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SoundCloud Extractor II

Soundcloud doesn’t make it easy to access the MP3 files of your hosted tracks. They are there, but you have to dig a bit deep. This tool will help you locate your MP3s, but only if you are on the podcasting service.

This updated extractor will give you the MP3 file of any Soundcloud track. Please use this responsibly- i.e. only use it to access or download tracks that you own or have had permission to download.

SoundCloud MP3 Extractor II

To obtain MP3s from all tracks

by Ian Anderson Gray


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I was trying with URL and I am getting error check it.

Thank You!


This doesn’t appear to be working anymore.

Chris D

I just wanted to add to this, I noticed all my old tracks are no longer “Enable Downloads” on their settings. If I remember, this had always defaulted to “yes” and now its not. Not sure if this helps?



None of the MP3’s, new or old are resolving as of today. Any idea why?


Chris D

I was looking at the RSS Feeds and all my tracks are now listed at the following: ”


I post 1600 times per year to soundcloud. We just started podcasting, only 30 episodes in so far. The thought of something happening like this in the future and NOT finding an option is sickening.

I think that a better option might be to move the MP3’s we want to podcast to a traditional host. Soundcloud doesn’t seem to be a solid option and they are not forthcoming with big changes like this one.

We have a pro account. I emailed them yesterday about getting a tar file will all of our media. They politely said “no.”



Confirmed! You did fix it and it does work.

Thank you!


Hi Ian,

Seems to have stopped working. Older, extracted MP3’s are all still linked, but new attempts to extract an mp3 yields only a generic

Any info would be appreciated and helpful.

Thank you.

Chris D


This has been a lifesaver ALL year. However, I”m getting a stream.mp3 output on everything I input today. Can you see if its something SoundCloud changed? Thanks again!


Thank you for this tool!

Christian Perez

Thank you for creating & sharing this, one of the only Soundcloud tools that actually work!