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100th Episode Mega Bumper Edition!

By Ian Anderson Gray

Confident Live Marketing Podcast

Episode 100

Episode Theme:

March 19, 2021

100th Show Blog post

This is the 100th episode of Confident Live Marketing Podcast Show!

It's a 3-hour bumper episode bringing together awesome people from the live streaming and marketing world and people who have supported me over the past 100 episodes.

Everyone will be sharing their top marketing and live streaming tips.

Top Live Video Tips

Part 1:

[7:58] Sacha Liddiard’s top live video tip
[14:47] Natalie Hailey’s top live video tip
[23:42] Mark Asquith’s top live video tip

Part 2:

[45:50] Rob Balasabas’ top live video tip
[47:41] Janet Murray’s top live video tip
[49:25] Kelly Baader’s top live video tip
[50:44] Amy Wood’s top live video tip

Part 3:

[1:31] Katie Fawkes’ top live video tip

Part 4:

[1:56] Jeff Sieh’s top live video tip
[1:58] Mike Alton’s top live video tip
[2:07] Mike Russell’s top live video tip

Part 5:

[2:14] Annette McDonald’s top live video tip
[2:34] Joanne Sweeney’s top live video tip
[2:35] Peter Gartland’s top live video tip

Part 6:

[2:51] Amanda Webb’s top live video tip
[2:53] Michelle Levitt’s top live video tip

Sascha Liddiard’s top live video tip...
Listen at [15:32]

One thing I talk about a lot is promoting your live show. People need to know that you are going live or else they won’t know where and when to join you. And this is something that Sascha agrees on.

"There's no point getting a live show, ready to go. If you haven't promoted it well ahead of time."

Share it yourself, get other people to share it if you can. If you want your live videos to be successful and have a lot of interaction then you need to schedule some posts to let people know about them.

Natalie Hailey’s top live video tip…
Listen at [29:10]

Natalie runs Hot Content, and they repurpose content by turning lives, videos and podcasts into stand-alone blogs. This allows people to consume the content in a way that suits their lifestyle. Even if they miss a live show, they can catch up, and find out everything they need to know in context from a blog.

Being able to do this successfully comes down to the planning and structure of the live show. In the same way that a non-live YouTube video needs to follow a structure, so does a live show.

"Obviously there are variations depending on how the interview goes. If you do an interview show different things that get brought up by the guests, but in general, there's a set format. And that really makes it makes it so much easier when you come to repurpose things"

Mark Asquith’s top live video tip…
Listen at [47:00]

Mark is also a big fan of structure and thinks that you should try and brand your segments. Not only does this help to give you show structure, but it creates something memorable that people can hook into.

Plus, you want to be able to reuse and repurpose your content as much as possible, and segmenting allows you to do this.

"By doing a segmented and highly branded segmented approach in particular, you give yourself the opportunity to do best offs or follow-ups or year-end reviews. And we do this for all our podcasts."

This helps make your show much more marketable, and it’s a lot of fun.

Rob Balasabas’ top live video tip…
Listen at [31:16]

2021 is my year of community, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by many people who believe that community and collaboration are the way forward. Rob is one of them, and believes that collaboration is the key to live video growth.

"Don't be afraid to reach out to people in your industry or in your vertical and your niche and invite them to collaborate, to interview them or to do a video together. It doesn't have to be a huge undertaking. It can just be organic, have a conversation on a live stream about a topic that would be interesting for both of you, but also of course, for your audience."

This is an organic way to share audiences, just like we’ve done with this live show.

Janet Murray’s top live video tip…
Listen at [34:58]

A lot of people avoid doing video because they want it to be perfect. I'm a recovering perfectionist, so I know firsthand how terrifying going live can be.

But Janet’s number one piece of advice is to not overthink.

"For me, doing live video helped me get a lot better at other types of video because. When you put yourself out there and you, and it's okay to make mistakes and you just have to cope when you're live. It's like TV or radio. So don't overthink it and just get out there and do it."

And as Janet points out, nobody cares as much about you as they think you do. The only way to get better is to get out there and do it, it will make you so much better at lives than any tip could.

Kelly Baader’s top live video tip…
Listen at [38:26]

People worry a lot about how the sound, or look, Kelly thinks that in order to be successful with live video you need to examine your mission.
Why are you doing this?

"If you can shift the focus from: what do I sound like, how do I look to, how can I help then you will find more success?"

Even if you make a mistake it’s okay. As long as you are creating content that is valuable and aligned with your audience, as that’s what they are there to hear.

Amy Wood’s top live video tip…
Listen at [41:04]

Consistency can be applied to all content, whether it’s pre-recorded videos, podcasts, or whatever. Amy believes that success is a result of consistency:

"Look at having an episodic format with your content where you turn up at the same time, same place every week."

And this doesn’t just apply to live shows.

If you are posting content on YouTube of a podcast, if you can create episodic content that is consistent rather than sporadic then you are more likely to build confidence and build a following as a result.

Katie Fawkes’ top live video tip…
Listen at [02:38]

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

"I think the biggest tip is just to have a plan. So before you start before you, before you push those buttons in, jump in, really think through what is the content that you want to bring? What is the value that you want to give your audience? Who is your audience? What kind of content is going to be best suited by what you want to share?"

Find a way that works for you, it could be an old-fashioned notebook and a pen, or digitally on Google Docs. This makes it so much easier for you to build out those episodes, for you to build out that schedule and then be able to keep consistent.

Just make sure you don’t spend all your time planning, once you’ve got the plan you actually have to do the live shows. Don’t let planning be a distraction from doing.

Jeff Sieh’s top live video tip…
Listen at [03:28]

Part of hosting a live show is usually interviewing guests, who are experts in their field. Yet, so many people will bring experts on and then not listen to what they have to say.

"I think really listening when you are doing a live show, like you're doing it. And then you're doing follow up questions and then make the show about your guests and not about yourself."

This is not only much more interesting for your listeners, but it shows that you care about your guests and helps you become a thought leader in your industry.

Mike Alltons’ top live video tip…
Listen at [03:32]

Going on other people’s shows is a great way to get familiar with live streaming if you are new to it, plus it allows you to reach new audiences.

If you want to become a guest, then start watching the show, engage and comment on it.

"When you leave a comment on my show, I remember that I pay attention to that, and it's great to see as a host. And if I keep seeing your name pop up over and over again, and you're leaving smart comments and asking really insightful questions, I might reach out to you to invite you to be on the show."

Also as a host, it’s important to ask the right questions and engage with listeners. It creates a one-to-one relationship with that individual person. And it encourages other listeners to engage in the future, which leads to more comments.

Mike Russell’s top live video tip…
Listen at [03:50]

Part of running a live show is ensuring that your guests are engaged, and Mike thinks that a good way to do this is to run a Q&A section at the end.

"What I often do on the start of my live streams is I'll say, who's watching, where are you watching from? And I get them to type ‘new’ or ‘#new’."

This fosters an international feel, as there are usually people from all over the world listening.

Plus Mike features his listeners on the screen, which gets the endorphins going and really makes the listeners feel involved.

Annette McDonald’s top live video tip…
Listen at [04:04]

Annette is in Australia, so it’s silly o’clock in the morning at the time of recording. So she pre-recorded a tip for us.

"I'm a huge introvert. So what I like to do is to have something that I bring out every time I need to go out live. And to me, it's about the earrings. So every time I go on camera, I feel that I need to put on something that takes me away from my ordinary and puts me into a different character."

If you are feeling nervous, or unsure about going live then it’s a great idea to have something that will help put you into character and channel your extrovert energy.

Joanne Sweeney’s top live video tip…
Listen at [04:44]

The difficult thing about live is that you have to embrace the things that make you uncomfortable. For Joanne, that is tech.

"Embrace the tech and the empowerment that you will get from embracing the tech to be able to produce a high-quality TV-like broadcast from your home office is something that's going to blow your mind. It makes me feel like an Academy Award winner"

She also has some lovely words about me:

"So embrace, potentially get somebody like Ian to help you. He takes away the overwhelm, demystifies it, and then he you've insourced all the skills, all the knowledge and off you go, nothing will stop you."

Peter Gartland’s top live video tip…
Listen at [04:46]

The fun doesn’t end once you hit publish. After that, it’s time to promote. Peter says:

"Our top tip for a live video is to pre-promote it like a badass. Make it an event,
make it a spectacle. Get people excited. Show that you're excited. Pre-promote so much that you think you're going to annoy people by how much you're talking about how amazing this live show is going to be."

I find that loads of people are worried about promoting their live show too much. But really there is no such thing, you need to repeat it over and over so that people who are interested find out about it.

Amanda Webb’s top live video tip…
Listen at [05:18]

Involving your audience is a great way to engage your community and make a live feel really intimate, and that’s something both me and Amanda are really passionate about.
Putting up comments, and engaging with those is the simplest form way of getting your audience involved, and helps get a little more loyalty.

"One of the things I have is different segments, and I like to have a little video trailer between each show. And that just gives me enough time to breathe and work out what I'm going to say next."

Amanda has found that her listeners have wanted to create the tailers for her show, and this really shows how big fans her listeners are. They’ve even created videos to welcome guests, and ask questions in advance - which is really lovely for the guest.

This is a really ingenious way of actually involving your listeners in your show, and helps to increase listener loyalty.

Michelle Levitt’s top live video tip…
Listen at [05:22]

Michelle has a background as a Jazz musician, and as a musician, she was often expected to improvise. Which is a really useful skill to have on a live stream or podcast.

But if you’re not comfortable with improvising, don’t worry it’s something that you can improve on.

"If you're going to start a podcast and you've never recorded anything before then practice. Record a few episodes, call up your grandmother, interview her, record those stories for your own purposes. Edit that content, just practice in any way that you can."

That way by the time you're ready to publish your show or hit go live. You will have that confidence because you have put in the work and practice.


Sascha Liddiard: Think outside the bot
Natalie Hailey: Hot Content
Mark Asquith
Rob Balasaas
Janet Murray
Amy Woods: Content 10x
Kelly Baader
Katie Fawkes: Ecamm
Jeff Sieh
Mike Alton
Mike Russell
Annette McDonald
Pete Gartland: Andrew & Pete
Anya Razina: Restream
Joanne Sweeney: Public Sector Marketing Institute
Amanda Webb: Spider Working
Michelle Levitt: Heil Sound

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