How to Choose your Ideal Social Media Management Tool

Choose the ideal SMMT

Have you picked your perfect tool?

There are so many tools out there that promise to solve all your problems!

You may have heard of the likes of Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Agora Pulse or Sendible, but how on earth do you work out which is the right one for your business?

How do you make the decision without spending a ridiculously large amount of time, money and brain power?

Most people just give up and sign up for one of the most well known tools.

Sometimes that can work, but more often than not, many people will find that the tool doesn’t actually help them with their needs. But that’s after countless hours of time and a lot of money. What a waste! Not exactly a good return on investment.

I’m on a mission. This needs to change!

I want to make the decision easier for you and that’s why I put this video together on how to pick the ideal Social Media Management Tool.

Choosing the Perfect Social Media Management Tool [VIDEO] by @iagdotmeWhat you will Learn

It’s tempting to pick one of the famous tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or Buffer. They’re all great tools.

But they the right tool for you and your business?

It’s important learn…

  • How to Pick the best tools for your needs
  • How tools can help you be more efficient and streamline complex workflows.
  • How to define your needs- publishing, monitoring & managing engagement, measuring success or reporting to a team/client.
  • What are the best tools for each of these needs and some alternatives.

In the video I’ve only included self service options and not enterprise level tools. They’re all affordable.

More Information

After watching the video, you should now be armed with information to make a better decision, but if you need more information or help, do not fear! I’ve written other guides to help you..

Need More Help?

If you need more help, I’d love to chat with you. We can arrange a free 15 minute consultation to chat through your needs or arrange a brainstorming session in one of my Seriously Social Hours. See below for more information:

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7 Comments on "How to Choose your Ideal Social Media Management Tool"


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7 months 24 days ago

Hi Ian, Can you provide your inputs for social bakers. thanks.

7 months 24 days ago

Hi Ian,

I am looking for Facebook tool with following features:

– record sentiments
– dashboard where content can be uploaded
– accept and reject any feed
– discussions on the content can happen real time on this platform
– analysis of posts along with sentiment
– advance analytics management

Keith Manning
Keith Manning
9 months 14 days ago

I am about to work with a customer to supplement their social marketing for just one small division. Before we start I would like to get a picture of the existing social marketing activity of the corporation. What would be the best tool(s) to use? Note that I don’t own any of their on-line assets and don’t want to ask their corporate marketing department for the stats or for permission. So, this is more like an exercise which might be done by a competitor rather than by the organization itself.

9 months 17 days ago

Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. do you know of a tool that allows me to filter my twitter feed based on the amount retweets and favourites. So for instance i can view only tweets from my feed with say 100 favourites or more.

thanks in advance!!!