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The Pilot: Why this Podcast Almost Never Happened

By Ian Anderson Gray

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 1

Episode Theme: Confidence & Mindset

May 24, 2019

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The first ever episode of the Confident Live Marketing Podcast is here!

But why has it taken so long for me to launch this? Seriously, it's taken over 1 year, and in my head, around 3 years!

The Confident Live Marketing Podcast is aimed at established entrepreneurs who want to level up their impact, authority and profits through the power of live video, webinars and podcasts.

In this podcast, I share what this podcast is all about, who its aimed at and a bit about myself. And then we delve into why live video is such an amazing way to create content and about perfectionism, procrastination and imposter syndrome!


Hello, it's Ian Anderson gray here this is the first ever episode of The Confident live marketing podcast and I'm really excited, really excited because this has taken such a long time and coming and that is really what I want to talk about in this episode. This has taken at least a year probably more than it more like two or three years in my head to get to this point and I want to share some thoughts with you today I'm going to be sharing with you really what the point of this podcast is and whom I I feel my audiences and how I can help you so that's what this podcast is all about. But it's also about my procrastination and my journey to get to this point and I hope from this you can learn a lot and learn from my mistakes but also learned from my my journey so yeah, my name is Ian Anderson gray and I'm I help entrepreneurs level up their impact authority and profits using live video by

I've not been doing that for the entirety of my life. I actually trained as a musician back in the day. And I'm going to share a little bit more about my story in a little bit. But first, before I do that, I just wanted to thank you so much for listening to this. Or if you're watching us live on either LinkedIn or Facebook, or watching the replay. That's awesome. I really don't take you for granted. I'm so excited that you're here. spending your time with me. So what is this show about and why is it a podcast? Well, I've written some notes here and there as part of this is really my plan and I gotta read out part of my plan. I wrote this probably about a year ago. It's taken all this time. So the confident live marketing podcast of the show, is aimed at established entrepreneurs who want to level up their impact authority and profits through the power of live video, but it could also be through webinars, podcasts or public

speaking, I think the key here is the word confidence. So we're going to focus on knocking down the three main barriers that I feel entrepreneurs face when creating live video content. And I'll talk a little bit more about those three themes that we're going to talk about in the show. So some of the shows like this one are going to be solo shows, it's just going to be me sharing my, my thoughts with you. But some of them I also bring in some guests. I've got some fabulous guests lined up and I can't wait to share those with you. Now. The word authenticity is used so much. I think it's kind of overused. But I want this show to be really authentic. I aim to be the real me in this. And I suppose the key word here is I aim to be vulnerable. I'm not gonna just be sharing the successes. I'm also going to be sharing the times when things haven't gone so well. And

Actually, this is really me sharing my live video journey, I was procrastinating. Because one of the things I was procrastinating about was because I didn't necessarily have all the gear that I wanted to. But we're going to start with what I've got. So over time, over the months and years that I do this podcast, hopefully you'll be able to notice the difference as I develop my skills and my confidence with podcasting and live video and I hope to encourage you with that too. So vulnerability is going to be really important but also, one of my big things. One of the reasons I think I've been put on this earth to do is encouragement. I really feel so many of us need encouragement were knocked down as an entrepreneur and yes, we need to be told how to do things from time to time. We need to maybe get a kick up the backside from time, but we also need encouragement. So the live these podcasts recorded

are also going to be broadcast live. So in a way, this is a live broadcast of a podcast recording. So I'm broadcasting this on Facebook and LinkedIn live at the same time and I will get back to any comments at the end of it. But this is primarily to you listening at home or wherever you are to the podcast. So who am I aiming this for? Now, I could be completely wrong here. But one of the things I've been really thinking about who is my avatar? I don't like that word. But who is my my audience, my perfect audience. And I've been thinking about that a lot. I've I'm aiming this really for established entrepreneurs, people who are have been around in the in the online space, particularly, they may have dabbled in live video, they may have done a lot of live video, but they're wanting to improve things. So they've got an online based business. And as I mentioned before, I mean, I'll say this a lot. They want to level up their impacts and authority using live video, but that's

Struggling with getting in front of the camera, there's something stopping them. Or maybe it's the gear or the technology that's that's what's stopping them or with the content, what on earth do they say and maybe the marketing. Now in terms of my demographics, I'm going to be, I would love to see what's going to happen here. I, I think it's going to be mainly people from the UK and the US. But I do believe there'll be people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of Europe. But it'd be amazing if there were people from the rest of the world listening to this podcast, and now it's aimed at both men and women of all ages, but I I do have a suspicion that it's going to be I don't like putting people into pigeon holes here. But I do think that generation X's Generation X and maybe baby boomers are going to be makeup, the prime part of my audience what we'll see but of course millennials and the younger people are more than welcome. It's I'd love to have people from from all

generations, that'd be great. So now the thing is, why on earth? Am I focusing on a podcast? When it's all about live video? Yes, I'm live streaming this. And that's that's definitely deliberate because I need to be showing and demonstrating the power of live video. But I think actually my target audience they they do like to consume podcasting. So if you are watching live just, Ted, tell me in the comments, what is your preferred method of consumption of content? Is it live video, podcast or bit of both? I'd be really interested in that. So this quite deliberate that the podcast is definitely the main part, the main format here or the main, what's the word I'm looking for? Anyway, the main medium, medium is the word but I am also live streaming this and I want to get some audience participation and interaction as well. So that's really exciting. And also, podcasting is just a really lovely format.

Something that I've been doing. I consume a lot of podcast content. And actually, I did have a podcast many years ago, when I was just starting out on this space. It doesn't exist anymore. But it was called the Yeah, it was called seriously social news, the seriously social news podcast. I wanted to share a little bit about why I stopped that because I think that's important, as I really explained why I think live video is such a powerful platform. Now with the seriously social news podcast. The idea was it was going to be a short 10 minute podcast every week, sharing what is new in the world of social media and technology. It was 10 minutes, but I kid you not it took me like a whole day to create this to to record it. And I recall had to record it multiple times because I kept on stuttering over my words. And I was suffering from perfectionism and I had to do a lot of research. It was just me

editing it, putting it onto I was using SoundCloud at the time and then putting it onto iTunes. It took me at least a day out of my time every single week I couldn't batch record it. And of course, the other downside with it was that each episode basically got out of date within a day or two. And so there was none of that evergreen content. So why live video? Why do I want to talk about live video? Well, live video is a quick and easy way of creating content and is not about being perfect. It is actually about being real and authentic, all those those words I was talking about before. So it's a quick and easy way of creating that content. Yes, you need to plan but once you press that start broadcast button, you can create that content very easily. Once you press the end broadcast button, you don't have to worry about editing. But of course you've then got the potential amazing potential to repurpose that all these other pieces of content this

pieces of a piece of cotton speak whole those other platforms out there such as LinkedIn, and Facebook and Instagram stories. So it's all really exciting. stuff. Definitely. So what next? And so I mentioned a summary of the podcast, my audience, my promise, what is my promise? So I,

my promise, and I want you to pick me up on this because this is my aim of this podcast is that this is going to be a challenging podcast, and encouraging one. Also a bit of fun. I want to have a bit of fun with this. So whether you get all with my sense of humor, I don't know. We'll see how it's also going to be practical tips as well. Now I believe this is going to be a my aim really is that this is a holistic approach. And although the focus will be on live video, webinars and podcast content, will also be looking at leveling up all areas of your life because my my goal is not just the content is also

to level up other areas of your life it could be your not just your business but your personal life How can you spend more time with your family and your loved ones, as well as as your business. But I also a My aim is for this as well as to be fun, but it's a no fluff podcast and I want to avoid any pseudo science or I don't like this word, but we will stuff it I wanted to be practical and to allow you to break down those barriers of, of confidence, self confidence and in front of the camera, but the tech and with the content. And I do want to share some care case studies and some actionable tips on how you can achieve your goal. Now this is not about being perfect. I'm going to be sharing my journey with the UPS as well as the downs and I do want to be as transparent as possible. So why am I doing this? Well, part of it is I need to be doing this. I mean I am seen by many as the go to Facebook Live or live video confidence experts. So I know

need to be doing this on a more regular basis. Anyway, I want. So this is really to increase my brand awareness, I want to be able to promote my products, I want to ultimately I want my my goal is to encourage you, encourage you to be able to go live and to, to not stay where you are, I want you to push forward and encourage you in that. And I also want to build relationships with guests that I have on the show, and also some sponsors. So we've got some exciting sponsors that are gonna be sponsoring this show, which is really, really exciting. So I think that is that's basically all about the podcast, and that's really exciting. But maybe I'll share a little bit about me so I said before that I trained as a musician when I was at school, I really struggled between knowing what to do I suppose I struggled with my identity and I wasn't sure whether to go down the science roots because I love to

Science, I still love science or the technology or do I go down the performance roots. My mom was an opera singer. So there's definitely some music in the family. But I, when it came to choosing where I was going to go, I ended up going to university to do music. And and then I went to the Ron open College of Music here in Manchester in the UK to train as a professional classical singer. Shortly after I left, I set up a web agency with my dad and I was very much involved with, with technology and building websites. And so it seemed a good idea to build websites for my fellow musicians skip forward quite a few years and I wanted to create a blog. So I created the blog with my with my initials, I And that really changed everything for me. I started writing blog posts about social media and technology which really interested me. And it ended up being asked to speak at conferences, particularly as that the big one for me was a conference in Manchester

called the big social media conference. And we had some amazing people like Mary Smith and Melanie Todaro, come to that. And it was also where I met my partner in crime. Julia Bramble there. And that was amazing. And that same year, I think I've got this right. Or it could be the year after I have to check my dates. I was asked to speak at Social Media Marketing World for the first time, which is the biggest social media conference in the world that change everything again for me, but I did really suffer with imposter syndrome. And we're going to do a whole episode on imposter syndrome in the future. But a lot of people believed in me at the time, I didn't believe in myself, but people believed in me, and that kept me going and going and going until the next thing that happened, which was three years ago. Everyone seems to have access to Facebook Live, but I didn't. So I ended up doing some research and I wrote an article on how to broadcast a Facebook Live from your computer. And that article has over 5 million page views. Since that

It allowed me to launch my first course. And I'm now speaking around the world about live video. But it was the most important thing really here was an epiphany moment for me, which is where I felt suddenly that all those little parts of my life a converged into this new sub brand confident live. Because I has that background and performance, that background in teaching. I've been teaching singing and and other types of things over the years. And also my love of technology and all of them merge with confident live, and also my wanting to help people build their confidence and get through those barriers that are holding them back. So that's a little bit about me. I'll be sharing some more about my story. Over the coming few weeks and episodes. I mentioned the three barriers to live video, and they are actually our three themes for this podcast and every episode will be focused on why

or more of these themes. So what are these themes? The first one is camera confidence, mindset, and presentation. So I've come up with some key words for this just to give you an idea of the kind of things we're going to cover in some of these episodes. So it can be mindsets, Authenticity, just being human encouragement, transparency, talking about our flaws and showing our flaws. Not the flaws that you stand on, by the way, your flaws in terms of the way you you work and your personality, psychology, your gifts and strengths, vulnerability, there's that word again. We're going to also talk about your posture, how you stand and how that can really help you in terms of your presentation, communication, diction, your facial expression, and then coming on to storytelling, vocal and physical warm up microphone technique, vocal energy vocal health, Alexander Technique palazzi, yoga, fear, confidence and

Finally, your entrepreneurial journey.

And the second theme is to do with the technology and the gear and really helping your confidence with that. What do you actually need to go live or in your marketing, the marketing tools, the technology around that. So this is to do with audio video, trying to focus on keeping it simple, but also leveling things up. And bootstrapping your live video studio will focus on mobile gear, the tools, audio mixers, microphones, pre processing webcams, cameras, lighting backgrounds, and marketing tools. But my goal here is to keep things simple and easy to understand. But we will, in some episodes be going a little bit deeper, and a bit more techie, but I'm going to try and give keep a good balance there. And then the final one is the content marketing, confidence that content, the actual content, and the marketing behind things but also a little bit broader in terms of running

Your business. So this is to do a strategy live video strategy marketing, promotion, social media. We're talking about the the best live video live show structure, amplification of your brand repurposing, selling profits, entrepreneurship, money and business. So there's a bit of a bit of a crossover there between one and three there. So

why did it take such a long time for me to get around to doing this? Why this podcast almost never happened. And it is true. I came up with the idea about a year ago, I was speaking with my friends, Mike and Isabella and asking them if they could help me with the music at the beginning of the podcast. I've just checked the emails. It was it was about a year ago, and I've been talking with them for ages and I hope you agree. They did an amazing job with the intro music. So part of the issue is for me, procrastination. But if we dig a little bit deeper in that, I wonder what

You suffer from procrastination. But part of that is maybe if I'm being totally honest, I lack of self confidence and the ability that I have to compare myself with others and overcomplicate over complication, and a bit of imposter syndrome, all of those mixed together. And so I wonder whether you suffer from those things because those things have been holding me back, not believing in the gifts that I have to share with the world. When it comes to live video. The thing that's kept me going is the knowledge that my friends out there have believed in me. And that has kept me going that is why I'm here today and I encourage you, if you are not in a mastermind group, if you do not have people around you who aren't the encourages, you need to find those people because otherwise you may not be fulfilling your full potential. So those traits the comparison syndrome over complication, imposter syndrome.

All what I call live video syndromes, they are things that we can all suffer from. And they can all hold us back. But I want to put those behind the and create content that is really going to help you move forward in your business. And I want to share my journey, I want to share the things that I get wrong as well as the things that I get, right. And one of the reasons why I didn't go live was because I was worried about my background and about my webcam. I'm actually using a C 920 webcam for this, which is not not the most amazing one, but it's a pretty good camera for people starting out but I was wanting to take things to the next level and get a really, really nice camera for that. But then I started to think to myself, the more I procrastinate about this and start looking at the technology, the more I let people wait and I need to start sharing my message with my audience. So I think that's the

it for this episode. I hope you've enjoyed that. I hope you will stick around for the next few episodes and beyond and do get in touch. One thing I've been talking a lot about in this episode is encouragement. I want to encourage you, but I hope that you can encourage me and get in touch my email address is Ian at I But you can find me on my website, I or just follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, wherever you want. And I'd love to hear from you. I really would. So I thank you so much for listening into this podcast, and I'll see you next time. Bye. Thanks for listening to the confident live marketing podcast with Ian Anderson gray.

Be sure to join the community at i a where you can continue to level of your impact authority and profits through the power of live video and until next time, too low.

You I've done it you're gonna have to lie down that but first I really need to lay in you and I still recording Hello. Well at least something authentic you could say that I suppose

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