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Studio Setups: Behind the Scenes with Nanna Sondrup

By Ian Anderson Gray with Nanna Sondrup

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 216

Duration: 33 minutes 32 seconds

Episode Theme: Tech & Gear

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April 10, 2024


Ever felt overwhelmed by the plethora of live video gear options?

In this episode, we're thrilled to explore the ins and outs of studio setups with Nanna Sondrup, the Danish LinkedIn content queen known for her 'Give First' strategy in content creation. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your live video setup, Nanna's insights and personal gear choices offer a wealth of inspiration.

This episode is here to clear the fog! We're taking a behind-the-scenes look at Nanna Sondrup's studio setup. Known for her practical and impactful approach to content, Nanna shows us that a successful setup isn't about the most expensive gear, but about what works for you and your brand.

Episode Summary

  • [0:59] Meet Nanna Sondrup, the Danish LinkedIn Content Queen.
  • [1:14] Discover the effectiveness of the ‘Give First’ Strategy in engaging your audience.
  • [5:23] How Nanna overcame camera shyness to confidently embrace video content.
  • [7:42] An in-depth look at the gear making Nanna’s content creation seamless and authentic.
  • [22:16] The significance of creating a studio space that inspires productivity and reflects your personality.
  • [29:36] Quickfire round: Nanna’s preferences on tech and personal insights.
  • [31:21] Closing thoughts: How to connect with Nanna and leverage her studio strategies for your own success.

Nanna Sondrup’s Studio Gear List:

  • Microphone: Nanna uses the Saramonic Blink 500, a compact, wireless lapel mic that allows for freedom of movement without compromising sound quality.
  • Main Camera (including Lens): The Logitech C922 HD Pro Stream Webcam Computer: The powerhouse behind Nanna’s content creation is the ROG Strix GL10CS_GL10CS, a gaming PC that seamlessly handles both her gaming passion and the demands of live streaming.
  • Lights: Halo14 on an MKCOMPACTACN-BK tripod
  • Desk: An height-adjustable table

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About Nanna Sondrup

Danish LinkedIn content queen known for her 'Give First' strategy in content creation


[0:00] Welcome to the Confident Live Marketing Podcast with Ian Anderson Gray. Helping you level up your impact, authority, and profits through the power of confident live video. Optimize your mindset and communication. And increase your confidence in front of the camera. Get confident with the tech and gear. And get confident with the content and marketing. Together, we can go live!

[0:30] Ian: Hello and welcome to episode 216 of the Confident Live marketing podcast. My name is Ian Anderson Gray. I'm your host. And in this series, we are delving deep, going behind the scenes of my special guest’s studio setups to help you with your confidence with the tech, because you don't always have to make it complicated.

[0:52] You could make it super simple because it's all about the content getting in front of the camera. And sharing your expertise your knowledge. I'm very excited today because my special guest is we actually only met a few weeks ago in Birmingham at LinkedIn conference. And she is amazing. We hit it off really well.

Ian Anderson Gray

Ian is the founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy and is the host of the Confident Live Marketing Podcast. He helps entrepreneurs to level up their impact, authority and profits by using live video confidently. He's founder of Seriously Social - a blog focused on live video and social media tools. He’s an international speaker, trainer, teacher and consultant. He has a passion for making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK.