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The Top Mindset Qualities That You Need For A Confident Live Show…

By Ian Anderson Gray

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 107

Episode Theme: Confidence & Mindset

May 7, 2021

CLMP #107 Blog

Are you dabbling in live shows, but struggling with your confidence?

Worried that you aren’t in the right mindset to really grow your live stream?

In this article, you’ll learn about the top mindset qualities that you need to possess in order to be confident during a live show.

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What You’ll Learn

[14:08] #1 Work out Your Key Strengths
[16:22] #2 Track Your Progress
[18:06] #3 Growth Mindset
[21:26] #4 What’s Holding You Back?
[22:05] #5 Have a Serving Mindset
[23:03] #6 Create a Killer Process
[26:07] #7 Find Your ‘Zone of Genius’
[29:39] #8 Increase Your Resilience
[33:02] #9 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
[37:45] #10 Create a Truthful View of Yourself
[38:51] #11 Put Your Audience First
[39:43] #12 It’s a Marathon Not A Sprint

#1 Work out Your Key Strengths
Listen at [14:08]

I think that working out what your key strengths are is a really important first step in building your confidence.

Years ago I went on a leadership course where I had to define my strengths. And, I really struggled.

So I bought a book called StrengthsFinder by Tom Rath, which I really recommend. Plus, when you buy the book you get access to an assessment, which will help you outline your top five strengths.

One of my strengths was being adaptable, so being a coach, consultant and working for myself really aligns with what I’m good at. This helped validate and affirm my life choices.

Once you know what your strengths are, you can focus on them.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath
StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Top tip: I recommend that you create a truth document. This is a document that outlines all your strengths, and all the things you know to be true about yourself. When those negative thoughts creep into your head, you can stop them from bolstering the false image you have about yourself by referring to this document.

#2 Track Your Progress
Listen at [16:22]

It’s really easy to forget how much you have progressed and forget what things you’ve done really well in the past. Especially when things go wrong, it can be easy to forget that you’ve been successful in the past.

Plus, you might have forgotten what went wrong, and what you’ve learned from those experiences.


Top tip: So as well as that truth document, I recommend that you keep a live video journal (or some form of a journal) to help you remember what worked and what you learnt from. Every time you go live write down the date and then three things that you did really well, and three things that you could have done better and can learn from.

Each week you can go back over those and see how you progress over the months and years that you’ve gone live.

I think that is a really vital thing and it’s really helped me focus both on the positive progress and the essential learnings that happen during lives.

#3 Growth Mindset
Listen at [18:06]

It's an overused phrase, but having a growth mindset is really important.

It’s the opposite of what’s called the poverty mindset. With a poverty mindset, you think that everything is going to go wrong, that you don’t deserve success, and that everyone else is more deserving of success. In essence, you compare yourself negatively with others.

In comparison, a growth mindset is knowing that you can grow. Yes, you might need some help, but you’ve got the skills to reach your goals. You are aware of your flaws, however, you know that with help from people, tools, or training, you can develop and grow.

That growth mindset is absolutely vital for live shows, and for me, a big part of achieving this mindset was by overcoming my perfectionism. This was a real struggle for me as I try to make everything perfect.

The Confident Live Video Mindsets
The Confident Live Video Mindsets

A growth mindset is absolutely vital for live shows, and for me, a big part of achieving this mindset was by overcoming my perfectionism.Click To Tweet

Live video is a great antidote to perfectionism because the thing is it's never going to be perfect, no matter how hard you try, and it’s this authenticity that people love.

I always say going live and being 50% perfect is much better than being 100% perfect but never pressing the live button.

And if you haven’t had any video disasters, you haven’t gone live enough.

#4 What's Holding You Back?
Listen at [21:26]

What is it that is holding you back from going live?

Is it tech issues?

Are you worried that not enough people will watch?

First things first, you need to figure out what it is that is holding you back. If you don’t know then you won’t be able to do anything about it. And once you know what’s stopping you, you can take steps to solve it.

#5 Have a Serving Mindset
Listen at [22:05]

We’ve talked about a growth mindset, and now I’m going to talk about something that almost feels contradictory, and that’s the serving mindset.

When it comes to live shows, you are not just in this for yourself (at least I hope you are not).

You should be going live to serve others, to provide them with some value.

I love what I do, and yes, I also want to run a profitable business that supports my family and my lifestyle. In fact, I’d argue that creating a profitable business is essential in order to allow you to continue to help people.

However, there are easier jobs out there that I could do. The reason I continue to do this is that I want to help others, serve my audience and help them transform their lives. It gets me up in the morning.

So, you need to stop thinking about yourself and your business, and start thinking about why you are going live.

If you don't know the answers to these then you've got a real business problem and that will cause a strategy problem.

#6 Create a Killer Process
Listen at [23:03]

In order to go live successfully and confidently, you need to have your organisation down to a tee.

This is something I’ve really struggled with, but I’ve brought assistants and mentors on board to help me with this. This has helped me become much more organised and allowed me to put together a process for all aspects of my business.

My aim is to be doing that in all aspects of my business. I now plan all my processes in documents and have a planning document for my live shows so that I have a pre-prepared structure for what I’m talking about.

#7 Find Your ‘Zone of Genius’
Listen at [26:07]

So, we’ve already discussed why discovering your strengths is important, but now let’s look at your zone of genius.

I really recommend a book called The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. It promotes this idea that we live and work in different zones.

Zone of Incompetence
The zone that many of us work in is the zone of incompetence. This is stuff that you are working on that you’re not really great at. So for me, that would be accounts and book-keeping, which I’m just awful at. These are the tasks that suck the energy out of you and that you should try and outsource.

Zone of Competence
This is the zone that many of us work in. It’s stuff that we can do, but there are plenty of people out there who do it better than us. It’s not a zone we should really be working in a lot.

Zone of Excellence
This zone is a little bit rarer. This is the stuff that you are really good at, stuff that you love doing, and stuff that you should be focussing on.

Zone of Genius
And then there is a final zone, and very rare' This is the stuff you work on that doesn’t feel like work. It’s stuff that you could do in your sleep, and just love doing. It's the zone that you are uniquely gifted to do. And it’s something that you should focus on.

So, you should work out what your zone of genius is, and by using your strengths finder I think you’ll find it a lot easier to work this out.

The 4 Zones from The Big Leap
The 4 Zones from The Big Leap

#8 Increase Your Resiliance
Listen at [29:39]

I think resilience is a strength or quality that a lot of people need to work on, and one I know I certainly need to work on. I used to struggle with resiliance when things went wrong and I’d just want to give up.

But resilience is so important because it's the quality that allows you to pick yourself up off the floor, dust yourself down and you learn from bad experiences and keep going.

It's absolutely vital for entrepreneurs.

Have you ever watched a baby learn to walk?

It takes them hundreds of tries before they stay on their feet but they keep going. Yet, for some reason when we are adults we just give up so easily. And as adults, we need to relearn that resilience so we can learn from our mistakes.

And remember, going live is not about being perfect, it’s about being real. If you make mistakes that’s okay, people will value you for your authenticity.

So, resilience is of vital importance when it comes to live shows. If things go wrong, pick yourself up and keep going.

#9 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others...
Listen at [33:02]

Now, this is difficult, and it’s been a huge problem for me until recently.

They say comparison is the thief of joy. But with a simple tweak, I do think that it can be used to motivate and inspire.

If you look at other business owners and entrepreneurs in the same space as you and think: “Wow, that’s amazing. I love what they do. I wonder if I could incorporate some of that it’s really inspired me.”

Then that’s great, use that comparison to motivate and inspire yourself to work harder and do better. That is a positive use of comparison and can be used to help you progress.

Two girls looking each other angry
Don't compare yourself to others!

However, if you are looking at what other people do in a jealous way, and allowing it to influence your self-perception negatively then that’s not good. That will eat you up and cause you major problems.

And it’s especially important not to compare your beginning to someone’s middle or end. You might be on your first-ever live, and they are on their 100th, comparing yourself to them is not productive nor is it a fair comparison.

Plus, there is a place for everyone in the world of live. Everyone has different personalities and they are going to attract different types of people that you. So just be yourself, and stop comparing yourself to other people.

If you constantly compare yourself to others it is going to be very difficult to hit the button and go live.

#10 Create a Truthful View of Yourself
Listen at [37:45]

We’ve already touched on identifying your strengths, and this is really important in allowing you to identify and appreciate what you are good at. But it also allows you to portray a truthful version of yourself to you.

It’s really easy to negatively view oneself, and usually, that view is a complete lie. We build up this picture that’s completely false and this acts as a barrier in our lives.

Top tip: That’s why that truth document that I mentioned earlier is so important. Read this document on a regular basis, ideally every single day, to help combat that 

#11 Put Your Audience First
Listen at [38:51]

I know it might seem that your business is all about you, but it’s really important to remember that it’s not. Your audience is the most important thing, and everything you do should be in service of them.

Putting your audience first helps you when you start to get too obsessed about little things or worry about how you look or sound. Focus on creating value, and serving your audience - these are the most important things.


#12 It’s a Marathon Not A Sprint
Listen at [39:43]

No one expects you to become an expert overnight.

Creating great live shows, in which you are confident and delivering value, will take time.

And, contrary to what you may think, you’ve got time, so don’t get too stressed out!

Going back to that resilience thing, remember that good things take time.

So be ready to be in it for the long haul. When things get tough pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going!


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