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Studio Setups: Behind the Scenes with Jeff Sieh

By Ian Anderson Gray with Jeff Sieh

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 217

Duration: 28 minutes 9 seconds

Episode Theme: Tech & Gear

Full Transcript

May 8, 2024


Are you curious about what goes into a professional live video studio setup? Want to know how you can leverage simple tools for high-quality production? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to personalize your creative space to boost productivity? Join me, in this behind-the-scenes episode with visual marketing expert Jeff Sieh.

In This Episode:

  • [0:00] Welcome to the Confident Live Marketing Podcast!
  • [0:35] Behind the Scenes with Jeff Sieh: Visual Marketing Expert
  • [1:50] Jeff Sieh’s Journey: From Flash Websites to Social Media Guru
  • [3:54] Exploring Jeff’s Unique Live Video Studio Setup
  • [5:44] Diving Into the Gear: Audio and Microphone Choices
  • [8:58] The Evolution of Video: Cameras and Lighting
  • [12:09] Jeff’s High-Performance Computing Setup for Live Streaming
  • [13:57] Innovative Camera Techniques and Software for Dynamic Shots
  • [15:30] Diving Into Stream Decks and Teleprompters
  • [17:22] Exploring Essential Software for Content Creation
  • [19:13] Personalizing the Creative Space
  • [23:00] Rapid Fire Round: Solo vs. Guests and More
  • [26:16] Final Thoughts and Where to Find More

Jeff’s Studio Gear:

Shure // Microphones

Shure MV7 Microphone

The popular USB and XLR mic from Shure.

Elgato // Lights

Elgato Key Light

A professional studio LED panel with 2800 lumens, fully adjustable color temperature. It connects via Wi-Fi for precise, app-enabled control, making it ideal for streamers and video creators.


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About Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh is an international speaker and visual marketing consultant known for his engaging and informative content. As the host of the Social Media News Live show and podcast and "Head Beard" at Manly Pinterest Tips, Jeff has honed his skills in creating dynamic visual content. His collaborations with industry giants like Guy Kawasaki, Kim Garst, Social Media Examiner, and Tailwind have made him a respected figure in the digital marketing world.


[0:00] Welcome to the Confident Live Marketing Podcast with Ian Anderson Gray. Helping you level up your impact, authority, and profits through the power of confident live video. Optimize your mindset and communication. And increase your confidence in front of the camera. Get confident with the tech and gear. And get confident with the content and marketing. Together, we can go live!

[0:24] Ian: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the confident live marketing podcast. I'm Ian Anderson Gray. And in this episode, we are doing another behind the scenes going behind the scenes, looking at a studio set up of an amazing guest. I'm excited because I've got a really good friend of mine on as my guest today.

[0:49] It's Jeff Sieh and Jeff is an international speaker and a visual marketing consultant. He hosts the social media news live show and podcast, and he's also head beard at manly Pinterest tips. Jeff has worked with and produced a wide range of content for various companies, including Guy Kawasaki, Kim Garst, social media examiner, and Tailwind.

Ian Anderson Gray

Ian is the founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy and is the host of the Confident Live Marketing Podcast. He helps entrepreneurs to level up their impact, authority and profits by using live video confidently. He's founder of Seriously Social - a blog focused on live video and social media tools. He’s an international speaker, trainer, teacher and consultant. He has a passion for making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK.