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How to Transfer Your Facebook Friends to Twitter & Other Networks [Bookmarklet]


Please note. Unfortunately, this technique no longer works.

I've kept this article here for archive purposes.

One of the most popular articles on my blog has been "How to Migrate your Facebook Friends to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn". It showed a way to export your Facebook friends to other social networks such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, Facebook doesn't have a good history of making it easy for you to export your data. Yes, Facebook does had an export data tool for a while now, but it doesn't allow you to get your hands on your friends' email addresses, even if they are visible to you. Your and everyone else's data is incredibly precious to Facebook. It's what makes Facebook so valuable, because with it they can make a huge amount of money from targeted advertising.

The Problems

In my article, I highlighted a way to export your friends to Twitter by first exporting them to Yahoo! Mail, before then exporting them to Twitter. Although it was a bit of a pain, it worked brilliantly for many months, until it stopped without warning.

Firstly there were issues with the Yahoo! tool to migrate your Facebook contacts into Yahoo! Mail. Apparently, Yahoo! were aware of this as stated in this help article, but certainly from my experience, it does seem to work now.

Secondly, not all contacts were being imported from Yahoo! to Twitter. My post was awash with comments saying that it didn't work. After many weeks trying to figure out what the problem was, Yahoo released a "help" article on the subject- Why can't I export my Facebook contacts?. So now, Yahoo tags each contact that it has imported from Facebook so that you are then not able to export it. How ridiculous! Call me cynical, but I expect this has happened due to Facebook breathing down their neck.

A Solution?

So, what do we do now? How do we export our friends from Facebook to Twitter, or indeed any other social network? Well, all is not lost- I have found a way for you! Unfortunately it does still involve Yahoo! Mail, and is more involved. However, I have gone out my way to make this as simple as possible for you!

How to Export Your Facebook Friends to a CSV file

Like in my previous article, it is important to be aware that this only exports your Facebook personal profile friends- not your Facebook page's friends. I'm hoping that Adam Loving will update his Facebook Page Hack for this! (Any update on this, Adam?!)

Also, it will only export friends who have shared their email address with you, and they will obviously need to have a Twitter account!

Please note, the bookmarklet only works in Google Chrome. You can try this in other browsers but you may encounter problems.

STEP 1: Get a Yahoo! Mail Account (Or Sign in if you already have one)

Head on down to Yahoo! Mail and create an account or sign in if you've already got an account.

STEP 2: Import Your Facebook Contacts

Sometimes the Yahoo! Mail Facebook importer can be a bit temperamental. If it fails, try it again. In my experience it does work, but you have to be a bit patient.

a) Click on the Contacts tab at the top, and then click the button "import contacts" on the right. (If you've just signed up for a new Yahoo! Mail account, you'll get this option as soon as you create the account.)

Yahoo Mail Importer b) Click on the Facebook icon to proceed. (if you have an Adblocker on your browser you may need to disable it to see the Facebook icon)

Facebook permissions c) You'll get a Facebook permissions box. Click OK to say that you are happy for your contacts information to be shared with Yahoo!.

Getting stuff from Facebook d) Yahoo! Mail will then try to retrieve your Facebook friends' contact information from Facebook.

Facebook Export done  e) Congratulations, your Facebook contacts have been imported! Click the Done button.

Step 3: Convert your Facebook Contacts to a CSV File

So now we have all our friends contacts in Yahoo! Mail, but they are all tagged with that nasty Facebook tag. We could edit each contact individually to remove the tag, but if you have a lot of contacts, that is going to take a LONG time.

With the help of a rather wonderful StackExchange user, biziclop, the process has been made much easier- with the help of a bookmarklet. A bookmarklet is a piece of javascript code that you can drag on to your browser's bookmark bar. You can run the code on any web page by clicking the bookmarklet.

This special Bookmarklet converts all your Yahoo contacts into a CSV file. A CSV file is a very versatile file format and can be opened in Excel, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and many webmail services. Just in case you didn't know (and care), CSV stands for comma separated values- because, each value in the file is, well, separated by commas...!

The Bookmarklet.

First of all, drag the following button to your browser's bookmark bar:

Yahoo to CSV

Make sure you are doing this in Google Chrome for PC. If you are having problems, then it's probably because your browser hasn't stored the bookmarklet properly. To do this, copy the contents of this javascript file to your clipboard. Then edit the bookmarklet, delete anything in the URL field paste the code into the field. Your bookmarklet should work. Please let me know how you get on in the comments below. Thanks to Alex Hall in the comments for help here.

Once you've done this, you'll need to go to Print View in Yahoo! Mail

Facebook Print All a) Select Print All from the actions button in Yahoo Contacts.

Facebook printing preferences b) Select the Facebook category and Basic View.

c) Once you've got the screen of all your contacts, click the Yahoo to CSV bookmarklet in your browser. You'll see a window pop up with all your contacts highlighted. Copy this and paste it into your favourite text editor (for example Notepad). Save this file as contacts.csv. You may need to change "save as type" to "all files" so you can set the correct file extension.

Save as CSV

So now, you have all your Facebook's contacts as a CSV file! This will enable you to import them into many other social networks such as Google+ and Twitter.

Unfortunately, you can't just upload your CSV file into Twitter, you have to import them into either Yahoo! Mail (again!) or I'd recommend Google Mail.

Thanks again to biziclop who made this hack possible. Please do leave a comment on the StackExchange page.

Import to Twitter

So now that you have your glorious CSV file, how do you get the thing into Twitter? These things are never easy, for reasons that escape me and many others, Twitter doesn't allow a way for you to upload a CSV file. This is just annoying, because it assumes we all use a webmail service such as Yahoo! or GMail for our contacts. Although I do have a Yahoo and GMail account, I use Thunderbird and Outlook for my email and contacts.

The easiest way for you to import your CSV file into Twitter (and so your Facebook friends) is to import your CSV file into either Yahoo! Mail or GMail. I know this sounds silly, since we've only just exported them from a webmail service, but this is very easy to do. I'm going to go through the steps for GMail since that is the service I recommend.

  1. Log into GMail and go to your contacts (click on the "GMail" dropdown on the left column and select contacts)
  2. google-contactsClick on the "More" dropdown and then click on "Import"
  3. Import Contacts GMail Select the CSV file you saved before and upload by clicking the import button. Your contacts will be imported straight away.
  4. Twitter Importer Now you need to head on down to the Twitter importer. You can find this by clicking on the previous link, or by clicking on Discover then Find Friends on the left navigation. Click on the Search Contacts button by the Yahoo! Mail option.
  5. Yahoo! Mail Permissions Once the Yahoo! Mail permissions window loads, click on the Agree button. This gives Twitter permission to import your Yahoo! Mail contacts.
  6. Twitter Import Complete Import Complete! Congratulations, you have successfully migrated your Facebook friends to Twitter.

Adding your Facebook Friends to Google+

google+Another cool thing you can do is migrate your Facebook friends to Google+. It works in a very similar way. Firstly, import your Facebook friends into Yahoo! Mail as shown above, then go to your circles page on Google+ and link your Yahoo! contacts. You can then drag all your FB friends to a circle of your choice. The advantage here is that your Facebook contacts don't have to be Google+ users. You'll have the option of sending posts to their email address instead.

Adding your Facebook Friends to LinkedIn

LinkedIn make it easy for you, there is an app for that. Check out the LinkedIn app to import your Facebook friends to LinkedIn.

Adding your Facebook Friends to Pinterest

pinterest contact import As Pinterest naturally connects to your Facebook friends, it's very easy to do this. Just make sure you connect your Facebook account with Pinterest and then click on "Find Friends from Facebook". Obviously none of my Facebook friends are Pinterest users though, so this wasn't very helpful to me!

Final Word

Well, I hope that helps. I know it is far more complicated than it should be, but at least you should only ever have to do this once. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Is there a new workaround re: importing facebook contacts into Yahoo? Or is there another way to import (add) Facebook contacts to Twitter? Thanks!


Yahoo is no longer offering the import facebook friends option


thanks for the tips… I cannot see the facebook category in the list


Hi! Thanks for all this info. When I try to use the bookmarklet, I get a little shield icon in the URL bar and clicking that tells me I’m trying to load a script from an unsafe source. It gives me a button to ‘load unsafe scripts’ but clicking it doesn’t do anything. I’m using Chrome on a Mac. I’ve tried editing the bookmarklet as described but it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

Jennifer Kane

What happens if I’ve created a yahoo account, uploaded my facebook contacts, but when I go to twitter, only the gmail or outlook find contacts options are available.


Thanks for the great help on this page!

When I follow the steps given here, I get to my Twitter ‘Find Friends’ page, and it only has
– GMail
– Outlook
listed as accounts. I don’t know how to add Yahoo Email to that list of accounts so I can import contacts. Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Howlin’ Waters

Throwaway account

You can export as a Yahoo CSV. Go to the contacts page of Yahoo, click on the down arrow by the actions button, click export, and Yahoo CSV is an option

Throwaway account

Wait that doesn’t work but I found another way. What I did was I imported them to my yahoo account (I made a new one to confirm it works) from facebook and then I went to my gmail account and the contact page and went to import my contacts from my Yahoo account and it was able to get all of my Facebook contacts. It used something called ShuttleCloud Migration. Now all my contacts are in gmail and connecting it to Twitter is easy.


For anyone having problems converting the PRINT page to a CSV, use this:

You simply copy and paste the data you get when you try to print and it automatically sorts it for you. You then copy what you get into a text file and save it as a CSV and import into your program of choice. Just did it and was having problems with all of the other solutions and this was fast and painless.


Great! Thanks! Worked for me.

Darpan Kumar Das

I have got a very simple trick to transfer the Facebook contacts into the Twitter account… It worked for me… Click on my Twitter link below… Reply if it works for you & also don’t forget to Retweet or Like my Tweet…

Dunder Klumpen

Yup, this was by far the easiest way and worked for me.

Dunder Klumpen

…and without having to go to the link, you basically import to yahoo, then import contacts from yahoo to gmail (which eliminates that tag/flag), then Find Friends in Twitter and import from Gmail…BAM!


I’m trying to import contacts from facebook. I connect with my facebook page, after that the page is redirect do Yahoo again without importing the contacts. Anyone have a solution?


There is a much easier way that skips the whole CSV step: Important Facebook contacts into Yahoo, import Yahoo contacts into Twitter via Twitter’s “find your friends” feature.


it doesn’t work like that… at least not for me


The script is not working now, chrome blocks it and unblocking it makes the page blank. Nor is there an option of choosing facebook only, but we can print ALL the contacts.
Now the SOLUTION: When you are in the print page, select all the contacts roughly with the mouse and paste it in excel. All names and emails will be mixed in a column (Column A). Now, go to next column and type =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“@”,A2)), A2, “”)
This will show only email addresses in the new column. Now copy the column in an online text editor and replace newline with a comma, and then paste the result in a text file and save that file as a csv. That file can now be imported in LinkedIn 🙂

Chris McCall

No facebook option comes up on the print step

What about the other way around? Taking for instance your Twitter friends and getting them to be part of your Facebook likes?


Hi, I didn’t see anything coming out when I click on the bookmark-let. If I save the contacts as html, and open the html page and run your script again, this happens:


Right now nothing comes out. Actually the JS code of your link never worked for me even 4 months ago. The only JS worked for me was until now. Right now, none of the codes works even I load the html page of the contacts. any idea?


Can you please again check out if the JS is still working for now? I think it’s not.


Great detailed post! Thanks for mentioning me. Sadly, I haven’t seen any updates from FB on exporting fans, or updated my script in a long time.


I imported my Facebook contacts to my Yahoo! mail account following the instructions above. Then I went to Twitter, #Discover, Find Friends, import contacts from Yahoo!. That was it.

I didn’t need to make the .csv file or sign in to any additional accounts. I didn’t even need to sign in to Yahoo! through Twitter, since I was logged in on a different tab. My Twitter had not previously been linked with my Yahoo! account. Rather, Twitter thinks my email address is @aol.


I found a workaround for the security issue and modified the JavaScript code so that it works with the new printable format. First, you will need to save the printable Yahoo contacts page to your local disk. Next, you will need to update the bookmarklet using the script that I have posted here: To use this new script, you will need to navigate to the HTML file on the disk containing the Yahoo contacts.

A fan

^^This rocks!! Thank you so much for the repair!!


Bookmarklet doesn’t work.


Hi. I have the same problem. When I click the bookmark there is nothing happening. I tried the bookmark on other tabs and it works. I’m not a IT tech guy but i think it has to do with the address bar? When i click print, the address bar shows about:blank. Might this be the reason?


doesn’t work for me either. Mac, chrome. I copied and pasted all the code from into the “Yahoo to CSV” bookmarklet, and when I click it, still, nothing happens…


Ian can you confirm that the html formatting has changed or is different than what the script is trying to parse? Yahoo no longer has “Display for Printing” when selecting Print All. There is just a Print button that will open Chrome’s print window, if you cancel the printing you can see the list of contacts, but it is not html, the script does not open any window if run then. I use Chrome Developer tools to “inspect elements”, manually copy the html, copy it to a text editor and save as .html file. If I then open that html file in Chrome and run the script, it does open a window but there are no names or emails listed. I think yahoo changed the formatting of the html produced so the script is failing to parse it (the script is looking for the old format). Ian can you confirm that the html formatting has changed or is different than what the script is trying to parse?


Thanks for the reply Ian. I get the security shield you mention when running the script, but if I click ‘load unsafe script’ nothing happens (no popup window). I noticed the script will launch fine with out a security warning if you run it on any other random html page, e.g. It will open a new window but of course no name/email info is parsed. I tried running a new instance of Chrome with the –allow-running-insecure-content (the flag you gave was incomplete, notice the extra leading dash, –allow… instead of -allow.) with the following command in a terminal window /Applications/Google Chrome –allow-running-insecure-content –user-data-dir=~/Library/Application I needed the –user-data-dir flag to run Chrome, also the –allow-running-insecure-content flag had to come first to be effective. Now when I click the script bookmarklet it ‘runs’ without any security warning, but again it doesn’t actually do anything (no popup window even). I still suspect as I mentioned before that this may be because the ‘print’ page with the list of contacts is not seen as html by the browser, you can see this by noticing that the address bar says “about:blank”. Not sure if it used to be different or not. As I… Read more »


When I go to print them, there is no facebook catagory… though there is one in my email.


i can’t see a Facebook category when I go to the Print All feature in yahoo contacts. can you help?


oh and i think u mistakenly put “click on export” when ur asking people to *import* contacts from CSV to gmail


hope this helps people having issues. If people are having trouble with the bookmarklet thingy, they can also make a CSV file from FB much more easily via this method, although this fails to say that if u dont have an APPLE computer, u have to paste into a NOTEPAD and save as CSV, as the microsoft excel doesnt have the comma pasting thing:

Khotso Shomang

This is great, thanks Cristofer


thanks. it worked.

Ryan Anderson

This post is fantastic!! I’m using firefox so I did have to add in the javascript manually but it was simple enough. I have been trying to import my FB contacts for weeks and having no luck at all. I randomly came to this post and 5 min later problem solved. Thank you so much!!

Jelena Baric

It worked for me, thanks so much!

Tracy Rasmussen Enos

I may be a little late asking this, but now Yahoo exports an empty CSV file. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox. Are they no longer allowing this feature?


Stil no update on the Facebook fan export front, I’m afraid. I *have* been working on exporting people that comment.


Thank you for this article, super helpful!


—Incase someone didnt really understand what to do after the cvs file part—
after you get your cvs saved full of contacts most likely in a notepad on your have to import it back to the yahoo do that you need to delete all the contacts from the yahoo account..then import the cvs file using the yahoo account..finally all should be fine using twitter and the yahoo account! Hope this helped

Alex Hall

Ian, This bookmarklet can work in Firefox with a few more steps. If you right-click the bookmarklet in Firefox (after you have dragged it to the bookmark toolbar), click “properties”, then select and delete all the text in the “Location” field, and paste in the javascript code which you’ve shared at this pastebin link– — and click “save”, then follow all the other steps you give here to ready a printout screen of the contacts, and click the bookmarlet, *it works!* It pops up a window of csv-formatted text, and you can select all the text, copy it, and paste into a text file and save it on your computer. It seems to me that somehow the bookmarklet code can become mangled when dragged to a toolbar (I found that it was mangled in Chrome, and had to follow this procedure in Chrome (per your suggestions in comments) to get the bookmarklet working, which led me to wonder if that’s what’s happening in Firefox, which I found it is, which led to this fix). I don’t know how that’s getting mangled. I suggest you update the post with a note about the possibility the bookmarklet code can be mangled,… Read more »

Aaron James

I got it to work on Mac OSX Google Chrome by copy & pasting the Java script to the bookmarklet. It does not save correctly on Mac. You must edit the bookmarklet, copy the new script into the URL field first. Then make sure you print using the Basic View. Then and only then, when you click on the bookmarklet, it will work. Works like a charm though.

Tara Pattenden

Hi I can’t seem to drag the bookmarklet to my bookmark bar. I’m using chrome on os x. any help would be great

Tara Pattenden

Can you give me the link address? I don’t have a link on the page. I’ve inspected the element and there is no href for me. Thanks

Tara Pattenden

Yes thanks! that works for me

Alice Debois-Frogé

Hello there! Thanks for such an helpful post. However, like other Mac users, nothing happens when I click on the bookmarklet, even though I am using Chrome. Any ideas on how to make it work? Or is using a PC the way to go? Please advise! Thank you!


Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I’m also having issues with the bookmarklet. I have imported my contacts into Yahoo and have followed the instructions to the Print View in Basic Mode, but when I click on the bookmarklet there is no popup window. I’ve attemped using both Safari and Firefox. Is there something else I can try?

Stephanie Fitzgerald

Hiya, it’s not working in Chrome for me at all. 🙁

Stephanie Fitzgerald

Im using a mac… not sure if that has anything to do with it…


you have to manually save the url in the bookmark


whenever i would click on bookmarklet nothing happens? why is that?


i mean on yahoo to csv on my bookmarks bar


It doesn’t work for me in chrome either, unfortunately


Hi, no there’s there’s no popup when I click the bookmarklet – it just seems to scroll to the bottom of the page instead. I’m using a mac.


you have to manually put the url in the bookmark

Khotso Shomang

I’ve tried using Google Chrome it does not work

Rachel Bonness

I exported my contacts from yahoo to a CSV file and put them into my gmail account and I can see my contacts in there but when I go onto Twitter and try to add them it says no one found in my address book for Yahoo and for Gmail, Arghhhh!

Jonathan Camp

It’s funny because I was solving this same issue at the same time as you and I didn’t even know it. I wrote a python script on July 3rd, and I think your scriptlet looks like it was written the same day. Anyway, it’s not as clean as a scriptlet, but if you want to check it out, I wrote a blog post on this too.

Glad you were able to figure out the same thing.

ross smith

thanks Jonathan Camp Ilike a few in these comments have been having trouble with the bookmarklet on chrome in windows 7 but your script did it for me. thanks for the post Ian Anderson Gray I am sure it has been working for you and others. 5 more being followed on twitter now. One step closer to maybe shutting down my facebook.

Shaun O'Reilly

For those web developers out there, all you have to do is compose a new message, click on the “to:” button, and get the html of the UL element listing all those contacts (make sure you scroll to the bottom), and use something like Google Chrome tool to copy the html of the UL element. 

Then use some jQuery like in this example, to generate a list: 

You could replace the html in this example with your own list, to test it.

Sandra Martins

I’m not being able to select them, they just select the contact, do you know how I can do that??

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Well it’s an open source python script. I found this other method here That may be easier. You can’t really trust an exe other than I promise it…


How to find my Facebook friends on Twitter?…

Yahoo recently started tagging contacts that were imported from Facebook so that you couldn’t export them. Luckily you can convert Yahoo contacts to a CSV file using another method-


Why won’t Yahoo mail export contacts to .csv file?…

As others have mentioned, Yahoo tag each contact that has been imported from Facebook so that you can’t export it. You could manually edit each contact, but with the help of a bookmarklet it’s very easy to convert Yahoo contacts including Facebook on…