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Hi, I'm Ian, and I offer live video and podcasting services to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporates make a bigger impact online.

Whether you want to level up your impact, authority, and profits or help your leadership team shine on camera, I'm here to help.

As an experienced live video expert, I offer a range of services to help you succeed, including live video and podcast coaching/consultancy, live video event production, camera presentation and confidence coaching, online courses, AI and metaverse consultation services, and professional speaking.

To learn more about how I can help you and your business, please select the page that best describes your needs:

Confidence & Communication & Transformation

Enhance your communication skills with tailored coaching
to transform you into an impactful speaker and presenter.

Confidence and Communication Transformation

For: Business leaders, personal brands, and
anyone looking to improve their communication skills.

Elevate your communication skills and confidence,
whether in front of a camera or a live audience.

Video and Podcast Consultancy

Elevate your content creation process
from initial setup to advanced strategies.

Studio Setup and Gear Consultancy

For: Content creators, businesses, and entrepreneurs
needing a professional studio setup.

Optimize your studio setup and gear selection to create
professional-grade content with ease.

Video & Podcast Consultancy

For: Businesses, content creators, marketing teams, and organizations looking to enhance and streamline their video and podcast creation processes with AI.

Master video and podcast creation with AI-enhanced tools and systems. Consultancy and training to optimize your workflows.

Production Services

High-quality production services for your
podcasts, videos, and virtual live events.

Video & Podcast Production

For: Entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals
wanting high-quality video and podcast production.

Full-service production for podcasts and videos,
ensuring professional quality and engaging content.

Virtual Live Event Production

For: Companies and event organizers needing engaging and innovative virtual or hybrid events.

Producing interactive and creative virtual live events that go beyond boring Zoom events.

Support & Consultancy

Tailored support and consultancy services to help you
achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.

Group Mastermind

For: Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking a supportive community for creative brainstorming and accountability.

Join an exclusive mastermind group for personalized support and collective brainstorming with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Power Hour Consultancy / Coaching

For: Entrepreneurs and business owners needing quick, actionable advice on specific business challenges.

Quick, focused sessions to tackle specific issues in your business, providing immediate value and actionable insights.

Smart ADHD Entrepreneur Support

For: Entrepreneurs with ADHD seeking tailored support to improve their workflows and business processes.

Specialized support and consultancy for entrepreneurs with ADHD, focusing on optimizing processes and creating supportive workflows.

Professional Speaking

Engage your audience with inspiring keynotes and
interactive workshops tailored to your event’s theme and objectives.

Professional Speaking Services

For: Event organizers looking for engaging and knowledgeable speakers.

Engage your audience with inspiring keynotes and interactive workshops tailored to your event’s theme and objectives.

Brand Partnerships

Build consumer trust and credibility through
authentic endorsements and strategic partnerships.

Brand Ambassador and Partnerships

For: Brands and companies in the tech, social media, or live-streaming sectors seeking authentic endorsements.

Build consumer trust with authentic and credible endorsements through brand ambassador roles and affiliate partnerships.

Brand Consultancy

For: Brands looking to establish or improve their brand ambassador programs.

Work with brands to set up brand ambassador programs and troubleshoot existing initiatives to ensure maximum impact and credibility.

WordPress Website Support

Comprehensive WordPress management services, including ongoing support,
training, and development to ensure your website runs smoothly and effectively.

WordPress Care Plans and Hosting

For: Businesses needing reliable WordPress website updates, management, support and care.

Regular maintenance, security checks, and updates to keep your WordPress site running smoothly and securely.

WordPress Training & Consultancy

For: Agency owners, new developers, and business owners looking to enhance their WordPress management skills.

Training and consultancy to empower you and your team to manage your WordPress site effectively.


WordPress Development

For: Businesses needing professional development services to enhance their WordPress sites.

Development services to build, update, and optimize your WordPress site for better performance and usability.