7 Social Media Tools to Boost Your Effectiveness in a Noisy World

I have quite a few problems, and I think you will be suffering from the same ones!

If you are a marketer or run your own business, you’ll probably struggle with a lack of time and lack of planning. You might not have a proper strategy and you may be inefficient in how you run your social media campaigns or in how you engage with your social media conversations. Perhaps you lack the resources to be effective? That could be struggling to find engaging images, articles or the man-power to deal with the conversations online.

Social Media Problems

Choose the Right Tools!

Social media tools won’t solve all your problems, but they can make you more efficient and productive. Some can even help you make smarter business decisions!

The problem is that there are so many social media tools out there. How do you make the right decision?

The main aim of my blog is to help you make smarter decisions on the best tools for your business and situation. That might mean using a social media management tool such as Hootsuite (or maybe NOT Hootsuite) or an alternative such as Sprout Social, AgoraPulse, Oktopost or MavSocial. Of course there are other more niche tools such as Buffer, ManageFlitter and Friends+Me that aim to help you with other areas of your social media management.

Big Social Tools


Recently I gave a talk at the Big Social Media Conference on this very subject. If you weren’t able to attend, you can still purchase Big Social Media Conference Virtual Tickets which give you access to all the talks online.

In my talk, I went through 7 tools that can help you be more effective and efficient. I’d love to know which tools you use and love. Please let me know in the comments below!


buffer #1 Buffer

Buffer is a very well known social media scheduling tool, but not everyone knows about their power scheduling tool which allows you to repost content across all your social networks.

Friends+Me #2 Friends+Me

I’ve mentioned this wonderful little tool many times before. It’s similar to Buffer but allows you to repost to your Google+ profiles, pages, communities and collections. You can also post to Tumblr. It converts Google+ into a social media management tool or if you prefer you can use the browser extension to bypass Google+.

ifttt #3 IFTTT (If This Then That)

IFTTT is an amazing tool that connects multiple services together. You could connect Twitter to your light bulb if you wanted, but I prefer to use it to connect Feedly with Buffer or Instagram and Twitter. Check the slides below to see a few examples.

latergramme #4 Latergramme

Scheduling to Instagram is difficult because it relies on posting via the Instagram mobile app. The Instagram API doesn’t allow posting directly, so no 3rd party app can legitimately post or schedule from the web without knowing your Instagram username and password. Latergramme gets round this by posting from its mobile app to your Instagram app on your smartphone.

buzzsumo #5 Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a search engine for content ranked by how many times they’ve been shared. You can view who has shared the content too, which allows you to build relationships with influencers. It also offers trending content (I subscribe to these in Feedly using Buzzsumo’s RSS feeds) and they also offer content reports and alerts.

agora pulse #6 Agorapulse

There are many social media management tools out there including Hootsuite and Sprout Social. I find AgoraPulse a very well thought through and powerful social media management tool. It integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As well as offering Facebook apps, AgoraPulse allows you to schedule and manage with unlimited team members. The reports are very professional looking and allow you to export to Powerpoint. I love the way I can engage with my social media conversations and get down to inbox zero really quickly each day. Agora Pulse was recently rated top Social Media Management Tool of 2015.


quillengage #7 QuillEngage

We all love Google Analytics, but it can be very overwhelming for many. Quill Engage is a free reporting tool that integrates with Google Analytics and sends you weekly and monthly reports in plain English. Whilst I love getting my hands dirty with Google Analytics, I love the clear information that Quill Engage provides each week in my inbox.

View the slides:

Here are the slides from my talk at the Big Social Media Conference.

Want more? Here are 30+ tools

I didn’t have enough time to mention all the tools I would have liked, but fear not. I’ve written a guide which includes over 30 social media tools which will help you boost your business! Did I mention it was free? Visit the BigSocial page to download.
Big Social Tools

Need more help?

As I said, finding the right set of tools for your business can be confusing- even a bit of a nightmare. Fear not, if you are still struggling, I’d love to help. I offer a consultation service which will allow us to dig deep and find the best solution for you. Check out my Social Media Consultancy & Training service here.

So, over to you!

What tools do you use for your business? As you know, I am a big tools geek, so do share- I’d love to know!