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Learn how to Broadcast to Facebook Live
from your Computer

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There's no doubt, it's an amazing time for Live Video with Periscope, YouTube Live, and Instagram.
Are you ready for Live Video?

Facebook's Live Video service, Facebook Live is the biggest and most powerful platform.

You can broadcast to your customers, friends and group members from your smartphone. 
But now you can broadcast from your computer using your webcams, sharing your screen and much, much more!

Want to Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Computer?
Here are your choices:

Paid Software Option

  • Prices vary between $80 and $1200+
  • Learning Curve: Difficult
  • Chances of going live quickly: No
  • Friendly Community Support: No

Paid Software Option

  • Price: From $57
  • Learning Curve: Super Easy
  • Chances of going live quickly: Yes!
  • Friendly Community Support: Yes

I've helped 100s of thousands of people go live each month! Businesses, Solopreneurs & Individuals!

My Facebook Live article is now viewed over 2.8 million times and gets visited thousands of times every day by visitors all around the world!

I've helped 100,000s of individuals, solopreneurs, businesses, musicians and artists set up their live shows. That includes Portuguese musician, David Antunes. He uses his MacBook Pro with 4 webcams, broadcasting to Facebook Live each week, with guest artists and viewers can "phone in" and make requests. The show gets over 1,500 live viewers with 50,000 views afterwards.

I have helped other businesses and solopreneurs set up weekly webinars using Facebook Live:

  • They use Powerpoint or Keynote presentations to their Facebook fans.
  • Some others create "how to" videos by sharing their computer screen
  • Weekly live shows with guest interviews.

It's been amazing to see! People really get to know you and your business through a live show, and it is well worth considering - whether you are a small, medium or large business or organisation.

Earn over $10,000 from your Facebook Lives!

One course member shared with me an amazing story...  
After investing in the course, she was able to create a live event using OBS Studio which earned her over $10,000! 
As far as return on investments goes, I think that is pretty good! 🙂

Author, blogger and speaker, Michael Hyatt commented,

Michael Hyatt

"I just bought your course and am loving it. Thanks so much for putting it together."

Michael Hyatt

Internet marketer, Chad Hershey, commented:


"I was brand new to live video and although I knew I wanted to start with Facebook, I had no idea how to begin. Ian's course 'How to Broadcast from your Computer to Facebook Live' is the easiest and most complete FB live course I have come across and I highly recommend it!"

Chad Hershey

What if you could...

  • Broadcast to Facebook Live from your Mac or PC?
  • Share your screen, webcam or multiple cameras?
  • Broadcast Interviews using Skype or Zoom to Facebook Live?
  • Stream your Periscope Broadcasts to Facebook Live?
  • Give webinars using your camera and Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation?
  • Move from one scene to another with slick transitions?
  • Do all this with FREE SOFTWARE?

"We heart Ian. Ian is our go-to guy for anything tools related. We recently did his Facebook Live course, and it was great. Easy to follow, easy to implement and really useful, great value. Looking forward to making our Facebook Lives kick ass too."

Andrew & Pete

12 Easy to Follow Videos
+ Bonuses!

I've put together 12 bite-size videos covering all the steps to help you produce professional videos for Facebook Live. I'll help get you up and running with the free OBS Studio and Facebook Live in no time.

For those who want more help, I've created bonuses and a members' community. Here, you can get more in-depth help, discussion and encouragement as you create and maintain your live shows.

Only $57


Secure payment via PayPal 
or Stripe (Credit/Debit Cards)

Jeff Sieh

"Ian Anderson Gray is the go-to person I send anyone who asks me about using Wirecast or OBS to broadcast to Facebook Live. His tutorials and courses do an excellent job of breaking down and explaining these sometimes confusing platforms. Highly recommend!"

Jeff Sieh

Manly Pinterest Tips

Watch Videos 1 & 2 for Free:

Module 1 (Free):
Introduction to OBS Studio

An introduction to OBS Studio, how to get started and looking at "scenes".

Module 2 (Free):
Adding Webcams & Text to Scenes 

Adding videos from webcams as well as text layers to Scenes. Introduction to arranging layers.

Kelly Baader

"Ian is my Go-To expert when it comes to FB Live Streams for OBS. His course is so easy to follow, as he has laid out step-by-step tutorial clearly! I highly recommend if you would like to try to set up OBS for FB live, buy this affordable and valuable course to save you much time and headaches!"

Kelly Baader

Host of Godly M.B.A. Podcast & Influential Marketing Consultant

Step by Step Easy-to-Understand Videos

Module 3: 
Adding multiple Image Layers


Module 4: 
Sharing Multiple Screens


Module 5:
Managing multiple scenes with
slick transitions


Module 6: 
Adding lower third graphics
to your videos


Module 7:
Adding video intros & segments


Module 8: 
Sharing app & program windows


Module 9: 
Streaming Interviews using Skype 


Module 10: 
Broadcasting Interviews using Zoom


Module 11:
Share your smartphone’s screen


Module 12:
Saving your Streams to your computer to re-purpose for other platforms.


Access to the
Seriously Social Live Community

Get More Help & Join the Discussion with the Members' Community

(Lock in now for no monthly fee - lifetime membership with your one-off payment)

Join over one hundred passionate users in our members-only community. Learn from others, learn new tricks, tips, tactics and live video news as we help each other take our live video to the next level.

  • Regular news, tips and tricks, helping you take your Live Video to the next level
  • Ask questions and share your knowledge with other Live Video users
  • Learn more with extra bonuses, walk through videos and more
  • View live and recorded video presentations from other live video, social media and marketing experts
  • Seek help and mentoring as you seek to produce your first Live Show and improve it
Ian Anderson Gray

Just think of all the things you can do now!

  • Broadcast webinars & presentations to your Closed or Secret Facebook Group
  • Create a Live "How to" video to your Facebook fans by sharing your screen
  • Broadcast Skype interviews to Facebook Live
  • Broadcast workshops & seminars to Facebook Live with multiple cameras
  • Share Snapchat videos and broadcast Periscopes from your phone to Facebook Live
  • Broadcast pre-recorded videos to Facebook Live
  • Broadcast presentations from Powerpoint or Keynote

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Who is this Ian Anderson Gray?

Ian is a Confident Live Marketing consultant and founder of Seriously Social. He’s an international speaker, trainer, teacher, web developer and consultant. He has a passion for making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. Ian is the co-founder of Select Performers – a family run web agency. As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK.

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