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Social Media Workshops

Ian Anderson Gray

So that I can fully understand your current situation and deliver the best training for your needs, please fill in the following form as best as you can.

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Workshop Booking

  • When were you looking to book the workshop for? Was there a specific date? Or are there particular days and times that work best? Please note, I will be away for August 2016.
  • Which social networks do you currently use to market your business or organisation? Do you use content or email marketing? Who is involved in these activities?
  • Who are you trying to reach on social media?
  • What are your top 3 struggles or problems in managing your social media or reaching your audience?
  • Social media training can also include social media tools & tips, content marketing, productivity & efficiency, web site traffic, email marketing and more.
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  • How many (roughly) will be attending the workshop?
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  • How long would you be able to commit for the workshop? 2hrs? 3 or 4hrs? 5hrs? Full day?
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