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10 Funny & Thought Provoking Videos on Social Media & Technology


As it's almost the end of the week and I am on a roll (what, three blog posts on the same day?!), I thought it was time for a lighter post. We sometimes need cheering up and to see the lighter side of tech, social media, seo and the internet. I love videos that have a bit of fun or make you think about technology. It's sometimes easy to lose sight of reality, especially when it comes to engaging with people (yes, people) on a social network. I find it interesting to display how people act on a social network in real life- and then you see how daft we can all get.

So without further a do, here are my ten funny or thoughtful videos on social media, the internet or technology...!

1. Zuckerberg: The Musical

If you subscribe to any major social media news site, then you'll probably already have seen this musical take on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's life. As it was the Zuck's 28th birthday last Monday and Facebook's IPO fast approaching, a musical comedy on his life was created by CDZA. CDZA are an ensemble who create "musical experiments", and I have to say I love this- especially being a singer myself.

2. Facebook in Real Life

Ever wondered what writing on someone's wall, or poking or friending someone would look like in real life? This is a classic parody video now, and one that many of you will have seen before. It still makes me laugh though... a lot!

3. Pinsanity- Pinterest Serial Killer

Pinterest is all the rage at the moment. It is a social sharing site of things you like. You can pin photos, videos and quotes to your board, and re-pin other people's "pins". It is hugely popular amongst women (so much so that "manly" versions have sprung up, like Gentlemint). Here's what Pinterest in real life could look like... and it doesn't look good...!

4. Some Grey Bloke: What Twitter is For

Some thoughts from "Some Grey Bloke" on what Twitter is. Sums it all up really.

5. Follow Jesus on Twitter

How would the Gospel story be told if social media was around at the time of Jesus? This video tracks the story of Jesus through social media.

6. My Blackberry is Not Working

British comedians Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield in this just wonderful sketch about a Blackberry, Orange and an Apple in a greengrocers. Just so funny!

7. Not Google+

Want a reason not to join Google+. Join, Not Google+...
Unfortunately since I posted this article, the video owners have not allowed video embedding. If the following video doesn't play, you can view the video on YouTube.

8. Matt Cutts Parody Mashup: How to Rank #1 on Google

UK based SEO Consultant, Sam Applegate, put this wonderful mashup video of Matt Cutts together. Taken from his Google Webmaster videos, Matt Cutts tries to answer a question from 1 million people from the Philippines...

9. The Social Network Parody Movie: YouTube The Movie

Seen "The Social Network" the movie? Ever wondered what "YouTube" the Movie would look like? Thought not. Well, here's a parody on what it could look like...!

10. The Onion: All Data Lost After Internet Crash

Finally, a wonderful video on the day the internet crashed. Be afraid, very afraid! 😉


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