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Twitter List Numbers Increased (May 2013)

Updated (31/5/2013) -
Twitter updates the number of Twitter lists you can have and the number of people you can follow in each list.

Update (6/1/2013) – Added biography character limit & Image sizes
Update (6/1/2012) – Added lists and unfollow limits

You may be new to Twitter, or you may have been using it for a long time and hit the famous “2000″ limit.  Most social networks have limits in place for the number of people you can “friend” or “follow”. For example, Google+ currently has a limit of 5,000 people you can have in your circles, and you have a limit of 5,000 “friends” on Facebook. This is to stop people, businesses or automated programmes from abusing the system.

On Twitter it used to be possible to bulk follow thousands and thousands of people in the hope that they would follow you back. This caused many Twitter accounts to abuse this and follow tens of thousands of people whilst not creating engaging content and not having many people follow them back. Not good. Twitter began back in March 2006 (in a geeky way I’m quite proud that I joined in November 2006), but it wasn’t until July/August 2008 that Twitter started imposing limits on the number of people you could follow. Twitter was having massive problems with spam (as Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone blogged  at the time). There was a lot of backlash at the time, and a lot of confusion (see this ZDNet post on Twitter Spam efforts goes overboardand this blog post by Brad Williams on Twitter Follow Limits Are Jacked). It’s commonly assumed that Twitter introduced a 2,000 following limit, meaning that you could only follow up to 2,000 people. However, this isn’t strictly true.

Following Limit

According to the author, Rob Brown, the magic number is actually 1,819! This means if you have 1,819 followers you can break through the 2,000 limit. Below 1,819 you are capped at following 2,000 people. Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10% (or 182). At 1,819+10% this means you can follow 2,001 people and you have just broken the 2,000 limit- hurray! This (as Rob Brown mentions on this post) means for every 10 people that follow you, you can follow 11.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. I’m a bit concerned when I see someone with a large number of people they follow- especially if they don’t have engaging content. Twitter is about engagement and networking- it is a social network after all. Having said that, following a large number of people isn’t always a bad thing. I love to follow new people, particularly those who Tweet about social media. I manage a large number of followers using Twitter lists- putting the people I find particularly interesting into my “awesome” list. Less regularly, I’ll check my main Twitter stream, and perhaps add some cool people to this list.

There is also a limit on how quickly you can follow people. Twitter have imposed a technical limit of following 1000 per day. Thank goodness for that! However as this is a technical limit, following that amount per day is likely to get you banned due to breaking Twitters Following Rules and best practices (you should read this if you haven’t already).

Unfollow Limits

So, how many people can you unfollow? This is more of a tricky question since Twitter doesn’t actually say. Twitter tools such as Social Oomph and Manage Flitter* have been asked by Twitter in the past to remove or alter their unfollow tools, because this could go against Twitter terms. You can read about Social Oomph’s take on this here. The issue is what Twitter calls “aggressive follower churn” i.e. following and unfollowing people in quick succession with the aim of rapidly increasing your followers.  You can read more on Twitter’s Rules page. It is still possible to bulk unfollow using Manage Flitter*, but you have to click on each person manually, and then click unfollow. Yes, there are various javascript hacks using Google Chrome, but to be honest you’ll want to stay away from this is it is likely to get you banned. So, is there a number on how many people you can unfollow at one time? Just use your common sense. I’ve unfollowed over 500 people in one day, but that was a one off- I wanted to unclutter my feed, but if I unfollowed 500 people each day I’d likely get banned.

Other Limits

There are other limits, as the Twitter support pages states. You can post up to 1,000 tweets per day (this is spread throughout the day- there are limits per hour, so you can’t just post 1,000 all at once!) You can post up to 250 direct messages per day (thank goodness!) You can change your email up to 4 times per hour (why would you want to do that anyway?) You can have up to 20 lists (the total of the ones you follow and ones you have created yourself). As of May 30, 2013 you can now follow up to 1,000 lists (up from 20) and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts (up from 500). There are also limits when you use the Twitter API, but that’s another topic.

Twitter recently added the option of adding a header image. These have a maximum resolution of 1252 x 626 pixels (with a max upload size of 5Mb. You don’t have to upload your image at 1252×626, but it’s best to make it close to that to give a crisp and clear image. Certainly try make it above 640 pixels in width otherwise it will look pixelated. Finally, despite each tweet allowing a maximum of 140 characters, your biography can have up to 160 characters. How very generous of Twitter!


Type Limit Detail
Max Characters per tweet 140
Tweets 1,000 per day  spread across a 24 period
Direct Messages 250 per day
Changes to email address 4 per hour
Following 1,819  Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10%.
Number of Lists 1,000  You can only have 1,000 lists (this includes ones you have created and ones you follow) Before May 30th 2013 the max number of lists was 20
Number of people in a list 5,000  Before May 30th 2013 the max accounts per list was 500
Number of people you can follow 1,000 per day
How many people you can unfollow Unknown Twitter doesn’t state this, but you are likely to get banned if you unfollow people aggressively. I’d recommend sticking well under 400 unfollows per day.
Max Characters for biog 160
Twitter Header Image Size 1252×626 (also a max upload size of 5Mb)

So, there you go. Remember, Twitter is a social network- these limits are for your and my protection. Do you think these limits are appropriate, or do you think they should be modified? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • Total Bounty

    Its great to be reminded at times about Twitter rules. I guess as long as you provide quality and valuable content people will notice and will follow you without all the tricks on the side.

  • Sara

    If this information is correct then how is it possible for people to follow over 2000 . I just saw someone who follows over 47,000 via twitter.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Thanks for your question. You can follow over 2000 people but you need to have to have 1819 people following you to break this limit.

      • Sara

        Ok, thank you :)

  • Ryan Tracey

    I’m a bit upset with Twitter. I appear to have been assigned someone else’s fake followers, all 26,000 of them! (I’ve blogged about it here: )

    Because of Twitter’s terms of service, it’s quite laborious to remove them all. Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t interested in suspending them. It makes me wonder why.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Wow- not come across that problem before. Some of us would like 26,000 followers, but definitely not if they are all zombie spam followers.

      I’m a massive fan of Manage Flitter, but alas this only allows mas unfollowing, not mass blocking- and blocking 24,000 followers is a big undertaking.

      Have you tried to contact Twitter themselves? I do know trying to get a response from them is hard, but I did manage when I encountered an issue with one of my client’s Twitter accounts which was effectively hijacked.

      It’s definitely a big problem for you, I checked the new fakers tool from Status People and it says 97% of your followers are fake-

      Twitter really do need to sort this out. People who buy followers should rightly be penalised but what if you are a victim of inheriting someone else’s fake followers. I’m so sorry this has happened to you, and I wish I could do something to help. Do let me know how you get on.

      • Ryan Tracey

        Sorry for the late reply, Ian. I never did contact Twitter directly, but I did find Tweepi very useful. All it needed was time to devote to the tedious task of forced unfollowing in batches of 100. The good news is I’ve gotten rid of all the fakes (0% on Status People!) and I’ve protected my account for a little while just to make sure.

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  • You Being Social

    Great info — I must be equally geeky because I am jealous you started in Nov. 2006. My first (and personal account @JennyQ) was started in 2007. I’m having early-adopter-envy. :-)

  • Donald Saint-Ange

    Great info. I hope one day twitter will tell the exact amount of people we can follow per day in 24 hours.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Thanks. The technical follow limit is 1000 per 24 day. As I said in the post, it’s best not to try and follow anywhere near this per day as Twitter may see this as suspect.

  • ※ثالث عمر※

    May i add also that there are mentions and @reply limits too.
    I was a victim this weekend and couldn’t restore my account until i logged onto twitter via pc. I had to tick two options with one stating that i could lose my account forever if i violated twitter mentions again.
    Though i have searched twitter and google thoroughly and haven’t seen reference to this.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      What happened exactly? How many mentions and replies did you do? Remember that there is an overall 1000 tweet limit every 24 hours, and this is spread across a 24 hour period. That means if you go a little mad with tweets (including mentions, replies and retweets) you may hit a limit. I’d be really interested to hear what happened. I am sorry to hear you had the issue- very frustrating.

      • ※ثالث عمر※

        Here’s the mail from twitter:
        ***Hello,This account was suspended for sending multiple unsolicited messages using the @reply and/or mention feature. These features are intended to make communication between people on Twitter easier. Twitter monitors the use of these features to make sure they are used as intended and not for abuse. Using either feature to post messages to a bunch of users in an unsolicited or egregious manner is considered an abuse of its use, which results in account suspension.***I was sort of chatting but instead of @replying, i was quoting complete tweets. Another thing i have noticed is i no longer get notifications on mentions and replies to my handle. So now if i dont see them on my TL, i’ll have to manually check, refresh my mentions continually or use mobile web to view mentions.

  • Guest

    Good to know, the limits are ok for me, but the tricky question of unfollowing is still unanswered. I think twitter should give us an answer about that.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Agreed, but I don’t see Twitter doing that any time soon.

  • Scott Dallas

    Many times when I unfollow 105 people in one sitting, hitting # 106 it will tell me I have reached my daily unfollow limit. My followed/following is around 20k so I always have lots of users I follow that don’t follow me back or quit following me back. I used to be able to keep it about perfect, but now it’s more difficult. Just thought I’d share that quick info. 105 is the magic number I always hit. It didn’t used to be this way. makes it easy to quickly unfollow people even if it is manual.

  • Mehak Angothiwala

    Oh my goodness! This is why people choose Facebook over Twitter. You can’t impose any kind of ‘limits’…its a social networking site by-the-way! How rude it’ll be if you impose rule in socialising! Am unpleased with it!

    • Scott Dallas

      Facebook has limits too. Just about every major website I can think of implements limits. Its a protection for everyone. Google has limits too.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Mehak, thanks for your comment. I do understand where you are coming from. In real life we don’t impose limits in the way that Twitter does. However people can be anti-social in life and on a social network. For example I expect you wouldn’t be pleased if you received nuisance calls or texts on your phone all day. Or if someone kept on mentioning to you that they have a way to make $$$$ every week etc etc. In real life we can put limits in place by avoiding people, not answering calls and basically filtering out the anti-social stuff. On a social network you would think it would be easy to filter the anti-social stuff out, but it’s more difficult than you’d think. I can’t filter out all the automatic direct messages I get from people to thank me for following them, or automatic mentions or tweets for other reasons.

      If Twitter didn’t have limits on the number of tweets or DMs you could send out each day, it would be even more of a spammers paradise. Just think, if a spammer could tweet millions of annoying messages!

      As Scott mentioned, Facebook has limits (you can only have up to 5,000 friends for example) and the same for Google+ and LinkedIn. Most of these limits are for our protection and ones that I am in favour of. Some are for the protection of the social networks’ infrastructure. For example, Twitter only allow you to access your last 3,200 tweets directly. Apparently this was down to managing the amount of load on their server. This limit they really do need to sort out!

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  • Abby

    Hi :) How about the mention limit? I have been suspended for succeeding the twitter mentions and reply. Do u have any idea on how many numbers can I reply with mentions? Thanks.

    Looking forward for your response.

    • Scott Dallas

      You wont get suspended for trying to exceed the limit of mentions and replies. Youll just temporarily go to Twitter Jail. Twitter Jail is a made up term people have for when they have gone over the Twitter limit and they force you to take a break for a while (usually about an hour). It’s a good thing. It means take a break, go outside, do anything else, youve been tweeting nonstop for too long :P If youre getting suspended, youre probably doing something bad or wrong.

      • Ian Anderson Gray

        Thanks Abby for asking such a good question and Scott for such a fine answer. Twitter could really do with providing more clarity on this situation.

  • Sally

    So I need 1,819 followers to break follow limit? I have 1,800 followers, so I need 19 to break follow limit?

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Yes, that’s right. It is a bit confusing. Once you have 1,819 followers and above you can break the number of people you follow.

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  • Roushan Singh

    Again I think Twitter allows us
    to only take 3200 tweets so the amount of retweets is going to be the amount of
    retweets for the last 3200 tweets. So if I have 6,400 retweets counted and
    3,200 retweeted tweets are used to calculate my anteescore will be 0.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      You’re referring to the number of tweets we can access using the Twitter API I think. It’s a shame that we can only go back to our 3200th tweet- all those tweets at the start of our Twitter journey are lost in the mysts of time.
      I wasn’t sure what you were meaning with retweets though. Are these included in the 3200 limit? If so, that’s going to cut down the limit even more! Come on, Twitter- increase the 3200 limit!

  • mas

    hi, Im stressed and sad, im a twitter lover but i actually dont use it to share my thoughts or anything I use it to follow interesting people . I have already reached my following limit up to 2002 and it is so frustrating that i can not follow anyone no more. If i read correctly, did u say that if get 1819 followers therefor ill be able to keep following others. if I get 1819 followers or more how many people will i be able to follow or will they give another limit back again. I actually dont like the idea of having followers I love my privacy anyway, hope you can help me :(

    • Scott Dallas

      Alternatively you could list people. I have 6 lists, each list maxes at 500 people, so currently I can follow 3000 on top of my current timeline. I like to display all the list in vertical columns next to each other and let my small hand picked world entertain me. Tweetdeck does this well, live streaming

      • Ian Anderson Gray

        Scott- that’s a brilliant idea- thanks!

        In reply to mas, I see your point, but as Scott says- do have a look at Twitter lists- it might solve your issue in the short term. It’s all to do with the follow ratio- you can follow the same number of people who follow you + 10%. It’s a bit tricky, but unfortunately that is the way Twitter works.

        • mas

          Thank you for your reply, it was so clear for me. now I know what to do. love this website :)

      • mas

        That´s an awesome suggestion, thank you . I’ll be working on that today :)

        • mas

          is there a fast way to create 500 people lists?

      • mas

        is there a fast way to create 500 people lists?

  • mas

    Hello, I have been working on my lists- it takes a lot of time. but now it seem that I can only create 5 private lists and the others automatically became public, is there a way to edit that?

    • Scott Dallas

      Creating lists does take time. I have no idea regarding private vs public lists. I have never concerned myself privates lists or that someone would want to follow a list I created of people. I can’t think of anything they could tweet that I’d really care if someone saw. I could be wrong, but it seems pretty low on someone’s to do list to check in what my unique list of people are up to. Not to mention how time consuming it would be for someone to check in to their timeline, their lists, then to have any time left to come check out my lists. If someone has a private account, random viewers will not be able to read the private users tweets you have listed unless that user has allowed them access to see their tweets, so anyone that has a private account will retain their privacy. Just my two cents on that subject. I know it’s not really an answer so much as just a rant :) I guess what I’m saying is, perhaps you are sweating the small stuff here? Regardless, I do hope you find a solution to your unique scenarios so you can enjoy Twitter to the maximum degree that you desire.

      • masda

        Thanks for your reply. you have convinced me to make my twitter public, there is no point if can not share my thoughts with others. :)

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      As Scott says, creating lists does take time. Part of the reason for that is that Twitter’s web interface makes it difficult. There used to be some amazing ways to create lists using a tool called Formulists. Unfortunately that tool is no more. Kristi Hines, on her blog, highlights a way you can get (kind of) the functionality of Formulists using the tool IFTTT-

      You may also be interested in a tool I am creating called Twools which will allow you to send in a feed of users to IFTTT so that you bulk add users to a list. It’s still in development but I hope to have it launched in beta next week. It’s something you have to install on your own website to work- but it is very easy to do.

      I tend to have most of my lists public, but I do have some private lists. The reason for that is because people get notified when they get added to a list. I have some lists I used for “internal use”, for example lists of people who use a certain app. They are not relevant for anyone else, so I make them private.

      I don’t see the point of protecting your timeline in Twitter, though. You are missing out the main point of Twitter- networking and meeting other cool people. Of course Twitter is public – but that is a lot clearer than the privacy mess of Facebook. At least we know where we stand.

      • masda

        Thank you for your reply. I´ll try the tools you mentioned. The things is that I wouldn’t be trying to make lots of list if I could just continue following people but I have already reached my following limit.

        I tried to get as much as followers too but I was unsuccessful with my ambitious task. I tried to get more followers in websites like but i think i actually gain ghost spammers. :/
        (Right now im following 2001 users and only 403 are following thats why i can not follow anyone anymore. If only i could get more followers i need a lot of them in order to break my limit.) It would be awesome to get all the tech twitters user to follow eventhough im quite new in twitter.

        I have recently found out that in my twitter home feeds “tweets” there are many users that I’m not following and appear on my feeds. I don’t know how to get rid of them :/ . i have tried to block them and it work but then back again I get other out of no where.

        Is there a way to check which are my followers and who i following in a fastest way? now that im following 2001 users is quite difficult to check all the users and wait to load them :/ , It would be easier if I could load in one single click( followers and the ones im following) or export that information to an excel, just exactly as I can do it in linkedin.

        The other thing is that I can not edit my lists. those that are private or public i can not edit them. the save list is disable (totally un-clickable).

        I hope you read this post and help me. I know its a lot of questions in one single post. I just wanna learn .. sorry :) and thanks :D

  • Adam

    Ive followed around 5/600 per day for the last two weeks and when I cant follow no more I unfollow 1400 per day for 2 days then follow 5/600 again and repeat the process and never been s problem

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Adam, unfortuntately, Twitter updated their “Rules of the Road” last week and they have banned “bulk following/unfollowing”. Quite how they define that is yet unknown. I’ve contacted ManageFlitter to ask them where they stand but no response as of yet.

      • adam

        Im still doing it no problem have a look follow me @monthlyprofits dm and we will talk

        • Ian Anderson Gray

          Sorry for taking ages to get back to you. I’ve followed you. If you do DM me, let me know- I get loads of spam so difficult to sort through! You could also email me ian [at] iag [dot] me

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  • The Doctor

    it sucks that we are limited to 140 characters per tweet. if you have a long tweet to write, you have to write part 1 part 2 so that people don’t get confused. I HATE IT!!!!!!!

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      I know how you feel, but that is what Twitter is. If you want more chars there is always, Google+ or even Facebook!

    • Scott Dallas

      I like the character limit. If people could bombard me with super long messages all the time I’d probably lose interest. I also enjoy the challenge of learning to convey my thoughts with less words. It has made me a more efficient communicator.

      • Ian Anderson Gray

        True, Twitter is more of a quick fire conversation tool.

  • PPI Group Action Campaign

    We’ve been having issues regarding the amount of people we are following per day, despite meticulously following the rules!

    So our twitter account @ppigroupaction has been suspended on 2 occassions in the last 2 weeks.

    First occasion was for “spam following”. We actually only followed approx. 150 people.
    While this may seem a lot, people don’t always have something interesting or relevant to say relating to our campaign, so following lots of people allows us to catch those all important retweetable tweets! So how people are able to follow 500-600 is perhaps old, and they’ve changed their algorithms?

    Second occasion was for the same reason, but we emailed to complain it must have been a mistake, and they agreed and reinstated the account.

    My point is, the first couple of hundred follows – I feel – should be “free” from post 200 follow regulations. I think this is why so many people give up on twitter and so many accounts are left dormant – it’s difficult to build a following initially, and to follow initially with the way things are too.

  • Dazz

    Is there a limit on the number of updates you can view on your newsfeed? When I refresh in the morning there is always a gap of 3-4 hours with no updates, and no “load more tweets@ button. Have I reached a limit?

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Dazz. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. No, as far as I know, there is no limit on the number of tweets you can have. I follow over 10,000 people and don’t get any restrictions on the number of tweets. It sounds like it could be a browser issue or even an issue with your internet connection. Have you cleared your internet cache and tried again?

      • Scott Dallas

        There does seem to be a limit to how often you can request Twitters servers to feed you information. If you load too many tweets in too short of a time they will stop loading. This happens to me a lot on Tweetdeck when the tweet traffic gets heavy. But, I’m with Ian here.. sounds like it’s something else. You have to really hit the servers hard to get a temporary block on loading more tweets, and even so.. when the block is lifted there shouldn’t be gaps in tweets unless it was literally a dead time that no one you were following tweeted.

  • hbk72777

    Twitter will be Myspace within 2 years

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  • jake

    how many @***** tweets can you do a day or hour without getting suspended? say your trying to spread your name & gain followers etc?

    • Scott Dallas

      If you think you are going to copy and paste a lot of messages to promo yourself, you will get suspended for annoying people and getting reported as spam. If you try to manually type @ people with a unique message as fast as you can, you will only temporarily end up in Twitter jail. No one will be upset.

  • steed

    Thank you. very very helpful info. appreciate it

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Thanks for that. Just glad you found it helpful- that was my plan! :-)

  • Kasper Beaumont

    Hi, I’m a brand newbie to Twitter. How do I know if someone I follow has followed me back? Should I give them a week to return the favor and then delete if they don’t? Cheers, Kasper :-)

    • Scott Dallas

      You will be notified under the @Connect button at the top of that is where new follows and replies will all show up.. Basically as combined activity on your account. It’s totally up to you if you want to unfollow someone for not following you back (as fast as you’d like).. but remember they are just another human being. Maybe they haven’t had a chance to get on Twitter to see who has followed and follow them back. Also, if you unfollow them and they end up following you back later, that’s win win cause you’ll be notified either way and then can reciprocate the follow back any time.

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  • pam jones

    Well, Ian, I don’t really understand Twitter. Just use it every now and then, but, one day I did follow SEVERAL people and within 2 days I got banned. I was allowed to get back on but now I am afraid to follow ANYONE! Also,i don’t understand why some people’s tweets go to the person they tweet and mine only go back to my own page. The only way I can get my tweet to a certain person is to reply to someone else’s tweet. I thought I was doing it right. I go to, lets say USA_ Network. I go to the left side where is says”compose tweet” using the @USA_Network and write my tweet. A message comes up and says “your tweet has been sent to USA_Network” , but, it doesn’t show up on their page–only goes to my own page. So, why can some people’s tweet be seen on a particular person’s page and mine can’t? What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Pam.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Pam. It sounds like you’ve had some rotten luck. You won’t get banned for following several people per day. I’ve followed hundreds in one day before although that is very rare and I’ve not been banned. I do know that Twitter has some automated monitors in place that will automatically ban you if they notice strange behaviours. Doesn’t sound like you were doing anything strange, but you may have been incorrectly flagged.

      As for your other point, I may have misread it, but what you say is how Twitter works. When you compose a tweet with someone’s screen name at the start- this will only be seen by them in their home timeline and in the home time line of people who follow both you and that person. People will also see the tweet if they visit your Twitter timeline. This tweet won’t appear on their timeline unless they retweet it. Does that make sense?

  • pam jones

    Yes, it does make sense, Ian. I thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly and appreciate you so much! Have a great day!

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  • Queen.

    im so mad at twitter right now i find it so stupid with the DM jail because it takes you forever to get out i’ve currently been waiting for over 2 hours please remove it

  • Bree

    I joined a Get more followers things and now it wont stop following people for me and i keep getting spam about it. How do i stop it?

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Bree. Sorry to hear that. I assume you didn’t give authorisation to an app for this? Just to check click on the settings cog in Twitter then click settings. Then click apps on the right and check through all the apps you’ve given permission for. Revoke any you don’t recognise.

      However as far as I know most of these “buy followers” services just pass on followers your way without needing access. This is much more tricky. Can you contact them and ask them to stop? It’s also a case of blocking the people who spam you. I’ve never signed up for a follower service but even so I still get spammed regularly- I think a lot of people do.

  • Peter A

    Is there a point where sending constant (respectful, unique) tweets to the White house result in the twits being treated as spam/ Many activists groups encourage supporters to constantly send tweets to President Obama or the White House etc..

  • jon chan

    Hi, I’m wondering about the photo limits per account. I have tweeted on my account about 1,500 tweets since 2010-ish. Of these, about half of them have pictures. I’ve just noticed that many of my older tweets that used to have pics to them, now have no more pictures. For example, the link is still there ( but it is greyed out, and does not show the pic anymore. Intensely frustrating. Any way for us to access these pics again? Many thanks.

  • Chika @ JTU

    Most helpful article, Ian! Thank you.

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Glad you found it useful!

  • Solid Website Design

    Great article, thanks for being so clear and concise! It’s a tricky business making sure you stay within limits, and i suppose twitter doesnt want to be too out straight about them, as they are already having issues with some folks. Imagine if we all got in on the action!

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      It definitely is tricky, and it’s not helped by the fact that Twitter doesn’t make all the limits clear!

  • kate

    I got a follow limit and I cannot follow anyone. Will I can follow people again or should I create a new twittwr account?

    • Ian Anderson Gray

      Hi Kate. How many people do you follow? If you follow 1819 people you’ll have to wait until more people follow you, or reduce the number of people you follow. In the article I mention it is to do with the ratio of the people you follow to the people who follow you.

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