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17 Tips to Improve your Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook Live Tips Hacks

Live video broadcasting used to be available only to the big players.

But now you can broadcast high-quality live streams to your audience with YouTube and Facebook Live.

And you can do that from your smartphone or computer... from your home or office, and potentially reach millions of people around the world - instantly!

It's an amazing way to reach your existing audience and grow your following. You can deliver behind the scenes or exclusive content, live events, how-to videos and much more.

And (quick update for March/April 2020) especially right now, with so many of us working from home due to the Coronavirus, live video is making a massive difference.

But how can you get started and take things to the next level?

In this article, I've come up with 17 tips and tricks to turn you into a Facebook Live pro!

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Top Live Video Tool Recommendations

You can broadcast to Facebook Live from your phone. But if you want to level up your live broadcasts, use one of these tools from your computer. I'll cover these in more detail later.

  • Ecamm Live (Mac Only, from $15/mth)
    My top pick for Mac users. Broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch and more. Save high-quality recording, bring in guests via Skype. Full scene switching and multiple layers.
  • Streamyard (Mac & PC, Browser-based, free & from $25/mth)
    My top pick web app. This runs in your browser and so works for both Mac and PC users. Really easy to use and integrates with Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube, Periscope, Twitch and more. Highlight comments on screen and bring in up to 5 remote guests. Screensharing on free version and bring in up to 5 guests. Paid version allows multicasting to up to 5 destinations and high quality recordings (web app, free and from $25/mth).
  • SwitcherStudio (iPhones & iPads only from $39/mth)
    Use your iPhones and iPads to create a mobile video studio. Really powerful yet easy to use solution.

#1 Broadcast to Yourself

two IansBroadcasting live can be scary and things can go wrong, so start testing by just sharing to yourself!

You can set the privacy settings to "only me" when you broadcast to your Facebook profile. This privacy setting is not available on your page

Open up the Facebook app on your mobile device, click the "Go Live" button and set the privacy settings to "only me". No one will watch the broadcast, but when you've finished you can go to your profile and watch the replay.

Even if you plan on broadcasting live to your page, it's a good idea to start by broadcasting to only yourself to your profile.

#2 Check your upload speed.

Upload SpeedA good internet upload speed will always improve your video quality.

It's nearly always better to be connected to WiFi for broadcasting Facebook Live, although it depends on the upload speed on your phone's data connection.

If you're at home or in the office, you can check your upload speed from your computer - just visit You can also check your internet speed on your smartphone by using the iOS or Android apps.

If you have an upload speed of 3Mbps upwards you're good to go!

If you have 1 or 2Mbps upload speed, you'll probably be ok, although the image may pixelate or become choppy.

Unfortunately, you'll struggle if you have under 1Mbps upload speed.

#3 Embrace your fears and just do it!

IanIf you're like most of us, you'll probably get very nervous before you go live the first time.

Don't worry- this is perfectly normal! You might not believe me, but feeling nervous is a good thing!

Just remember, things won't be perfect and things will probably go wrong. This is one of the reasons why people love live broadcasts - the chance that things will go wrong!

Just do it!

#4 Keep it Short

shortBe respectful of everyone's time and aim to keep your broadcast to 3-5 minutes - especially at first.

Once you're practised at this, you can extend the broadcasts if it makes sense to do so.

I have seen live broadcasts that last over an hour (and even longer) but they take a lot of work and practice.

Depending on your strategy, it's better to do a shorter broadcast more often, than one long broadcast once every blue moon.

#5 Have a structure

structureBe aware that it takes time for people to find out you are broadcasting live and tune in.

Also be aware that this video will end up being posted to your profile, page or group and you don't want lots of silence or fluff at the start for replay viewers.

As soon as you start broadcasting, I recommend saying "hello" to your replay visitors (your live viewers are unlikely to join straight away).

Say what you are going to talk about. Then when your first viewers come in, feel free to say hello to them by name as they join.

Do ask your viewers to share the broadcast. This will greatly increase your reach and expand the number of people watching your broadcast.

You can mention that you might not be able to follow all the comments in the broadcast, but that you'll respond to everyone after the broadcast. Don't spend too long greeting people - remember your replay audience - they will get bored if you greet everyone!

Now you're ready to get to your main segment. Repeat your live video title and get on with it!

Once you're ready to go finish, thank everyone for listening. You can remind people that you will respond to their comments and to keep them coming.

Finally say goodbye and wait another 5 seconds. This is important! There is often a lag, and if you don't wait, the broadcast can end part way through your last sentence!

#6 Plan, plan and plan

planDon't just click the live button without planning on what you're going to say.

I recommend planning 3 points to discuss in your broadcast.

If you're demonstrating a product or service, then make sure it works and practice recording it.

If you're giving a tour of your office or a particular place, make sure everyone knows you are going to be broadcasting and do a test run to make sure it's working.

#7 Be spontaneous

spontaneousAlthough I say plan, you can be spontaneous sometimes!

Be creative, be fun and embrace your humanity and make mistakes.

Often this is best once you've become practised in the art of live broadcasting

#8 Craft your Live posts

on-airFacebook Live isn't just about the live video. You also get to announce your broadcast with a status update.

Although you can edit this later, it's best to come up with a short snappy headline that sums up what you intend to talk about.

Underneath the headline, You can add a more detailed description and even mention other people or pages if you're going to be referring to them in your broadcast.

Finally, don't forget to categorize your broadcast with relevant hashtags if it makes sense.

#9 Have a Strategy

strategyAre you broadcasting to Facebook Live just because it's a new shiny tool and it is fun?

That's ok, but before it ends up eating up all your time (when you should be running your business) make sure you know WHY you are doing this.

There are plenty of solid business reasons why using Facebook Live to broadcast to your audience is so powerful.

It could be to connect with your audience and give them compelling behind-the-scenes content or special offers.

Or a way to reach your Facebook fans more quickly and effectively (the reach for Facebook Live broadcasts is way higher than other types of posts).

Make a list of the goals you want to achieve and then come up with a list of ideas for your live videos that align with those ideas.

Whatever the reasons, make sure you have a reason and craft your live videos that helps you achieve your goals.

#10 Be frequent and consistent

frequentThis is something I really need to work at!

The only way to improve the quality of your broadcasts is to keep on doing them.

You'll make lots of mistakes, but the more you do them, the better you'll get.

The more you do them, the more visible you and your brand will be to your audience.

At first, you may not have that many live viewers. However, over time more people will get to know you are producing these live videos and your viewership will increase.

#11 Work out the best time

ClockAt the start, try broadcasting at different times of the day to work out what is best for your audience.

Think about what your audience will likely be doing at the time of your broadcast - will they be at work, or at home?

You may need to think about time zones too. Since I am based in the UK, if I broadcast in the morning, most of my US audience will be fast asleep.

Keep testing and you'll work out the best time for you.

#12 Be Evergreen

evergreenYour Facebook Live videos are evergreen content!

The videos will become permanent posts on your profile, page or group timeline.

You can edit your posts and add more information on what you discussed in the broadcast. This also includes mentioning other pages and profiles.

Not all viewers will see your broadcasts live. Most of the time, there will be many more viewers watching the replay.

Make the video relevant and more powerful to replay viewers as well.

#13 Don't forget comments

commentsOne of the most powerful parts of a live broadcast is the way people can interact with you.

I remember when I was a younger phoning up a radio station to request a song and being so excited when they mentioned my name live on the radio! It's the same with a Facebook Live broadcast - people love it when you mention them and interact live on air!

Keep following the comments and interact with them at the start of the broadcast.

Once you get into the flow of your main section, however, it's easy to get distracted.

Try and resist the temptation to reply to each comment as it comes in, but respond to it (if it makes sense to do so) once you've finished each point.

Once your broadcast has ended, plan in some time to respond to each comment as a text reply.

Some of my early Facebook Live broadcasts still get replies today - so remember to keep responding to them.

#14 Audio Matters

gramophoneWe tend to think video quality is everything, but actually, people can forgive bad video if the audio is excellent.

People rarely forgive bad audio quality because they won't be able to hear what you are saying!

Make sure you are in a quiet area when you broadcast.

Even better, invest in a lapel or handheld microphone for your smartphone.

There are various options, but make sure it is compatible with your smartphone. Android users in particular need to be careful because the interface can vary considerably from model to model.

An external microphone can greatly improve the audio quality of your live broadcasts.

#15 Be creative with lenses

olloclipWhy not purchase a wide angle, fisheye or speciality lens for your smartphone camera and make your live videos more interesting?

Wide angle and fisheye lenses cram more into the picture - getting more of your background into the video.

If you are an iPhone user then the Olloclip lenses are amazing (although a little pricey).

Both iOS and Android users are catered for, however, by doing a quick search on Amazon for smartphone wide angle lens.

#16 Stands and Selfie Sticks

extreme-selfieYou can make your broadcasts more professional by using a selfie stick (to create more space and stability) or a smartphone holder or stabilizer.

Using one of these devices will greatly increase the stability and quality of your videos and give you more flexibility - particularly if you are giving a behind the scenes tour.

#17 Broadcast from your computer

Broadcast Facebook LiveFinally, why not take things to the next level and start broadcasting from your computer?

You can use your webcam (and set up multiple webcams too), share your screen and desktop apps and add extra videos and music.

You can broadcast from your computer and stream in the usual way to your page, profile or group and create some professional content such as how to videos, webinars, shows, interviews and much more.

You can use paid professional software such as Ecamm Live (for Mac), StreamYard (Browser-based - PC & Mac) or Wirecast to do this. Or there is a free tool called OBS Studio.

I've produced a video course on How to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Computer using the free software OBS Studio. I cover setting up scenes, adding webcams, sharing your screen, apps and windows and a whole lot more. Find out more here.

Over to you!

There are plenty more tips and hacks I could share, and I'll add more to this post over time. But now it's over to you. What Facebook Live tips, tools and hacks do you have? Share in the comments below!


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Recording from my iPad live from Facebook the sound is choppy

Lisa Bowman

Hi, fabulous article. I’m hoping you can help with some audio issues we’re having with our Facebook live streaming at our church to our church’s “business” page through my account. We were quite successfully using : RCA to 3.5mm cord to mic/headphone to trrs male adapter to lightening adapter to iPhone for a number of weeks but one week it stopped working. I assumed it was an adapter and have since tried every adapter, cord, mixer port, called Apple, switched phones, tried it with our test Facebook group (that I set up to practice live streams), had someone else try, tried an attenuator, purchased a Scarlett Solo audio interface and STILL have had no luck. My livestream picks up only the room sounds, not wired-in audio through the lightening port. I should also say that when I test the audio through something like Instagram live, there are no problems. I’ve Googled it to death and don’t see that any changes have been made to any settings in Facebook… any suggestions?


Hi Ian,

I have been using my ear pods on my lives and sounds was good but now all of sudden it is not. It sounds like the ocean. Do you think th microphone will solve this issue?


I went live in landscape/horizontal mode on Facebook and it posted my video sideways after the program was over ☹️. Anyone knows how to fix it or why it happened because I don’t like to go live in vertical mode?

Last edited 2 years ago by Seema

When you first setup your FB live, begin with your phone vertical. After you have added title etc. then turn the phone horizontally and then go live. I have an iPhone and must rotate my phone to the left to have the picture orientation correct.


Hi, I’ve been doing Facebook live exercise classes. When I choose to post it after so people can watch it at another time, the sound is lagging behind the picture so they are out of sync. This doesn’t work well for something that needs to be in time to the music. It’s in time when it’s live, just out of sync when posted after. Any suggestions for this problem?

Theresa Avery

Hi Karen I find if this happens with my video I stop and start a couple of times and it usually fixes itself. I have the music and feet going to teach my dancers live and it’s fine and in sync but sometimes when reviewing it this happens so maybe try this. Thanks

Kate Bloodworth

My Live videos from my computer used to be great! But when they switched to the new Facebook the audio tanked and my voice is very garbled. I have heard a lot of complaints about this and yet no one seems to have an answer. I need to post weekly sermons for our online church. Same computer HP ENVY and the only thing I did not do was upgrade to the new Facebook. Any ideas?


Hello, My live videos aren’t uploading in HD quality. After I’ve done the live video, it’s showing up as 640 x 360 rather then 720. This happens both on my iPhone xr and my iMac. I have the Facebook video setting in my iPhone set to HD upload, and I also have the setting in my facebook account set to HD. iPhone camera setting is 1080p and my webcam (when using iMac), is logitech 922 which is also 1080p. Internet speed test download is 380mbps and upload is 40.92mbps. 
When I go live through the iPhone, I go directly to Facebook and when using my imac I usually go through zoom. After doing the live stream from my iPhone I always choose the HD upload option but the quality of the video is always SD when I download the video afterwards. 


i am biju varghese from kochi.I am doing the live fb telecast of our holly mass for the last 80 days. I am using vivo 19 mobile phone.But i am note satisfied with the video quality,Can you pls suggest to improve the video quality.We are using sufficient lights
biju varghese

Suzanne Jackey

Hi! We are trying to pick a background color for our live stream area at our church and wanted to know what the best color would be. We are looking at a creamy white, Navy Blue or a medium to dark Gray. I would appreciate your thoughts on this when you have a moment. Thanks so much!


Hello! I recently just started a cooking live stream! I discovered that you can livestream on Facebook AND YouTube at the same time and I would love to do that! But, what I am wondering is, if I were to do a live for both of those, would I still be able to see what people comment during the live and everything? Because if I cannot, then I am not sure what to do. I would love to put my videos on YouTube, but they are all live…


Thank you so much for replying back!! Which one would you recommend that I use for my cooking streams? I’m new to all of this live stuff and I’m trying to get better at it! I would love to live stream to both my Facebook Group AND YouTube Channel at the same time while seeing the comments my audience has on both platforms because I want to gain a bigger audience! I use my iPhone for the lives because I feel it’s easier to move with it than my Mac Laptop! I’m not really tech savvy but I learn quickly and I’m not able to pay monthly subscriptions.

Phil Dowling

Hi I use my mobile to go live but can I also use my ipad to read the comments plz


I have been having audio trouble because my camera audio is picking up the fan noise from my laptop during live streaming any suggestions?

Mercy V.

During this quarantine I’m teaching Zumba to my friends. Facebook switch me from Edge to Chrome and now to Firefox. Every time, after 30 minutes, my laptop video turns black and tells me there are video problems that never resolved, and my laptop thinks I’m not using it. Then I have to stop my class. Afterwards, my friends tell me they still can see me. I don’t know what else to do. I’m so upset. If you can give me and idea why this is happening, I will very thankful. Zumba a la Quarantine with MercyV.

Amber Lyons

Good info! Thanks for sharing. How do you get the backgrounds in Streamyard to remain stationary and not fade you in and out?


I switched over to Facebook’s new live video producer. Everything was fine for the first few times. This morning, when I tried to start the video on my MacBook Air, I got a camera error and a suggestion to use Firefox or Chrome Beta. I finally did the video from my iPhone. What’s going on?


Exactly that’s what is happening to me. Started this week. No problems before with Chrome. They made me switch to Firefox and then problems started. All I want is to get this resolved or switching my Zumba class to Zoom.


Same browser issues here, and now my FB lives are so pixelated they’re hardly watchable. Never had an issue until the new FB updates. I was hoping to get some tips on how to fix the issue!


You are not alone it is a PC, Window’s 10 problem too. Chrome says it is Facebook’s problem. I have to use my phone and the app to get it to work at all. Driving me nuts. Wish there was a fix. Have a live sale scheduled for next week and getting very nervous.

Jim Cricket

One of your tips was “Broadcast to Yourself”. Is the option “only me” still available with the new changes to Facebook Live? Or is this only an option when using a phone. I would like to practice. The only option I have found is to record live and then have it delete immediately. I am using a computer not a phone. When I went to “Live” there was no privacy option to change.
Another problem I have is a week ago the comments were on the left side of the screen. I could look at them while doing my presentation. Now they pop-up in a window right in front of me. I have to reduce them to see what I am doing. How do I get them back over to the side? As you might guess, I am just learning to use Facebook Live. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Tia Morris

Hi there, When we LIVE stream through the Facebook app on an iPhone 7 plus (on Wifi with good upload speeds) the most it will do is 360p even though all settings on phone and app are set to H :hmm: D. Do you have any idea why that would be?

Mark Brack

Our church has been using FB Live and it had been working like a charm. Just within the last few days when you flip the image to make it NOT a mirror image – it goes green and looks awful – prior to last week – no problems – any suggestions?


how i can improve audio quality whenever i ll be live on we have amplifier in temple so how could i can use that amplifier for audio quality on facebook live.plz rply

Greg Bond

I have been doing a live show from my phone on Facebook live but then went to my MacBook Air with a proper mic and setup. The problem is there is a 16 second delay from when I ask a question until someone can respond even tho they responded right away. Is there a solution to this to run a smoother show on my phone

Eric Zimmermann

Hello. I am a professional musician in Los Angeles. Recently I have been participating in Zoom Live and Facebook Live broadcasts. In addition to a lousy visual rendering very often I am disappointed that the picture is not in sync with the sound/music of a live performance. (For me, these factors defeat the whole purpose of capturing a live performance.)

Is this due to the speed of the data upload? Would a T-3 help? Is it the website or environment that is being uploaded to slowing and inhibiting a fast rendering of realtime content? Could multiple phones capturing the performance be connected to a broadcast hub?

If I knew more I could ask better questions.

I would appreciate any references you may have.

Sincerely, Eric Zimmermann


Hello: Helllllp! I also am experiencing the hissing sound on my Facebook lives from my iphone. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Facbook app. I updated and reset the settings on my iphone. No luck. Videos from my camera work fine. Instagram videos work fine. This is catastrophic for my business. Can anyone help? thanks!

Chrissa Flaks

Yes I am having the same issue. I don’t hear it on my end, but my participants do.


Same Issue here for the last week..tried all the tricks .. reached out to FB several times
No luck getting a response.


Unfortnately, using my laptop is not an option for what I need to do with my LIVEs..but I keep hoping FB resolves it for us or at least would respond. Thank you for all the tips and suggestions!

Jeri Walker

Did you get a response from Facebook? I am getting the same hissing sound. Big problem for my live feed


No I have not received any replies ?

Tracie Burns

Today, I was doing a FB Live in my private group and when some of the viewers joined, there was an option to invite them to join on camera?! Does this mean Facebook is bringing back the LIVE with friends option?
When a friend and I just tested it about 6 hours later on my group and again on hers, the option no longer showed up. Could this be because it is in beta? Both of our apps were updated and we tried both on our iPhones and on our laptops. Option never showed. Any thoughts on this that could help enlighten us? We would love to be able to do Live with Friends again!!

Facebook staff, could you help us out here?

Greg Wigle

This is a great article. Thank you. I have been LIVE streaming our church services for the past few weeks. I have had varying success with technique. I steamed the service to Facebook last week with my iPhone 8 and both the audio and video were quite good. However, this week, set up in the same space and the locations there was a very noticeable hiss blocking most of the audio. Is there a setting that you’re aware of that I may have accidentally changed?


Hi. My question…I have been invited to do a LIVE in a private Facebook group. I will do the LIVE on a laptop. I would like to set up my phone to record the video on my phone to post on my page to share with my audience later? I am not sure if I should have the phone from the same viewing direction or from another angle (side or back angle) Since I can’t look into both cameras at the same time my intention on my phone is to capture me doing the LIVE. Does that make sense? Next question…should hook the lav microphone to the phone or laptop. I would like good sound quality on both. My phone does have great sound quality. (LG G7) Thanks for your help!


Hi…great read above and some great tips thank you. My business is exercise classes aimed ad older adults – Since lockdown i have been livestreaming their classes on Facebook with great success! Until yesterday…my Facebook Livestream now has a horrible ‘hissing’ sound – like interference – which i have been unable to get rid of. I have restarted my phone, removed and reinstalled Facebook app, but no success! If i Facetime or use Whats Ap to Video call, there is no interferene, it is only Facebook……….Ia m using an Iphone 7PLus. Today, in order to broadcast to them without the hissing noise i had to borrow someone elses phone and log into my Facebook account….all was good :-)….but why does my phone do this?…..I’m so puzzled…..

Mark Bowling

Thanks for the insightful article. My wife and I have been broadcasting LIVE on FB for just over 2 weeks now using my IPhone 11 Pro.
But yesterday and today, in the middle of the broadcast, the app closed down with no warning. Then when we attempt to go back on live, it won’t allow us to continue in landscape mode. This morning, I deleted and redownloaded the app. This didn’t solve the problem.
I have not found an answer for this anywhere online. Do you have any idea?


Thanks Ian for your reply. My phone rotation lock is not enabled. Today when attempting to go LIVE it gave me the tilt phone screen message again and forced me to go live in portrait.
As far as upload speed, I obtained the Speedify app. It helped a little. But I’m researching for a internet provider with higher upload speeds.
Thanks again!


Our church is live streaming on facebook with my new iphone 11 pro max, the video goes in and out of fuzzy – why? help!?


Our church is live streaming to facebook on my new iphone 11 pro max; the video goes in and out of fuzzy! WHY? help!


I am live-streaming my church services from my house. I use my iPad. Sometimes the video lags badly( mouth and sound out of synce) how can I fix it? Someone suggested I close out all apps running in the background.


Thanks so much Ian. Yes I am using the camera on my ipad (latest generation iPad). My desktop is the only thing directly connected to the modem, but I don’t have a good camera to use with it, so using my iPad and wifi is my best bet. I will turn everything else off as you said. I live in a rural area (no fiber optics here), so someone said that our internet isn’t the best. 100mbs download and around 10mbs upload. I will look into streamyard but our people all use facebook, so I livestream that way. I might add that many of my livestreams are in sync just fine, just occassionally out of sync. Thanks again!!


Ian, tonight’s service was much better. The audio and video were in perfect sync.. I noticed though that after about twenty minutes it lagged ever so slightly. Is that because more and more people are joining the stream?


When I turn my phone sideways in horizontal mode, the picture is stretched out and zoomed in when doing Facebook live. Wasn’t like that a week ago. How can I fix this?

Sara Johnson

Have you been able to fix this? Mine is doing the same thing.


I am having the same experience. Tonight I had to do my Facebook Live music show in portrait orientation, since landscape orientation was stretched and zoomed, just as you described. Sunday night show a week ago was fine in landscape.


I’m having the same problem. So frustrating!!


Having the same problem…any solutions yet?


Having the same problem. Using iphone 11 and it was ok this morning when doing the test runs. But when it was time to go live (had changed to landscape mode before going live) picture was stretched out and zoomed just as described above.


Hi Ian, I am using an Iphone XR. The interesting thing is the image on my phone during Facebook Live is zoomed and stretched out, but the actual Facebook Live feed – viewed on my wife’s phone looks totally normal. So the view is distorted…but the video it is sending out is normal. So weird. I signed in my wife’s Facebook account on my phone, and it works perfect. As soon as I sign in on my Facebook account, the Landscape view becomes distorted.


I am having the same problem. Iphone 11..Yes, putting it in horizontal before pressing the go-live and then it records sideways. I was having no problems until about 3 weeks ago. I have just gone to using my iPad to go Live, but this is obviously an issue many of us are having.

Deborah Denenfeld

Hi Ian,
I’m using Facebook Live to stream Dance Parties for Kids during covid-19. It’s a complex set-up, with internal camera on my 2018 MacBook Air, a headset mic, music on my iphone. Those are going into a mixer and the mixer goes into my computer. The issue is video pixelation. I use wifi and my router is in another part of the house, but my wifi upload speed is 23.4 so it shouldn’t be that. Mac camera is a good one. Don’t know if I should try a webcam, a wifi extender or something else. Is there a FB setting that would help? Thanks!!

Susan Zimmer

Hi Ian,
Thanks for this! I’ve been giving hour-long Zumba classes through Facebook live since we’ve all been in lockdown. I’m using my iPad. I’m having an issue with the camera focus. Obviously, since I’m moving, the camera seems to have a hard time finding me and staying in focus. At times its clear, other times blurry. I’m not sure if it’s trying to focus on the overhead fan or on me. Any tips on what I can do to perfect this? Thank you!!


I am having the same problem with iPhone!

Susan Zimmer

Thank you! Yesterday’s class was somewhat better. I’ll keep experimenting. I wonder if the iPad is learning 🙂

Lori Bullington

Hello we are streaming live at our Church… the audio when music is playing sounds bad but when Preaching starts its ok???

Alison Russell

I am getting a regular clicking sound accompanying my live fb posts that starts up when I move from speaking to playing my instruments. Didn’t appear the first time I posted but has done subsequently every time. Using iPhone 7. It’s very distracting . Any ideas on how to stop it. Thank you

D. Siruta

We are having Zoom meetings so they are on my computer but at the same time having Facebook Live on the phone. The confidential part is taken down for Zoom. We remain on FB Live but when zoom is resumed we are supposed to get a text from admin…will that come across on FB live or how else can they notify us that zoom is back on. FB Live needs to stay running? Thanks

Judy Di Georgio

This was very helpful, thank you. Excellent information!

We did a zoom stream on facebook LIVE test run in our group, did the interview, it all turned out great! We went back to watch ourselves to do a critique. Our video was supposed to be 4:29 min/sec long, but it got cut at 4:19 m/s. Is it because of the lag time? Should I have allowed the video to ‘run’ about 10-20 extra seconds after we finished so my Goodbyes didn’t get cut? Or another reason? Thank you for your time. Judy

Jonathan Mangum

Thx for this article and the others where you’ve reviewed specific apps for streaming. Have you used FB trimming for live video? My live videos start with a countdown to allow live users to arrive. Even though I’ve “successfully” trimmed these minutes off the beginning, facebook never seems to actually process them. There are full length still. Have you had any experiences with this? Thanks.

Hugh Gordon

Wow Ian this is fantastic. Thank you thank you for all these answers and tips. During this COVID 19 lockdowns friends have asked me to play a couple of songs for them. I did this on Facebook live via my iPad. A couple of songs turned into a 45 min set with lots of friends enjoying it. My only issue was when I went to watch it back the audio was out of sync with the video by about 0.045 secs. I did another set last week and while for the first 5mins the Audio was in sync by about 10 mins in the audio and video were again out of sync. I was using the iPads internal camera and microphone. My Wi Fi upload speed is between 3Mpbs and 8Mpbs Any suggestions what I could try to keep the audio and video in sync? Thanks again Hugh

Hugh Gordon

Hi Ian thanks again for your help. Actually the upload is fairly variable. I am at home with family so I might ask them to all hop off the WiFi while I am streaming. Do you think it would make much difference if the video was at 720p HD or 1080p HD? Also wondering if it would make much difference if I got iPad Camera adapter and USB to Ethernet adapter and then ran an Ethernet cable direct from the iPad directly into my router?
At the moment I am happy enough with just the iPads internal camera and microphone. If I used my lap top I would need to organise an audio interface. ( the laptop internal mic doesn’t handle the guitar and vocals at all)

Hugh Gordon

Thanks Ian I did the 720p and ran directly into the router via the Ethernet adapter – still had issues with the audio. initially it was actually slightly ahead of the video but gradually drifted to be behind the video. On the iPad I can’t seem to adjust what bit rate the internal microphone is being recorded at. Facebook recommend sample rate 48kHz and a bit rate up to 256kbps. But I can’t see on the iPad how I can configure this for the internal microphone. I think the issue with the audio and video being out of sync is an encoding issue. Would you recommend trying to run StreamYard on my iPad. I got a bit nervous because About how much access and control I needed to agree to with StreamYard. it felt like StreamYard were asking me to give them permission to run all my video content.

Hugh Gordon

Thanks again Ian awesome information. The iPad is a relatively new ( Christmas 2019) its a recent model (7th generation) iPad it doesn’t appear to be overheating or to be struggling. I would try to use my work laptop ( fairly recent Del – Latitude 5580) but when I’ve tested it with the internal or external microphones the audio sounds terrible. The iPad camera and mic sound ok when I record straight into it. And look at it off my camera roll. The problem with the audio sync is only when it is going to the facebook live stream. I will try my sons android (Oppo ) phone this week and see if it is any better on the live stream. I noticed at the top of these comments that Paul is having issues with Audio and video sync when using his iPad to do facebook live stream for his church. Interested to see if they can find a solution there. Thanks again you are doing amazing work and helping so many people. Thanks 🙂

Abigail Noel

awesome info… ThankU Ian

Hiba A.

Hi Ian,thanks for the article. I have a question please regarding Facebook live. Can I set a timer for the comments in order to leave some time between one comment and the other in order to answer them because sometimes questions come very fast and I lose track. Thanks

Betsy Osband

I am trying to watch an exercise live event and it keeps getting interrupted. I have good internet connection so not sure why. Any suggestions on better streaming?


Ian, any suggestions for a choppy facebook live despite a hard wired connection (about 4mbps upload) and an external mic? My visuals were ok but the audio would cut out especially when I turned my head to look at a monitor… despite the new mic being positioned between the two monitors…. which the audio problem was the same last week without an external mic.

Cee Cee James

Ian!!! I have the same issue! I’m so glad I found your page. I hope you can help. I have speed of 5.96 so it should be fine but we got ALOT of audio cut out throughout the performance. I hope you can assist! We are using a MacBook Pro and just using the internal computer mic and camera. Wi-fi hooked. Here’s the live audio link:

Cee Cee James

Hey Ian.. any thoughts on what gives with this internet speed issue? I’ve heard 6mpbs is plenty but still we have the issues… any help would be so appreciated and could lead to us being a client as I need help with other things as well! 🙂


I just setup my online Tv. I started test broadcast but my video was ban by Facebook. I was playing music on my live broadcast.


Hi there
I started live streaming DJ sets on facebook and spoke to a number of DJs and the times vary on how long they last till they get booted off. My longest set was an hour and then roughly every half hour before fb ended the stream. Some DJs I know lasted 2 hours some hour and a half, why is it different? Also my router is in the hallway and I’m in the garden summer house and I tried using wi-fi connection poor and then tried Ethernet cable running from router to Mac was just as poor. The only decent connection which video was clear was using 4g using personal hotspot from my iPhone connected to the Mac


Thanks Ian yeah I can understand the whole copyrighted music thing but what baffles me is. I know loads of DJs playing copyrighted music but there sets seem to go on over an hour even 2 before the set is stopped. It’s not consistent


hey there
Thanks so much for this super easy to follow blog post about FB live. I would like to cooking classes on FB live and am wondering whether to just do it on my phone or whether to utilise one of the third party apps you have described above. I am in NZ and on limited funds so the $39US per month is too hefty. Any suggestions for what will work best? I have a MAC book Pro (2015) and I have an iPhone XS with iOS 13.3.1 No webcam or external mic and no way of getting one during this lock down.
Would love your thoughts.


Hi Ian
I’m currently running fitness classes through Facebook live and all going great apart from there being a couple of seconds delay on the music I’m playing to the moves I’m performing, is this something that can be fixed or is it just an internet speed issue that we have to put up with?


When we live stream ,we would like to have the phone horizontal but can’t because when we press send it shows up a different way on Facebook , people can’t see it the right way . We have to stream in the vertical position. How do we change that so we can stream in horizontal position?


If I set up a facebook live event for my band will it stream from the event page or the bands facebook page? Thanks!!