. There are other apps that post to g+ pages but not profiles, but does posting on g+ pages still hold SEO benefit? Or does posting on the profile itself tie in with the authorship concept you mentioned? Also, is there a way we could manage all our PTs’ respective social media accounts using an analytical tool centrally, even if they used an app like Buffer to schedule their posts? We also want to create a community of trainers from which we can feed in generic content, and a platform from which to communicate news & ideas. We are currently planning to use a simple Facebook group, but would you have… Read more »

Hyde Phillips

Ian, thanks so much for taking the time to answer – that’s all really helpful. I already have a couple of our trainers using Buffer; for now I think we’re going to have to stick to using Buffer individually rather than the team version until we can afford to put more into the social media budget. Thanks again, your advice is much appreciated!


Does Bitly have a custom URL package that’s affordable for freelancers? I could only find info that showed very expensive pricing that seemed targeted at corporate so I gave up on that. Please share a link if you can advise. Thanks.


I think unless you can provide a url that shows this free version I’ll give up on using Bitly for now. Thanks.


My vote goes to IFTTT in combination with Buffer, theu work very well together!!


Hi, Ian! Thank you for this wonderful list. I’ve already use and it’s really great to monitor news, competitors activity and find ideas for my articles. I noticed that you have not found such a tool which will cover all features and social networks you want. For example, posting in Google+ or reasonable pricing.

Also I want to add that in a social media management tools market there are a lot of great startups, like social media management software or MOZ (it was a startup). allows to publish in 9 (!!!!) social networks: Google+ business pages, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin profiles, Tumblr, even Telegram! Attention! There are no legal tools for posting in Instagram, because Instagram doesn’t allow use third-party tools for these reasons in its privacy policy.

In you can create your own social media posting schedule, adapt content to each social network, create a content plan with tags. Fremium version covers 10 social pages, a feature of content reposting, time schedule. Watch this video how to group profiles in channels and create posting calendar:

Aly Chiman

Thanks for listing so many tools to help business. I wanted to add a few to it… After Google Penguin update, Social Media tools have surely become an utmost need of time, and this is mainly because it allows you to perform your social media activities in the best possible manner which allows you to drive traffic on your page and allows you to make good sales of your products and services. In this era, one cannot even think of making progress in his online or offline business without social media tools that are designed specifically for business purposes and I wanted to elaborate on one tool and tell you about 2 others that work well for me. Agorapulse ( as you mentioned) is a social media tool that is designed to convert your Face book fans in to your customers in the best possible manner. Now if you have a good number of likes on your page than it won’ be difficult for you to convert them into useful members as with Agorapulse you will be able to take all that to another higher level. This social media tool offers you with an extensive functionality as it allows you… Read more »

marcus stiff

This post is absolutely amazing to anybody that’s just starting out, in fact I’ve been in the business and marketing industry for almost 8 years now and the truth is I actually learned a few helpful things reading this post.. Keep up the great work,will look out for more great posts like this..
Thanks Ian

Eva Thanu

Great list of tools Ian! These tools are really helpful for a start! I would like to suggest also a new monitoring tool It is optimized especially for Start-Ups and small-medium brands, as well as individuals (e.g. artists, bands etc). It has many cool features packed like trello integration or monitoring of the entire web with auto screen-capturing of web mentions!


Another good app to share & analyze your social media is Amplifr — Unlike Buffer, there’s no free plan as of right now.

It’s focused on content and time slot suggestions — analytics is inlined in the calendar and content scheduler view, so it shows you your best content right in front of you when you write new updates and schedule them.

It works with Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Telegram channels and gatheres stats from Soundcloud & Youtube and Instagram.

Ian, take a look and tell me what you think 😉

Disclaimer: I’m the Amplifr’s founding CEO, ask me anything.


it is very bad app , does not support demo



I m very green to social media but find myself in the position of managing two new companies. One is in fashion and the other is aesthetics. We are using Facebook and Instagram. We have not looked at Twitter as my daughter does not think that it is really looked at by the market we are trying to target

Any help would be much appreciated. Neither have a website at the moment primarily because of finance and lack of knowledge on where to start.

I would be extremely grateful for any help you can pass on. Thanks you Ian


Where’s Bitrix24? Insanely good and totally free. No other client management platform comes close. Trello and Asana are free and great for managing tasks. Slack is great for communications. Time to update the post.

thomas wooldridge

Great list. I’m going to check out buffer and commun it for my site. Will let you know the results