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How to Use Live Video to Create FOMO

By Ian Anderson Gray

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode Theme: Content & Marketing

October 25, 2019

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I just can't wait to have my good friend May King Tsang on the show to talk about how you can use video and live video to make people want to come to your workshop, conference or festival. She's the Queen of generating FOMO - the Fear of Missing Out.

We've talked a lot about Fear being a negative thing. So is the Fear in FOMO ok? And how can live video encourage people to come to your event?

How to Use Live Video to Create FOMO

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Amanda Brown

I really enjoyed this episode with May King. She has identified a niche where live video is of real benefit to event organisers. Delegates will benefit from her capturing the event while they concentrate on the speakers, the speakers will benefit from having their content shared in real across social media and the organisers will showcase their ability to put on a show. It’s a triple whammy in my book. Ian and May KIng have a real rapport which shines throughout the interview.
(PS: I loved the intro with the small people!)