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How to Broadcast to Facebook Live with Wirecast

Facebook Live with Wirecast

Looking for the Facebook Live button to go live with Wirecast or OBS Studio? It's moved!
Just click the button below to scroll down...

Seriously Social Wirecast Square (4)
Seriously Social Wirecast Square (4)

In this article, I show you how to broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer to your Facebook Profile, Pages AND groups using Wirecast

UPDATE: Wirecast now supports broadcasting live videos to Facebook groups directly from the tool

I wrote an article recently on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Computer using the free software OBS Studio.

This free software works really well, runs on Macs, PCs and under Linux and you can stream to your Facebook page, profile and groups.

However, there is another tool on the market that is highly recommended, and that is Wirecast from Telestream. There's no question, this is the professional live streamer's tool. Wirecast Studio costs $449 and Pro costs $699.

I'll be giving a full comparison of OBS Studio and Wirecast soon, but for now I wanted to walk you through how to broadcast from your computer to Facebook Live using Wirecast. Many marketers are choosing Wirecast as their main tool including Mari Smith, Guy Kawasaki, Joel Comm, Jeff Sieh and Mike Stelzner.

Going Live from your Computer?

Facebook Live launched last year with a feature to stream live video from your phone. It started rolling out to verified users first, and then to iOS users and Android users have begun to receive access to Facebook Live on their profiles recently. It's also possible to go live to groups and pages from your smartphone.

But, Mark Zuckerberg has his sights on something much bigger. At the recent F8 Facebook developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg displayed drones, 360 cameras, studio set ups and more - all of which integrate with Facebook Live. Combine that with Facebook acquiring virtual reality headset company Oculus VR and the future of Facebook Live is very exciting!

You can now broadcast live from your computer, using multiple cameras, webcams, share your screen, apps and even your smartphone to all your friends, group members and business page fans.

You can do this for free using OBS Studio (see my guide here) or using the professional software Wirecast here.

#1 Download and Install Wirecast

Wirecast is paid tool (starting from $495) however they do have a free trial. I highly recommend trying both Wirecast and OBS Studio to see which one is going to best for you.

Wirecast allows you to stream to multiple sources including Facebook Live, and you can capture any of the following:

  • Multiple webcams
  • DSLR cameras
  • Monitor displays
  • App windows
  • Images, videos and media files
  • Your smartphone display

Like, OBS Studio, Wirecast supports multiple displays at the same time (including picture-in-picture) and you can easily set up keyboard shortcuts with slick scene transitions. In fact, Wirecast has more varied scene transitions than OBS.


Download Wirecast >&gt

#2 Set up for your Profile, Page or Group

Like OBS Studio, Wirecast supports Facebook Live out of the box. Wirecast in some ways is a little easier to set up than OBS Studio, as you can just click a button to connect to Facebook as opposed to fiddling with stream keys.

Until recently, Wirecast did not allow you to broadcast live video to your Facebook groups.

In a recent update, however, Wirecast allows you to broadcast live video to your Facebook groups as well as your pages and profile. However, I've kept the alternative way of broadcasting to Facebook Live using the RTMP protocol because it does allow a bit more flexibility. If that means nothing you don't worry, just choose the easy option!


Go Live with your Profile, group or Page...

There is a "go live" feature in the publishing tools section of our Facebook pages, but you don't need to use this with Wirecast. You can connect your Facebook account with Wirecast directly.

Click Output settings:


Then select "Facebook" from the Output Destination drop down:

Streaming to Facebook Live

Click OK

Enter the name of your Facebook Profile, then click Authenticate:

Authenticate Facebook Live

Log in to Facebook in the pop up browser:


Enter your Facebook Live video title and description, then select your profile or the page/group you want to go live to:

Facebook Live choose profile

If you are going live to your Facebook profile, you can also select privacy settings to share publicly, with only your friends or just with yourself.
I recommend sharing only with yourself while you are testing, so you can watch later, just to make sure everything is working properly:

Facebook Live Privacy

Click Refresh, then click OK.

Once you've set up your webcam or screen sharing you are ready to go live. Skip to #3


Alternative way...

There is a different way to stream to Facebook Live from Wirecast. In this you can create the post on Facebook directly and mention other profiles and pages.
This uses a similar method that I outlined in my previous article on How to stream from your computer to Facebook Live.

We're going to connect with Facebook using the Facebook Live Video API. In Wirecast, we'll choose the RTMP protocol and you'll need a "streaming url" and "streaming key".
That’s fine for developers, but it's not easy for the rest of us. Where do you get the streaming url and key?
I’ve made it easier for you all by creating a button that connects to Facebook Live using the official Live Video API. All you need to do is click the button at the top of this article.

Click on the "Broadcast on Facebook Live" button above (at the top of this article).

Then, you need to select where you want to post the live video - your own timeline, a friend's timeline, a group or a page you manage:

Share in a group

If you chose a group or a page, start typing the name of the page or group, click to select, and then click next:


A pop-up window should appear. If it does not, you'll need to check your pop-up settings in your browser to allow pop-ups.

In the pop-up, enter your update text and video information:

Create Live Video

You can't go live yet, since you'll need to enter the stream url and key into Wirecast and start your stream so that Facebook can receive it.

Once Facebook receives your stream it will no longer display "OFFLINE" and display your stream preview.

Now we need to give Wirecast the correct settings so that it can connect with Facebook.

Click Output settings:


Then select "RTMP Server" from the Output Destination drop down (should already be selected):

rtmp server

Then, paste in your stream URL (from the previous Facebook Live pop up window) in the address box...
Enter your Stream Key into the "Stream" box...
And click the "Set Credentials" button:


Enter in your Facebook username and password into the pop up window, then click OK.

Facebook Login

Click OK.

Once you've set up your webcam or screen sharing you are ready to go live!

#3 Start Streaming

It's now time to go live.
If you are streaming the normal way to your profile or page, Wirecast makes it easy:

Click Output, then "Start/Stop Broadcasting" then click your Facebook Live stream that you created earlier.

Select Broadcast

You are now live!

If you want to stop your broadcast, simply click Output, then "Start/Stop Broadcasting" then click your Facebook Live stream.

For going to live using the RTMP method, it's a little different...

Click Output, then "Start/Stop Broadcasting" then click your RTMP Server Stream that you created earlier.

Now, return to the Facebook Live pop up that was launched from the "go live" button above.

You should see a preview of the stream Facebook is receiving from Wirecast:


Enter your update text and the video title and optionally some video tags.

Now, it's your moment of glory. Click the "Go Live" button to go live:


When you want to stop your broadcast, simply click Output, then "Start/Stop Broadcasting" then click your RTMP Live stream.

From Zero to Live Show Quickly & Easily

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I can not transmit some help me do not load the program. Thank you


Thanks for the article, I’m able to authenticate FB and go live on my profile, but i can’t go live on any of my Pages that i admin. Any ideas? It keeps giving me a server error: unable to go live.
Also, i would use the RTMP stream but that also fails as fb&wirecast does not recognize the url & stream key. Facebook now requires a secure RTMPS url, so how are all of you continuing to use RTMP?

thank you the article! tutorial to help me start my first Facebook Live Event. Thank you so much

Marc Richardson

Love the article! Myself and my three+ friends are trying to launch a podcast, but we’re looking into trying to have multiple cams on site since logistically it seems the better option than trying to get all 4 of us in the same room. Any ideas for a picture in picture for 4 folks?


Uff , some days its ok , but many times is imposible the conection!!!


Hello why ins’t the page BROADCAST TO FACEBOOK LIVE uploading? thanks


A well written and detailed tutorial to help me start my first Facebook Live Event. Thank you so much 🙂 I am about to get my hands on Wirecast for the first time. Hoping to learn it faster. 🙂 Cheers.


[…] For a step by step guide on how to broadcast to Facebook Live using Wirecast, check out my sister article – Click here to view. […]


I can not transmit some help me do not load the program


How i can upload the video after done streaming ?

David Roberts

Once it has completed streaming it remains as a video included among all your other videos


Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings. Pls Help me…

Tammy Lorraine

Ian, We just started using Wirecast to take our Sunday Services live on Facebook. We are a non-profit and set up with Facebook Payments, so we really want to add the Donate button on the Live feed, but can’t figure out how to do this from inside Wirecast. If you have any suggestions, we would be grateful.

Tammy Lorraine

Ian, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. You can totally add a Donate button into your live video from inside Facebook (, but you have to do it before you go live, which is where the conundrum comes in. We go live in Wirecast, so we can’t add the button before going live. I was hoping you might now if Wirecast has that functionality. I wrote their tech support but never heard back. I’m not familiar with the Facebook messenger bot, but I’m going to totally explore that. Thank you!!!!

David Spierer

Is there a way to produce multiple streams to engage an audience through facebook live? Think of a panel discussion where multiple experts speak on one topic and push out the stream through facebook live. Possible?

Dinorah Summers

Hi again! When clicking on “Broadcast on Facebook Live” I receive the following error: This page isn’t working
www. facebook .com is currently unable to handle this request.

Will this be fixed??

Bob McMichale

it doesnt work so good. For a replay of video, it NEVER starts from frame 1 of the video. It is always a bit down stream. Bad. Fewer people will click a replay if it doesnt have a great thumbnail opening screen which I can not get to show

Dinorah Summers

Great article! I have been using your “Broadcast on Facebook Live” for a few months now and it has worked perfectly with Facebook however, for the last few weeks, whenever I click “Go Live” the window just disappears. When I go to end the broadcast I can’t click to post it. Any ideas?? 🙁


What’s else works with Wirecast in terms of cameras. Can you use my android and it will still be good quality?


Thank you
Great article


I’ve tried both the Wirecast Facebook Live setting and the RTMP setting. The Facebook live setting is easier, but if the connection is interrupted it needs to start a whole new post/video. Whereas with the RTMP setting you can reconnect to the existing post. Seems like a flaw, should people stick with RTMP? Are there any advantages besides convenience for using the FB setting?


Hello! I’m live streaming an event tomorrow where we have 4 speakers who will wear 4 different microphones. They are all connected to a mixer for controlling the sound. I’m wondering how I can connect the mixer to my computer to stream the sound from the external microphones instead of the built in? Don’t know if my question makes sense, but worth a shot. Thanks, Elinor

Peter Mykusz

Hello, You can also connect the audio mixer output to your main camera input. Use an XLR input. That’s how videographers record more than a couple of audio sources. (You could even use a wireless transmitter hooked up to your camera) The source from the main camera is set as your Wirecast audio source when switching. Any switching from camera to camera will only output the main camera audio. Don’t use a separate audio input to your computer as it only adds potential issues to your set-up.


Ian, thank you for your help to the live streaming community. I am wondering if there’s any way to control PTZ cameras from either OBS or Wirecast?


Thank you Ian. I appreciate your reply!


As shown in this screen shot, I’m getting everything rocking, BUT…

I can’t get anything to show up in my “live source” audio window! Any tips? I’m unable to capture any audio!

Screen shot:


Hi Ian, i already follow your guide step by step, but when i start to broadcast, it says “Cannot connect to the RTMP/Flash server at the given IP adress” how to fix it? thanks

Mick Knutson

I am getting the same “Cannot connect to RTMP/FLASH server at the given IP address.
Verify the server is reachable at the given address. [-4018]” error on Mac OS X, but when I go to my windows machine, on the same network, to the same facebook account, it works.
How can I debug the OS X issue since this is just affecting a single machine?
I have also tried with and without VPN, and multiple locations on VPN too. Something else is causing this issue on Mac.


Hello. I want to broadcast online on YouTube + Facebook. He writes error: “Facebook restricts simultaneous streams to other online services”. How to fix the error?

Micah Jones

Do I need to use a blackmagic ultra studio recorder to do live stream with DSLR camera for Windows


Super tutorial! I would like to be able to stream from desktop to my FB group. I see now that wire cast does this directly which sounds great! Although I’m still hoping to do this less expensively. I am fooling around with OBS. It possible to stream to a group with OBS? I’m only seeing the FB Page/Key option, but I’m brand new to it.

Abegail Smith

Wow! great article! thanks for sharing this.


What a great article, I had no idea that wirecast had upgraded to being able to broadcast to FB Live.

Question: Do you know if wirecast will work with DSLR Canon t5i?

Seem to be pretty difficult to make it work with DSLRs, but you mentioned above that it works.

Thank you!


Yes. You will need a capture card like Game Capture HD60 | It is what I use and is perfect!


I click on the button BROADCAST to FB live. Then the Popup comes up. After I click NEXT, no more Popup comes?


This probably means you are officially logged in to your Facebook account. If in Wirecast it shows your Facebook user name, you can now enter a title, description and choose where to stream (profile, pages, groups, etc.) then can start to create your live event!


Thanks man

Mark Ashley

HI, I am using wirecast to stream to facebook live, I set everything up in wirecast and authenticate through the wirecast gui, no adding stream keys, I only have wirecast open on that machine,

While I am streaming, how can I get an idea of how many users are looking at my stream and how can I interact with them if the only thing I have open is wirecast?


At the moment you should pull up the Facebook stream on your phone or in a web browser. Then you can keep an eye on comments and live viewers. There is no view counter in Wirecast.


UPDATE: There is now! In Wirecast 7.3 you can now see how many viewers, comments and likes your live stream on Facebook has! If you still want to read the comments you will still need to open a browser or another device, but the new tally counter is a great way to keep track of how much engagement your stream is getting.


hi , iam using wirecast to go live on my page using videos already saved on my computer , the broadcast goes well for few seconds then it stops… plz can u suggest a solution for this problem? thnks in advance


Hi Hadyl, it sounds like potentially a bandwidth problem. What is your upload limit? For Facebook’s minimum 720p HD video stream size, you probably need a solid 5 Mpbs upload connection. Otherwise it will be subject to dropping or stopping. If you have a lower internet connection speed, you can always stream a still image or a tiny video box of yourself in front of slides. The image/visuals might not be that exciting, but you’ll get a nice quality, uniterrupted stream with audio, and it won’t require a 5Mbps connection. Still images/smaller video can be streamed at 1 or 2 Mbps.


I think you are right, Ian. You can set the stream to whatever size you want, including SD sizes like 480p. How that will end up looking on Facebook I’m not entirely sure… but there’s nothing in Wirecast that would prevent you from doing that way. If there is a limitation to streaming resolutions it would be on Facebook’s side. I would assume they are ok with anything UP TO 720p…


I’d just like to say thank you so very much for building this and allowing anyone to use it. I have started doing a lot of Facebook live streaming to chat with friends all over the world and it can be so cumbersome using my iPhone or iPad. Being able to do this right from my desktop makes life a breeze.


Hi! What is the optimal output settings for facebook live in terms of bitrate, framerate etc.? And the encoding options? Guess i’m a little confused!

Helmar Rudolph

If you set it up using RTMP, you can tweak the settings that the default FB ones (that start at 2mbit) don’t allow you to. I have seriously downscaled mine via RTMP because I only have a 1mbit upload here in Cape Town, RSA. Tonight I tested it, and it worked very well. For a normal web broadcast, this is a godsend, because 2mbit on a 1mbit upload is only feasible with no moving image.


Hi! thanks for this info!!! Now a situation arises me is that when I give to get the key transmission on facebook, let me in standby mode, there is a solution for that? thanks again bro!

Susano Ramos Dj Soo

Hi Ian I’m a dj and got wirecast to go live on fb were ever I would dj but they are not letting me and they blocked me from going live for having music !! That’s not my own is there something I can do ?

James Paul

I have been trying to do this in Wirecast but it doesn’t populate in Facebook when you hit preview, it says offline however shows it streaming in Wirecast.

Al Jennings

Hi Ian: How do you set up wirecast to record for later playback on Facebook?

Al Jennings

Yes Ian, I didn’t explain it right, but YES that’s what I want to accomplish. I was thinking (incorrectly) that I would somehow record the video in wirecast. But if I understand you correctly, I need to record using “let’s say” QuickTime and add it in wirecast as a media file then stream to FB when I’m ready to go live?
Thank you so much!

Al Jennings

Ahhhhhhh…..great tip. Thanks Ian! You rock man 🙂


Something changed


Did FB change something? Live on personal profile was working but the last few days it gives me an error

Shah Hossain

Hi Ian
How do I stream a live sports stream on my smart tv or laptop to facebook live using my iphone 6?

Hector Martinez

Using OBS I can not make it work. it worked yesterday and today is telling me that an error occurred. Any suggestions?


Hi Ian, how can i use my iphone 5 to steam live on Facebook through Wirecast? Can i test this with the free trial version? I just need to live stream a few minutes of a friend gathering on my Facebook page, with my iphone. Thanks for helping out!


Hi and thanks a lot for your article. Unfortunately the button above doesn’t work at all. It seems like there is no reaction. The trouble shooting guide didn’t helped either. Can you give a quick advice what i could do to make it work? I also tried chrome, firefox and IE… thanks a lot! 🙂


Wow! Thank you so much for the super fast help 🙂 Now it works!

Ricardo Capistran

Hi, do you know why the windows closes when I try to stream live from some pages? And this pages don’t apear on my the Wirecast list of my pages?

You can see it here:
You’ll see when I try to stream to it closes the window instantly, but when I try to stream to another page, it keeps it open

The page don’t apear on the list of pages in the wirecast, but the other pages does:


I have tried a live broadcast from wirecast to my group – which worked just fine. However, none of the live videos I have done could be seen when viewers watch from Safari. Is this a known issue to wirecast, or perhaps Facebook live?

Natasha Benjamin

Hi I have managed to set everything up to do a live video from my facebook page however when i go live it just shows the webcast grey preview page and doesnt broadcast me anything can you help?

Itamar Shelach

Is it full HD or 720?
Can I use smartphone as my camera?
Is it possible to use 2 smart phone as my cameras?


Hey Ian,

Great article. Quick question – what do you think is the best way to interact with your audience/monitor questions if you’re using wirecast?



Thanks Ian!


Hi! Is there a way for me to stream wirecast on a facebook live in one state and have a 2 person shot with 2 different people living in 2 different places? So I’d basically be the control board and my clients would be the ones live on camera. Thanks.