Which Social Media Management Tools do you use? HootSuite & the Alternatives

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What tools do you use to help you manage your (or your business’) social networks? Do you use a Social Media Management Tool like HootSuite?

An “SMMT” can help you manage your networks and increase your productivity. The problem is, there are so many tools out there? How can you possibly choose? Is the most famous one, HootSuite, any good? Is it the right one for you?

If you’re asking these questions, you need to read my White Paper- “Social Media Management tools: How to manage your social networks and increase productivity”! In it, I cover the following:

  1. What is a Social Media Management Tool?
  2. What is HootSuite?
  3. What does a Social Media Management Tool Do?
  4. What does HootSuite do?
  5. What are the advantages in using HootSuite?
  6. What are the potential problems with using HootSuite?
  7. What are the Alternatives to HootSuite?

Hootsuite logo You may have come across one or two of my HootSuite articles before. I wrote one entitled “7 Reasons NOT to use HootSuite” and one called “7 Reasons why you SHOULD use HootSuite“. This white paper is an update on these articles with much more information and more alternatives. Some of the alternatives you may well have heard of such as Buffer and SproutSocial, but there are less well known ones such as Oktopost, MusterPoint, Meshfire and FriendsPlusMe

I’ve written it in association with Social Media Experts. Please do check out their blog, they post some great articles!

You can download the white paper for free by clicking here.

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Vote for the best alternative or add your own

I’ve created a list of the main alternatives to Hootsuite using Listly. Why not vote for your favourite or suggest one that isn’t already included?

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