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How to Bulk Delete Your LinkedIn Notifications

Have you ever found yourself wanting to delete quite a few of your LinkedIn notifications in one go?

In this article I am going to show you how with an easy-to-use bookmarklet, even though LinkedIn itself doesn't offer the feature.

This is perhaps a feature for LinkedIn power users or nerds. But it's incredibly useful for anyone who's ever felt swamped by LinkedIn notifications. Have you ever wished there was a way to clear all those notifications in one go? Well, you're not alone!

The LinkedIn Notification Problem

Have you over logged into LinkedIn and felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of notifications? You're thinking, "Do I really need to click through each one?" LinkedIn, for all its strengths, hasn't given us a straightforward way to manage this deluge. This post is about changing that.

My friend, John Espirian, a self-described "Relentlessly helpful LinkedIn nerd," often shares valuable nuggets on navigating LinkedIn’s complexities. In a recent post, he mentioned that managing notifications can really improve your LinkedIn experience. It means you can "mark as done" once you've responded to a comment or reaction.

It never occurred to me to use notifications like that. But then it dawned on me. This is exactly why I love tools such as Agorapulse, which has a social inbox. You can mark each task as done and get down to that beautiful inbox-zero feeling!

If you're like me, returning to a crowded LinkedIn inbox after a short break can be daunting. We need a way to quickly sort through what's important and what's not. This is where the concept of bulk deletion comes into play - a way to efficiently tidy up our digital space.

Developing a Solution with AI:

Faced with this challenge, I decided to put my tech hat on. With a little help from AI (hello, ChatGPT!), I embarked on a journey to create a handy tool. This tool is all about bringing that much-needed bulk delete option to LinkedIn.

Automation vs Manual

Some people quite rightly were concerned about using automation on LinkedIn. The first Bookmarklet does use some light automation. It simulates the click of the delete notification button by the checked notifications. It has a delay of around 1 second per click.

But if you're not comfortable using this, then I have another option. Option 2 just makes the trash can link for each notification visible so you can easily click for each notification.

How it works

  1. Firstly, go to the LinkedIn notifications page.
  2. Scroll down the page so that all the notifications you want to manage are on the screen. Then scroll to the top of the page.
  3. Click the Bookmarklet script on your bookmark bar

For the Automated version...

  1. You'll see two new buttons at the top: "Delete Notifications" and "Toggle Select All". And all notifications on the screen will have a checkbox.
  2. You can check the boxes by each notification you want to delete. Or you can click the "Toggle Select All" button then deselect any you don't want to delete.
  3. Once you are ready, hit the "Delete Notifications" button at the top if the screen.
  4. The script will delete each notification one by one. There's a delay of 1 second between each deletion.

For the Manual version...

  1. You'll see trash can buttons to the right of each notification. Just click each one you want to delete.
  2. That's it!

How to Get the Button

Make sure your browser's bookmark bar is viewable. Then click and drag the big blue button below on to your bookmark bar. Then it's available to use on your LinkedIn notification page.

Automatic Bookmarklet

🗑 Delete LinkedIn Notifications

Drag the above button to your bookmarks bar to use the bookmarklet. If you can't drag it, right-click and add it to your bookmarks manually.

Manual Bookmarklet

🗑 Delete LinkedIn Notifications

Drag the above button to your bookmarks bar to use the bookmarklet. If you can't drag it, right-click and add it to your bookmarks manually.

Video Walkthrough


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