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How to Transfer Ownership of a Google+ Page?

Google+ Icon When Google+ launched business pages in November last year there was much rejoicing. There was a huge problem though, only one person could manage the page and it wasn’t possible to transfer ownership of a Google+ page to another person.

Thankfully, Google added multiple administrators and the ability to transfer ownership in December 2011. It is now possible to have up to 50 administrators per page so you can share the load!

Google+ pages can still only have 1 owner, but this ownership can be transferred to another Google+ user. Administrators have the same powers as owners except they can’t delete the page or transfer ownership.

So, how do you transfer ownership to another Google+ user?

We’ll it’s quite easy, but first you need to check a few things.

  1. The person you are transferring ownership to has to have a Google+ account
  2. They also need to already be an administrator or “manager” for the Google+ page in question.

1) Log onto Google+ and go to your Google+ page

Google+ pages

Once logged on, select the page in question by clicking on the dropdown box under your name:

Select performers page

2) Click on Settings for that page

Google+ Settings

Once you’re logged in under your page and clicked the settings button you’ll then be presented with the settings page for that page.

3.) Click on the managers link on the left

Google+ Managers

 4.) Make sure you have a manager to transfer to, then click “Transfer Ownership”

Tranfser ownership Google+

Click on the image of the manager you want to transfer the page to and then click continue. This person will then be sent an email asking them if they want to accept.

5.) The person receiving the ownership needs to click on the activation link in the email.

Google+ Transfer EmailThe manager that you have transferred ownership of the Google+ page to should now receive an email similar to the one on the left. All they need to do is click on the big red “Accept” button….



6.) Sign in to Google+ and accept

The manager will need to sign into their Google+ account and then accept the terms and conditions. They are now the owners of the Google+ page. The person that transferred the ownership in the first place will still be an administrator or manager. The new owner will have the power to remove the initial owner as a manager. This is useful in the case that the original Google+ page owner is moving to a different company.

Final Thoughts

To find out more about Google+ business pages, head on down to the official Google+ business page website, checkout the Google+ Badge configurator (more on that another time), create cool Google+ page header for your Business page from one photo and follow the Google+ business team on their business page.


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Brad H

Has this changed since your last update. When I follow the instructions of “clicking on them and selecting “transfer ownership” I do not get the transfer ownership option. Can you help? Thanks!

Cristina Dinulescu

I don’t get the drop down option on my page, under Owner, although I have Managers to choose from. What can I do to change the ownership?


Super easy. Thanks for such an great tutorial!

Ashley Faulkes

very handy.
I don’t have a G+ page – yet. But I can imagine that it is something that you want to keep in the right hands.
thanks for sharing another great tip Iam

David Lawyer

Good information to know, Ian. I know many of us are still wrapping our heads around the value of Google+ and how to make effective use of it, so instructional segments like this are always good to have. Thanks.

Danielle C

Any thoughts on how to tranfer ownership if the owner is no longer with the company and cannot be reached?

Greg Makuch

One thing to not the new manager must have been a manger for 2 weeks plus to make the transfer work. A little enhancement Google added for security