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Turn Your Live Shows into a Repurposing Powerhouse with Descript

By Ian Anderson Gray

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 117

Episode Theme: Content & Marketing

July 16, 2021

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Do you forget about your live show once it’s finished?

You’ve put all of this effort into creating an amazing show, and so many people think this is the end of the road. But, now it’s time to make sure that you get that show and the content within it in front of as many people as possible.

As a live show creator, repurposing your show is a crucial part of increasing your engagement and growing your brand.

As a live show creator, repurposing your show is a crucial part of increasing your engagement and growing your brand.Click To Tweet

And luckily there is an abundance of tools to help you repurpose your live show easily.

In this article, I’m looking at how you can turn your live shows into a repurposing powerhouse using one of my favourite tools called Descript.

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What You’ll Learn

[8:45] What Is Descript?
[11:16] The Descript Pricing Plans
[12:34] How To Use Descript
[28:02] How To Use Overdub on Descript

What Is Descript?
Listen at [17:06]

Descript is really difficult to describe and put in a box, as there are so many different elements to it. It’s really great, as it combines the functionality of many different tools into one, and makes repurposing or editing a breeze.

Essentially it’s an app that you download to your Mac or PC, and it’s part video editing tool, part audio editing tool and also a content repurposing tool.

You can use it with any recording tool, as long as it has the ability to save high-quality video and audio files. If you download from Facebook or YouTube it will work but it won’t be as high quality so that is something to consider.

Descript forms one of the central parts of my toolbox, alongside Restream, Agorapulse and Ecamm live.

Descript forms one of the central parts of my toolbox, alongside Restream, Agorapulse and Ecamm live.Click To Tweet

It means that I can easily repurpose my live show without it taking up too much of my time, and this gives me content that I can sprinkle all over different social media channels and email lists to boost engagement.

You can check out my gear guide here.

The Descript Pricing Plans
Listen at [22:08]

There are a few different pricing options with Descript, which makes it a pretty flexible tool.

There is actually a free plan, which is great and allows you to record, edit and mix one project and it allows up to three hours of transcription in total. So, it is a bit of a restrictive plan.

If you fancy upgrading, you can get paid plans that are not too expensive.

The creator plan is the equivalent of $12 per month if you pay annually (which is $144 per year). If you would rather pay monthly, then it is $15/month. This gives you unlimited projects, unlimited screen recordings, 10 hours of transcription per month, timeline exports and a few other things.

Finally, the pro plan works out at $30/month if you buy it annually. You get everything you get with the other pricing levels, plus you get something called overdub (which I’ll explain more about later), as well as a number of other features like filler words, and pro audiograms.

Find out more about the Descript pricing here.

How To Use Descript
Listen at [24:44]

Descript helps me transcribe audio easily, I just drag and drop my video or audio into the editor and it prompts me to transcribe the audio into text.

You can choose for this to be done by a real human in a similar fashion to, which will cost you around $1.25 per minute. Alternatively, you can use the electronic version which isn’t perfect, might require some editing, but it does a pretty good job.

What’s really amazing about this is that you can edit the video or the audio just by editing the word in the transcript. This allows you to remove filler words or clips via the transcription which is pretty amazing. We’re all guilty of saying ‘ah’ or ‘em’ a little too much, and this tool allows you to easily remove them.

This transcript can be downloaded in multiple formats and can be turned into a blog, or captions to be embedded in a YouTube or social media video for accessibility or for people who just don’t want to listen.

You can also remove the audio alone and upload it to a platform such as Captivate to turn your live show into an audio-only podcast.

Another thing that you can do is highlight sections from your live show to create video snippets and audiograms from the original content. This can then be exported and shared on YouTube or social media.

So, as you can see, from Descript I am able to create a number of different pieces of content from just one live show including:

  • A podcast
  • A blog
  • Audiograms
  • Video snippets

And all of it can be done fairly easily, with minimum effort and time, yet it can have a huge impact on your business and engagement.

How To Use Overdub on Descript
Listen at [55:40]

Overdub is not something that I’ve played about with too much, however, it is available on the paid plans and is really handy, especially if you tend to get mixed up or make mistakes and don’t want to re-record.

Overdub essentially allows you to ‘train’ Descript to mimic your voice, and so it can be used to replace or change words if you have misspoken.

When I am podcasting I usually accept that there might be a couple of mistakes here and there, which is fine. However, it's something that’s really handy to make your audio sound really sleek and professional.

So let me know what you think of Descript, and if you’ve thought of using it. I’d love to know.

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Turn Your Live Shows into a Repurposing Powerhouse with Descript

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