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Do You Know the Twitter Limits?

Do you know your Twitter Limits?

Although this article was written quite a few years ago, I still keep it up to date. 

Some notable updates:

  • March 2019 - Twitter announces a follow limit of 400 per day or 1,000 if your account is verified.
  • November 2017 - The number of characters in a Tweet has been increased from 140 to 280
  • May 2017 - Updated number of daily direct messages from 250 to 1,000
  • October 2016 - Media attachments, links & screen names in replies no longer count in 140 character limit 
  • October 28, 2015  - Twitter has increased their follow limit from 2,000 to 5,000
  • August 12 2015 - Twitter now allows you to send direct messages with up to 10,000 characters. The limit used to be 140 (the same as standard tweets)
  • May 31 2013 - Twitter updates the number of Twitter lists you can have and the number of people you can follow in each list.
  • January 6 2013 - Added biography character limit & Image sizes
  • January 6 2012 - Added lists and unfollow limits

Twitter Limits Table

Type Limit Detail
Max Characters per tweet 280 Expanded from 140 to 280 in November 2017. As of September 2016, media attachments, links and screen names in replies don't count to the character limit.
Max Characters per direct message 10,000
Tweets 2,400 per day Spread across a 24 period. There are also separate limits per half-hour periods, so you won't be able to tweet all 2,400 in one go. The half-hour limit is unknown for now. Retweets count towards the limit.
Direct Messages 1,000 per day
Changes to email address 4 per hour
Following 1,819  Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10%.
Number of Lists 1,000  You can only have 1,000 lists (this includes ones you have created and ones you follow) Before May 30th 2013 the max number of lists was 20
Number of people in a list 5,000  Before May 30th 2013 the max accounts per list was 500
Number of people you can follow 400 per day (or 1,000 for verified accounts) Standard Twitter accounts can follow up to 400 accounts per day. If your account is verified, you can follow up to 1,000 accounts per day. Thanks to Solomon (in the comments) for the update here.  See more here.
How many people you can unfollow Unknown Twitter doesn't state this, but you are likely to get banned if you unfollow people aggressively. I'd recommend sticking well under 400 unfollows per day.
Max Characters for biography 160
Max length of video uploads 2'20"
(140 seconds)
MP4 video format with H264 format with AAC audio. Max upload of 512MB
Twitter In-Stream Photo Size 1024x512px Max upload size of 5Mb (or 3Mb for animated GIFs). Supports PNG, GIF or JPEG
Twitter Profile Picture Size 400x400px Max upload size of 2Mb. Supports PNG, GIF or JPEG
Twitter Header Image Size 1500x500px Max upload size of 5Mb. Supports PNG or JPEG
Number of Twitter accounts one phone number can be added to 10 See phone FAQs

The Follow Limit

You may be new to Twitter, or you may have been using it for a long time and hit the famous "2000" limit. Later Twitter increased this to 5,000.

Most social networks have limits in place for the number of people you can "friend" or "follow". For example, Google+ currently has a limit of 5,000 people you can have in your circles, and you have a limit of 5,000 "friends" on Facebook. This is to stop people, businesses or automated programs from abusing the system.

On Twitter, it used to be possible to bulk follow thousands and thousands of people in the hope that they would follow you back. This caused many Twitter accounts to abuse this and follow tens of thousands of people whilst not creating engaging content and not having many people follow them back.

Not good.

Twitter launched back in March 2006. But it wasn't until July/August 2008 that Twitter started imposing limits on the number of people you could follow.

Twitter was having massive problems with spam (as Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone blogged  at the time). There was a lot of backlash at the time, and a lot of confusion (see this ZDNet post on Twitter Spam efforts goes overboard and this blog post by Brad Williams on Twitter Follow Limits Are Jacked).

It's commonly assumed that Twitter introduced a 2,000 following limit, meaning that you could only follow up to 2,000 people. However, this isn't strictly true.

The Following Ratio

According to the author, Rob Brown, the magic number is actually 1,819! This means if you have 1,819 followers you can break through the 2,000 limit. Below 1,819 you are capped at following 2,000 people. Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10% (or 182). At 1,819+10% this means you can follow 2,001 people and you have just broken the 2,000 limit- hurray! This (as Rob Brown mentions on

This means if you have 1,819 followers you can break through the 2,000 limit. Below 1,819 you are capped at following 2,000 people. Above 1,819 you can follow this number +10% (or 182). At 1,819+10% this means you can follow 2,001 people and you have just broken the 2,000 limit- hurray! This (as Rob Brown mentions on this post) means for every 10 people that follow you, you can follow 11.

Update - from October 27, 2015, Twitter announced they were increasing this follow limit from 2,000 to 5,000:

I haven't tested this, but I am fairly sure that the same system will be used for this new limit. To break through the limit you will need to have more than 4545 people following you before you can break through the 5,000 limit. Let me know what you think!

Personally, I think this is a good thing. I'm a bit concerned when I see someone with a large number of people they follow- especially if they don't have engaging content. Twitter is about engagement and networking- it is a social network after all. Having said that, following a large number of people isn't always a bad thing. I love to follow new people, particularly those who Tweet about social media. I manage a large number of followers using Twitter lists- putting the people I find particularly interesting into my "awesome" list. Less regularly, I'll check my main Twitter stream, and perhaps add some cool people to this list.

There is also a limit on how quickly you can follow people. Twitter has imposed a technical limit of following 1000 per day. Thank goodness for that! However, as this is a technical limit, following that amount per day is likely to get you banned due to breaking Twitters Following Rules and best practices (you should read this if you haven't already). And since March 2019, Twitter says normal accounts can't follow more than 400 or 1,000 if your account is verified.

Unfollow Limits

So, how many people can you unfollow? This is more of a tricky question since Twitter doesn't actually say.

Twitter tools such as Social Oomph and Manage Flitter have been asked by Twitter to remove their unfollow tools because this could go against Twitter terms.

The issue is what Twitter calls "aggressive follower churn" i.e. following and unfollowing people in quick succession with the aim of rapidly increasing your followers.

You can read more on Twitter's Rules page.

So, is there a number on how many people you can unfollow at one time? Just use your common sense. I've unfollowed over 500 people in one day, but that was a one-off- I wanted to unclutter my feed, but if I unfollowed 500 people each day I'd likely get banned.

Other Limits

There are other limits, as the Twitter support pages states. You can post up to 2,400 tweets per day (this is spread throughout the day- there are limits per half hour, so you can't just post 2,400 all at once!) You can post up to 250 direct messages per day (thank goodness!) You can change your email up to 4 times per hour (why would you want to do that anyway?)

You can post up to 2,400 tweets per day (this is spread throughout the day- there are limits per half hour, so you can't just post 2,400 all at once!) You can post up to 250 direct messages per day (thank goodness!) You can change your email up to 4 times per hour (why would you want to do that anyway?)

You can post up to 1,000 direct messages per day (thank goodness!) You can change your email up to 4 times per hour (why would you want to do that anyway?)

As of May 30, 2013 you can now follow up to 1,000 lists (up from 20) and each list can include up to 5,000 accounts (up from 500). There are also limits when you use the Twitter API, but that's another topic.

There are also limits when you use the Twitter API, but that's another topic.

Twitter recently added the option of adding a header image. These have a maximum resolution of 1500x500 pixels (with a max upload size of 10Mb. You don't have to upload your image at 1500x500, but it's best to make it close to that to give a crisp and clear image. Certainly, try to make it above 640 pixels in width otherwise it will look pixelated. Finally, your biography can have up to 160 characters.


So, there you go. Remember, Twitter is a social network- these limits are for your and my protection. Do you think these limits are appropriate, or do you think they should be modified? Let me know in the comments below.

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My Twitter handle is a fan club page! I was getting 500 plus followers for few days normally I get 100 to 300 per day but then suddenly my follower count dropper and its not going up since a week my follower list is frozen!
Help me with that it’s so annoying as im working hard to keep ppl updated never used any foul language or negative tweets!

Is there any fix?

Chris Green

Having problems with the RT button too. Cannot RT every tweet that I would like to RT – the green button turns green but not for the ones I have RTd I don’t appear in the list of people who’ve shared it. Plus, those posts not shared don’t appear on my profile, and they have to.

Chris Green

For the posts I haven’t RTd I cannot even undo them when I press Undo Retweet.

Chris Green

Even having issues with the Retweet button. In the past day not been able to RT posts as I normally would. The Retweet button turns green but not every single tweet that I think I’ve retweeted appears on my profile then. They need to appear on your profile after you’ve hit the Retweet button- that shows that they’ve been retweeted successfully. Only certain tweets at the minute I can properly retweet. Also, for the ones that aren’t retweeted successfully but the Retweet button is still green, I cannot undo them when I try to. I press Undo Retweet and the green Retweet button doesn’t go back to normal. Never ceases to amaze you what glitches you can come across.

Will Pfister

I have an 8000 Twitter dm that wont send. Huh?

Chris Green

Do you know of a like limit Ian? I bet there’s a 1000 limit.

Chris Green

As they as they are always temporary because I always liking lots. I find myself getting them often and it is frustrating waiting for one to go. I feel they can last up to 24 hours depending on your liking pattern. How long they last varies.

Chris Green

I’m still on a like limit and are so frustrated at the moment. I know they are set by algorithm but when will it go?

Trevor O.

I have this same issue!

Chris Green

Seems to affects lots if they like loads. For the past week on average I’ve only been able to like 300 Tweets a day then I get hit with another stupid limit stopping me liking until the next day. It really is stupid.


I’m doing research on the use of language in tweet’s reply post. one tweet can have thousands of reply posts, but when we open it and scroll it down, it only shows a few reply posts. is there any limitation in displaying someone’s tweet reply post? what is the exact limit? thank you in advance.


Thank you for this Ian, it helps a lot to understand the rules (which change with time).

Thank you for keeping this post up to date 🙂


Is there a limit to the number of people that can follow me on twitter daily?


I ‘ve tried to restore my account since it was suspended but i didn’t receive any code via sms so i kept trying over again and again and now it says i’ve reached my limit how long do i have to wait before trying again.


The website plainly says you can follow only 400 accounts daily if your NOT a verified account. If you ARE a verified account you can follow 1000.


Is there a rate limit for likes? I have been hit by this a couple of times and the limit seems to last for a lot longer than an hour. I do some responses but not many. Today is a prime example. I responded a few times and was liking some posts then boom, “Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.”.Tried logging off and back on, tried different web browsers on different platforms, tried the Windows 10 client over several hours without any resolution. Nothing in the linked email account about any infractions.

Why is this happening and what can I do about it?


About the amount of the tweets I can see in one user’s page,I only can see about 800 tweets of each user,is that a limitation,too?


What about ‘likes’ (♥️)? Twitter keeps turning off the likes a few seconds after I ‘like’ something, even after multiple attempts.

JM Kall

I have email notifications turned on for direct messages. It seems I only the get the first 50 (there are more) in my email each day. Is this a Twitter limit or something I can change in settings? I would like to have them all go to email.

Richard Banyard

Very useful, thanks! Do you know if there is a limit to the number of tweets that can be scheduled through Tweetdeck? I’ve scheduled approximately 1000 tweets for a feature I’m planning later this year, but if I attempt any more, I get a “Tweet failed: Rate limit exceeded.” message. Twitter itself works fine, I just can’t schedule any more. Support haven’t responded – any pointers greatly appreciated!


Hello Ian and everyone else.
Τhrough Tweetdeck there are about the same limits : )

“In our business account (since Jan 2014 with verify phone, app, and much more) this limit is between 290 and 310 tweets every two hours.
Respectively, οn my own personal account (since 2008 without verify my phone and anything else) this limit is adjusted to 190 and 210 per two hours.”


Richard Banyard

Hi Ian – just to follow up on this, I can confirm that once the scheduled tweets began to post, I was then able to schedule more tweets using Tweetdeck – suggests indeed that there must be a limit of around 1000 tweets that can be scheduled at a time. Thanks!

Susan J. Schumann

Twitter has gone beyond just being a social gathering place. It’s achieved what yahoo tried & couldn’t: primary news source for ppl. It has become for news mags, newspapers, tv what Amazon is to brick & mortar stores. Tremendous potential. Q: Will Twitter be able to evolve quickly enough to become a primary business & subscription platform? We’re all anxious to get started…


I wanted to delete “Likes” in bulk but couldn’t find any online program to do it for thousands of thousand LIKES. So I used copy/paste script { $(‘.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click(); } in console & deleted many thousands in few hours ! Now I cant use “LIKE” option for new tweets by others as the message ” Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.” is coming up whenever I hit LIKE option
What should I do now ?
Thank you


Did you ever get this figured out? I’ve been rate limited like this like 10 times over the past couple of days now, and I’m not even using a script. I’m just manually unliking everything in my list.


What about likes? I’ve been trying to manage my “Likes” page and “manually” deleted several thousand and now I can’t see my Likes history? Do you know of the rules there? And I’m not sure why I can’t manually remove my likes (un-like prior likes). Thoughts would be much appreciated!


hello ian!! my account has this message popping everytime i try to follow people “Limit Reached. You are unable to follow accounts at this time.” I am aware that i have been aggressively following and u following people, but i just want to as how long it will last.


Please unsubscribe me. I’m getting too many emails in general in my inbox.
Thanks (nothing personal I promise xx)

Chris Shop

Hi! Great article! I have a question I can’t find the answer to. How come when I scroll thru folks I follow (the link under my profile) using my phone, I can’t get to the bottom of the actual list, and it stops scrolling and all I see is simply a tiny grey dot? It’s not my phone’s memory either as I have a 128 GB pixel 2 xl with over 100 GB free. I’ve tried everything. Same thing happens with the list of folks following me. Plus, I’m only talking about 1800 folks I follow and about 1500 in total list of those who are following me. Thanks much for the info.

Ryan Coon

I am working through sprout social and had a quick question. If I get too many failed tweets due to like content or too many direct retweets does my future tweets or profile become affected? Thank You

Madeline Mcewen-Asker

Addendum – me again, Ian. I checked my account and a big chunk of my followers have disappeared … maybe they were the “spoiler” accounts. However in addition, I appear to be following nobody at all. Hoping normal service will be returned tomorrow. Luckily I maintain a lot of lists [they’re a bit chaotic] but I should be able to track most of them down!

Madeline Mcewen-Asker

Hello again, Ian. Just thought I’d update you in case it helps your research and others. I mentioned earlier today that my Twitter account was suspended and I had no idea why. I read through a big chunk of the comments here mining for answers. Lots of good pointers and tips by the way! However, the important thing for me [and maybe other folks] was that I received a return email today from Twitter which reads as follows:-

“Twitter Hello,

Your account is now unlocked, and we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts and it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. This sometimes happens when an account exhibits automated behavior in violation of the Twitter Rules (

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not respond to this email as replies will not be monitored.


Twitter Support”

So there you go. None the wiser. However, that was less than 24 hours to recovery which may be some comfort to some.
Best wishes

gman sahrma

very useful information.

Madeline Mcewen-Asker

Glad it is helping someone!

Cheers Maddy

Madeline McEwen:-

“I have spent most of the day putting in a comma, and the rest of the day taking it out.” Oscar Wilde

Madeline Mcewen-Asker

What I find annoying is when somebody suggests you follow X person [because you have similar interests or whatever ] [plus Twitter GIVES you suggestions about who to follow] and then when you do, and add them to a list e.g. writers, creatives, bloggers, then they disappear for some unaccountable reason and then you bump into them again and go through the whole rigamarole again. Confused.


I similarly lose some people I thought I was following and then I don’t know if I just listed them and didn’t actually follow, or someone else’s “likes” and RTs were putting them in my timeline so I thought I was on follow but wasn’t actually, or I was following and they blocked and then unblocked me to remove my follow, or if there was a glitch.


I have been messaging a person since June last year and haven’t deleted the messages at all. last week i thought the person flagged my dm. He said he hasn’t. And sent me the screenshot of his dm inbox. then why can’t I dm him anymore?


Hi, Ian
Must say great and the way you presented it is remarkable. Thanks for sharing such an informative post, keep sharing.

Cynthia Chen

Hi, my account just got locked thrice in a row and I don’t know why because I did not violate any twitter rules! The first time and second time, I was locked out after I liked a tweet of someone trying to pacify a hater comment. The third time I got locked out while I was scrolling down twitter support to ask about why I got locked out. Now it says that I’ve exceeded the amount of time I can verify my phone number and to “try later”. Do you know how late that would be? It’s already been a day! I have around 8 followers and follow less than 20 accounts.

Twitter Renegade

Twitter ban? For following and unfollowing aggressively? Not really. You get a time out. A seat on the naughty step. It just means until the time at which you fall below the limit, you can’t add any more. If you spend an hour adding 1000 followers, it’ll be 23 hours before you can add one more and it will be the full 24 hours before you can add another 1000. You can trigger speed restrictions by following and unfollowing too fast, but just slow your chrome extension or whatever you use down. Make it do one follow/unfollow per second and leave it run overnight. Personally I prefer automated bots that you can set up to do it through the day for you. So if someone says #Mercedes and you sell car parts for those cars, you give them an automated follow. Then have another bot that deletes anyone who hasn’t followed you back in 3 days clearing up behind it. Then forget about it forever. But don’t knicker wet over “being banned by twitter”. It doesn’t happen. They only ever time you out or lock your account. You never get banned. It isn’t in their interest. The very fact you… Read more »


Hi i dont know if you can help me but my acc was lock and i unlocked it using my code but i cant follow anyone i dont know why please help me

Rebekah Donohue

Hi; don’t know if you can help or not, but I recently started Unfollowspy and every day they give me a count averaging an addition of 15 followers but 12 – 14 unfollowers, every day. This has held a pattern for three to four weeks, every day. Too long to be coincidence. I’ve tried to contact with no luck. It seems that either Twitter or unfollowspy.c is removing followers to average out accounts I pick up each day so I never grow past where I am which is right at 2150.

What do I do?

Thanks so much!


Something you may want to include is that there appears to be a limit to how many tweets you can favourite/like per day. I went on a liking spree and got hit with an error message saying I had exceeded daily limits at around the 1000 mark. There is definitely a like rate limit (API is defined in docs and for the website not documented).

Madeline Mcewen-Asker

That’s interesting. Yesterday I tried doing more likes and less retweeting [relatively new to Twitter] and this morning my account was suspended?


I was recently locked out but could return by providing my phone number.
However, this did not tell me the reason I was suspended.

Is it against Twitter rules to Tweet to just anyone?…I mean, if you are interested in a certain subject….and do a “search” for people with the same interests….is it against Twitter rules to send them information or links based upon your shared interests?

Also, I see in the Twitter “rules” that a person can be locked out if they have been reported as Spamming…..Wouldn’t this allow “like minded” people to ban together to remove Tweets which they feel run against their best interests?….say Racist Alt-Right members complaining about Black Liberal accounts…..


I just opened my first Twitter account and got suspended (locked out) for following 100 people in 1 day, yet the limit is 1,000? I was mainly just following the people I like (friends, celebs, youtubers, etc)…What “should” our daily limit be if I’m getting locked out for 100? I don’t want to get in trouble again. Thanks!

Claudio Zavala

So Liking a Tweet counts against your 2,400 Tweets per day?


Hello Ian and everyone else. I think i can help you at this point.

In our business account (since Jan 2014 with verify phone, app, and much more) this limit is between 290 and 310 tweets every two hours.

Respectively, οn my own personal account (since 2008 without verify my phone and anything else) this limit is adjusted to 190 and 210 per two hours.

I hope i helped you.


It’s my pleasure Ian.

Yes and don’t forget, these algorithm-limits include actions from all devices, including web, mobile, phone, API, etc.

API requests from all third-party applications are tracked against the hourly API limit. People who use multiple third-party applications with their account will therefore reach the API limit more quickly.



Hi, can I ask? An year ago I have been make the first twitter account. And I use my telephone number, I am silly, I just forget the password. So I decide to create another account. I used my telephone number again. How many times can I the phone number use? I got a ban. I think this is because of the same number. I am sorry if this guestion is stupid. Have a nice day Michelle.


There is a limit, possibly around 10 or 15.

Petr Sejba

I have checked Twitter help a while ago and they say we can add the same phone number to 10 accounts.


Can I add my phone number to multiple accounts?

You can add your phone number to up to 10 accounts. It’s important to note that only the account most recently linked to this phone number can perform SMS commands and receive SMS notifications for account activity like Direct Messages, new followers, Retweets, etc. Any other accounts you have associated with your phone number will not be able to edit Text notifications settings. Each account that has your phone number associated with it will still receive SMS text messages for password reset requests or security features like login verification.


It’s my pleasure Ian.


Hi Ian
when i follow someone he not get notification that i followed him what can i do ?
kindly help me.


This is actually happening to me as well suddenly. Something got changed.


so how i fix it ?


Yeah thats been glitching out a bit. if you go to your followers it will list them in order of following. so if they want to follow everyone back and not miss some. which are getting left out in the notifications.


It’s possible to turn off notifications for accounts that are new, don’t have a verified email, don’t have a verified phone, have a default profile photo, or that the other account doesn’t follow or who doesn’t follow the other account, or appear to be spam (automated messages, for instance).

So the things you can correct are to verify at least one form of contact, make sure you have a profile photo that gives information about you (doesn’t have to be a photo of yourself although they claim this is better, but another graphic of some kind is also fine), and be sure your content is relevant and doesn’t come across as spam (either to users or to Twitter bots). .

You’ve probably solved this part by now, but for folks new to Twitter, be sure to follow some relevant accounts.


Hi Ian!
How come when I follow someone on twitter, I look at their page the next day and it says I’m not following them anymore?
I haven’t hit a following limit.


Many thanks for the reply. It is happening with large number of people and I found out that it is the “Twitter Unfollow Bug”.


Hi. Thanks for writing and maintaining this useful article.
Twitter’s docs list the DM limit as 1000 per day.

Is there a reason you’re listing it as 250?
Hope you can clarify.
Best regards.


Whenever I try to like a tweet, the button turns red and then reverts back to its greyish colour. What could be the problem?


I am having the same problem. Did it start working on its own? How long was it not working?


I’ve had the problem of “disappearing likes” several times. It fixes itself by the next day- never sooner. I can’t track exact time but this is definitely a problem. I’ve requested Twitter support 4-5x and never got a response. Wish I knew why this was happening!

Angela Rosa Hurston

Apparently we’ve reached some kind of following ceiling with only about 200. I created support tickct but only go an email that says”Your account appears to have exhibited automated behavior that violates the Twitter Rules” and that I should see a prompt letting me know my acct is locked and to click start. But i don’t see any of that. I can see my profile but can’t do anything, follow back, tweet, etc.I can’t even tweet to Twitter support. Is this temporary? If so how long would it last? How can you build your account without following people you like. I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Useful article


Can a verified account holder see my tweets if I tweet them with a protected twitter account, without following me ?


Thank you for replying. Yes, I know that we can see protected tweets only if we’re following each other. I just thought may be verified accounts have some special features ? And may be they can see their protected mentions too ?


Thank you Ian


Then what about all those fans and people who tweet celebrities with their protected accounts ? Simply waste of time ?


Can you update on this ?
Can a verified account holder on Twitter see or read his private mentions sent by a protected account ?


Great post. How do marketing companies overcome these limits? For example, for the 2400 Twitter notification limit per day, is there a way to buy additional notification capability from Twitter?


Hi there, when ever I try to like a tweet, the heart will go red but immediately go back, ‘unliked’ as it were. It’s happened a few times off and on but always seems to correct. I’ve changed passwords, etc but wonder if I’m not hitting a limit. I can’t find any info. Thank you

Sydney Evangelist

same here! it’s been doing this for about a day on my phone and computer. i don’t know how to fix it 🙁 helppppp


This happens to me even with low useage. Sometimes the first or third like. Unlike they just don’t want me to read Twitter without necessarily posting every day, I think it’s unlikely to be related to a usage algorithm.


What about abuse of hashtags? can anyone help me on that…. I want to start promoting my site, but I don’t wanna get banned/suspended


I had trouble retweeting as I think the Twitter algorithm banned me from doing so because of my hashtag campaign on an issue. Now I found a way around it by using twitter URL’s in and it worked briefly. Now I can’t send any URL or retweet and can only send normal tweets, ones with hashtags and pictures!! If I try, none of my retweets or tweets with URL’s appear under #hashtags, but my other regular tweets instantly do appear. Arrrggggh. Know any solution, please? Cheers

Flag this message Delete this message


When I click on someone’s followers list only a small fraction show up. For example this person’s page says they have 800 followers but when I click on “followers” only 23 people show up in the list. There is the little tweety bird at the bottom so I know I have reached the end. How do they do that?


Since the beginning of November I have not been able to tag people in my photos in tweets – I can choose them, but after publishing the tweet all of them disappear. Do you know what is a problem?


Thats exactly whats happening to me right now. We have a news digital web account and we cant tag people in photos. We tried everything but no solution.

Pamela Woodward

Can someone follow you for their own agenda then mute you as not to get ur tweets so their page can stay clean with their politics?I blocked them and follow people in philosophy &Judaism and keep it clean