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Ecamm Live Standard

FeatureEcamm Live Standard
Year Founded
Web App (browser Based)
Pc Dedicated App
Mac Dedicated App Yes
Mobile Browser Compatible
Ios Dedicated App
Android Dedicated App
Ease Of Use iHow easy this tool is to useModerate
Level iWhat level you need to be at to use this toolStandard
Price Per Month iCost per month20
Price Per Year iAnnual licence cost192
Free Trial In Days 14 Days
Lifetime License iDoes this plan offer a lifetime license?No
Price For Lifetime Licence iPrice for lifetime licence (if available)
Special Discount Details
Adds Watermark iAdds a branded watermarkNo
Webinar Features
Embed On Website iOffers the ability to embed the video/live stream on your website
Embed Comments On Website iOffers the ability to embed the live comments/chat on your website
Webinar Facility
Webinar Max Viewers
Max Resolution 1080p
Max Framerate 60fps
Aspect Ratio
Wide Aspect Ratio Yes
Square Aspect Ratio Yes
Portrait Aspect Ratio Yes
Custom Aspect Ratio Yes
Portrait Safe Zone Indicator Yes
Live Stream Destinations
Facebook Live Yes
Facebook Profiles Yes
Facebook Groups Yes
Facebook Business Pages Yes
Youtube Live Yes
Linkedin Live Yes
X Live Yes
Twitch Live Yes
Instagram Live Yes
Amazon Live Yes
Rtmp Yes
Facebook Live Features
Facebook Privacy Options Yes
Facebook Crossposting
Facebook Branded Content
Facebook 360 Degree Video
YouTube Live Features
Set Youtube Privacy Yes
Youtube 360 Degree Video
Set Youtube Latency Yes
Set Youtube Made For Kids Yes
Streaming Prerecorded Videos
Stream Pre-recorded Video
Length Of Uploaded Video
Size In Gb Of Uploaded Video
View Comments & Add To Screen Yes
Restream Chat Yes
Screenshare Yes
Share Audio Full Audio
Guest Can Screenshare i Yes
Save Recordings Yes
Save Audio Recordings Yes
Iso Video Recordings
Iso Audio Recordings
Local Recording iRecords the audio and video on the guest's computer for the best quality recording
Audio Recording Separate
Scheduling Live Streams
Scheduling Yes
Manage Schedules Yes
Schedule Outside Yes
Number Of Multistream Connections 10
Multistream In Different Resolutions & Aspect Ratios iAllows you to send steams in different aspect ratios and resolutions. For example you could stream in portrait mode to Instagram and stream to YouTube in 4K widescreen
Multistream (computer Based) iMultistreaming handled by your computer and internet connectionYes
Multistream (cloud Integration) iMultistreaming is handled by a cloud providerYes
Number Of Team Members iHow many external team members can manage your streams/recordings/accountYes
Guests Features
Number Of Guests iHow many guests can you have on your podcast/livestream/video?No
Private Chat
Off-air Audio iDetects that both your microphone and the Interview guest microphones are muted, it will automatically allow you to speak with guests
Push To Talk
Backstage Participants iHow many guests can be backstage. Note you can't chat to people backstage
Greenroom Participants iHow many guests can be in the greenroom (if available). True greenrooms allow you as the host to talk to guests in the greenroom before bringing them onto the studio.No
Stereo Yes
Green Screens
Greenscreen Yes
Playing Pre-recorded Videos
Pre-recorded Videos Long
Scenes Multiple
Overlay Options Custom
Overlays Text Yes
Overlays Image Yes
Overlays Video Yes
Overlays Audio Yes
Overlays Pdf Yes
Overlays Web Widget Yes
Overlays Countdowns Yes
Advanced Features
Preview Window Yes
Streamdeck Yes
Multiple Cameras Yes
Camera Usb Yes
Virtual Webcam
Virtual Microphone
Ndi Yes
Rtmp Source
Features From Plugins
Number Of Streams Guest Can Add


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