How to get your Klout score emailed or tweeted to you every day

Klout ScreenshotEver wanted to be updated with your Klout score on a daily basis? Usually you’ll have to log into Klout to find how your score is doing, but now there is a way of subscribing to an RSS feed of your Klout score which makes it possible to emailed, tweeted or even be sent a text message or a phone call with that magic number!

You’ll need a few things to get started:

  1. A Klout account (this might be useful…!)
  2. A Klout development account –
  3. A wonderful Klout app called Klout Feed, created by Stephen McDonald.
  4. An account (only if you want to be emailed, tweeted, texted or called)

Klout Dev Screenshot 1So, assuming you are already signed up for a Klout account, you’ll need to sign up for a Klout Development account here. If you’re not a programmer, don’t fear; this isn’t as difficult as it sounds. We need a Klout development account because Klout Feed needs to access the special Klout API to get the information we need.

You’ll need to fill in the usual stuff. Your username is not your normal Klout username, this is one for your development account. Fill in your name and email address and password.

Klout Developers Form Screenshot 2

It will then ask you for the name of your application, together with your website and other information. Don’t worry too much here, just make up a name for your application- it could even be a variation on your username. I’d put the web address of your main blog or website as the web address. As to whether this is for commercial use or not, well I am no lawyer, but in my view this is purely for personal use, so I selected “no” from the drop down menu. In the box for how many calls on the API you are likely to make- pick a lowish number as this isn’t going to be using the Klout API very much. I chose 100. Tick the two check boxes Issue a new key for Klout API and that you agree to the terms of service and you’re almost done- click on register.

Klout Dev Registration Almost Complete

You’ll then get a screen saying that you have to validate your email address. Go to your email and click on the link. You’ll then be given your API key and username. Make a note of the API key and copy it to your clipboard as you’ll be needing this right now!

Klout Feed Screenshot

Head on down to Klout Feed at and put in the username for the Klout account you want to track (i.e. not your Klout Developers username) and paste in the API key. Click submit, and voila- your RSS feed has been made alive!

You can stop there if you like, you could subscribe to this RSS feed in your favourite news reader and be alerted each day when your Klout score is updated. But what’s the fun in that? We want more power!

The Power of ifttt to send tweets, texts and emails

Here is when the power if comes in. If you haven’t come across before then don’t worry, I plan to write an article about it in the future. ifttt allows you to connect lots of social media accounts and other services and let them talk to each other. In our case we can do something when the RSS feed is updated- this could be send ourselves a text message, ring our phones or tweet us.

So, if you haven’t already got an ifttt account, head on down to and create an account- it is really easy.

ifttt Channel ScreenshotYou’ll need to activate some channels to be able to do something. If you want to send an email then you’ll be using the email channel, if you’re wanting ifttt to ring you with a voice message of your Klout score you’ll have to activate the phone channel and if you want ifttt to tweet your Klout score you’ll need to activate the SMS channel.

To activate these channels, go to the channel page and activate these channels. It’s very easy, just click on the icon for the channel you want to activate and go through the instructions. The phone channel will phone for validation and the SMS channel will text you, the Twitter channel will ask Twitter for permission.

Text your Klout Score


Click on tasks then “create task”. Click on the big “This” in the text “if this then that”.


Then click on the big orange RSS icon, and then click on the “new feed item” link.

iftttPaste the url of that Klout score RSS feed that Klout Feed created for you in the next box.

iftttThen click on the big “that”.

iftttClick on the big “SMS” icon, then on “send me a text message”

iftttOn the next screen, delete the text in the box and replace with the following: {{EntryContent}} 

This will send you a text something like:
user’s Klout Score for Dec 15 is: 55.45, up by 0

Click on Create Action and then Create Task (you can also add a description if you like so that you know next time what this task is for) and you are done!

If you want ifttt to phone or Tweet you then do exactly the same as the above but for the appropriate channel. Make sure you put {{EntryContent}} in the box instead of what ifttt puts in as default.

Let me know how you get on!