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Ian Anderson Gray

My name is Ian Anderson Gray.
I help business owners and
entrepreneurs level up their impact
and authority confidently
by using live video.




Don't just Learn — DO Together!

Don't just Learn —
DO Together!

...with the Confident Live Marketing Academy

Do you want to launch your own live show?

Have you hit lots of barriers and become frustrated?

Do any of these points resonate with you?

  • You want to generate leads & sales for your business via Facebook Live
  • You want to connect with your audience in a new & engaging way
  • You want to launch a live video show?

But just haven't managed to because...

  • Pulling your hair out over the Technology!
  • Worried about looking like an idiot!
  • Not sure which tools & gear to use?
  • You don't have enough time?
  • You feel nervous getting in front of the camera?
  • You lack confidence or feel you don't look good?
  • Struggle to come up with content ideas for your Live Videos
  • Struggle with consistency
  • You just can't get started!
  • Not sure what Microphones, cameras, lighting and tools to use?
  • Having a compelling interaction with the audience?
  • You suffer from imposter syndrome, feel embarrassed, too old, too whatever…?!
Ian Anderson Gray

Don't make the same mistakes I made...!

When I first started dabbling with live video, I didn't know who my audience was and what my message would be.

As I was figuring out the tech, everything that could go wrong with the tech did go wrong!

I let fear get in the way. Because I was so nervous about getting in front of the camera, I frequently chose not to share my message with my audience

What are the Biggest Barriers that Stop you from Going Live?

I've asked hundreds of people - asking them what's holding them back from going live or taking their live show to the next level

These are the words they used...

Ian Anderson Gray

Don't struggle on your own!

I am here to help you! I've helped tens of thousands of people through my workshops, courses and blog posts launch their live video show.

Learn together in a group and launch your live shows.

Get the help and accountability that you need!

Let me be your guide!

Chris Ducker

Ian makes the tech side of getting your live video show up and running with Wirecast as simple as screaming 'Action'! He's a class act.

Chris Ducker

Serial entrepreneur & Founder of Youpreneur

From the Comfort of your
Home or Office!

  • Live Video Masterclasses & Group Coaching Calls
  • Lifetime access to all workshop recordings
  • Direct Access to Ian as your Live Video Coach
  • Group accountability & Live Video Challenge
  • Community & Ongoing Peer Support
  • BONUS: Seriously Social Live Show Workflow
  • BONUS: Seriously Social OBS Studio Course
  • BONUS: Seriously Social Wirecast Course
  • BONUS: Access to Social Media Webinars
  • BONUS: Access to Live Video Interviews

What's included...

Steve Dotto

I trust Ian to be on top of all the best practices in social media, especially in streaming content. Not only do I trust him to be on top of all the trends and tools, but I also trust him to present in an ethical and honest manner. Ian Anderson Gray, one of the good ones!

Steve Dotto

Founder of Dotto Tech

Jeff Sieh

Ian Anderson Gray is the go-to person I send anyone who asks me about using Wirecast or OBS to broadcast to Facebook Live. His tutorials and courses do an excellent job of breaking down and explaining these sometimes confusing platforms. Highly recommend!

Jeff Sieh

Chief Beard at

Launch your Live Show Together...

Get More Help & Join the Discussion with the Confident Live Marketing Academy

Accountability & Live Video Challenge

Join over one hundred passionate users in our members-only community.

Learn from others, learn new tricks, tips, tactics and live video news as we help each other take our live video to the next level.

Global social media network
Jade Moon

I am a buyer of shiny new things! Having bought many course and facebook community combos - Ian’s is one of my favourites. His Wirecast course is a work of art. Using it I taught myself how to deliver a technical broadcast in a morning. Ian is always on hand to answer a question and offer words of encouragement. This an investment I can highly recommend.

Jade Moon

Founder of Awesome Geeks


Ian has been an absolutely invaluable help in developing our Live video work - both for ourselves, and for our clients. He has a true understanding of the role and power of Live video as an essential part of any business marketing toolkit. He effortlessly breaks down all the barriers to going Live, and gives you a true confidence in mastering the art. I doubt there is anyone else out there with the depth of knowledge, patience, and clarity of explanation that Ian offers. Absolutely recommended, without hesitation.

David Trott

Lead Digital Marketer, Impact Business Advisors

The Confident Live Marketing ACADEMY


Enroll for 1 year or...


  • Join the community with other Business Owners & Entrepeneurs
  • Monthly Live Workshops & Masterclasses
  • Access to Expert Academy Workshops
  • Access to other Live Video courses as they become available
  • Access to Academy Community with Ongoing Peer Support & Accountability
  • Regular Live Video Challenges

Selection of Academy Experts

Kim Garst

Kim Garst

Andrew and Pete

Andrew & Pete

Mike Allton

Mike Allton

Amy Woods

Amy Woods

Julia Bramble

Julia Bramble

Kelly Baader

Kelly Baader

Jeff Sieh

Jeff Sieh

Leslie Samuel

Leslie Samuel

Nicky Kriel

Nicky Kriel

Joey Vitale

Joey Vitale

Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

More Experts coming soon...

  • Facebook Ads for Live Video
  • Repurpose your Live Videos
  • Stand-out Live Video
  • Live Video Strategy
  • Live Video & the Law
  • Vocal Warmups for Lives
  • Selling & Connecting
  • Live Video Gear & Tools
  • Visual Content Marketing
  • Creating Content Quickly
  • Relationship Building
  • Lighting for Live Video
  • Cameras & Mics
  • Create a Powerful Blog in Minutes

BONUS #1: Live Video Show Workflow (lifetime access)

Avoid disasters with the complete Live Video checklist!

  • EVERYTHING You need to do before you go live
  • Essential apps for your live video set up
  • How to quickly set up for each broadcast each time
  • Social Media & Promotion Schedule
  • What to do 1 week before & on the day
  • Solo & Guest Show Set up

BONUS #2: Vocal Warm up Download
(Lifetime Access)

As well as being a live video coach and consultant, I trained as a professional singer at one of the top performance conservatoires in the UK - the Royal Northern College of Music. I've taught singing for over two decades and worked with people to enhance their diction and communication skills.

  • MP3 Download for easy daily listening
  • Physical Warm-up Exercises
  • Daily Vocal Warm-up
  • Diction and Vocal Energy Warm-up Exercises
  • Breath Control Exercises

Wirecast Course

Broadcast to Facebook Live, YouTube Live and more!

Wirecast made easy. Aimed at marketers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners. This course will walk you through how to use the professional live broadcasting tool, Wirecast. Getting you up and running with your live show as quickly as possible.

OBS Studio Course

Live Video with the FREE tool OBS Studio!

An easy to follow video course on how to set up your live show using OBS Studio. Aimed at marketers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners, this course will walk you through how to use OBS Studio on your Mac or PC. You'll get your live show set up quickly and easily in no time!

Worth $197

Worth $97

More Live Video Tool Courses Coming Soon!


Live Gear Guide for Smartphones

Social Media


Live Gear & Tool Guide for Computers

Macbook Pro

We heart Ian. Ian is our go to guy for anything tools related. We recently did his Facebook Live course, and it was great. Easy to follow, easy to implement and really useful, great value. Looking forward to making our Facebook Lives kick ass too.

Andrew & Pete

Co-founders of Andrew & Pete

What you can do with Live Video!

It's been amazing to see! People really get to know you and your business through a live show, and it is well worth considering - whether you are a small, medium or large business or organisation.

Earn over $10,000 from your Facebook Lives!

One course member shared with me an amazing story...

After investing in my Seriously Social OBS Studio course, she was able to create a live event using OBS Studio which earned her over $10,000!

As far as return on investments goes, I think that is pretty good! 🙂

Michael Hyatt

Author, blogger and speaker, Michael Hyatt commented:

"I just bought your course and am loving it. Thanks so much for putting it together."


Internet marketer, Chad Hershey, commented:

"I was brand new to live video and although I knew I wanted to start with Facebook, I had no idea how to begin. Ian's course 'How to Broadcast from your Computer to Facebook Live' is the easiest and most complete FB live course I have come across and I highly recommend it!"

Kelly Baader

Ian is my Go-to-expert for all things Live Stream. Due to his relationships with many tech tools and years of experiences in this areas;
he is like a unicorn who understands from both user and providers’ perspectives. Hence, you will get the most practical and most suitable teachings for your Live Stream need, and get the best result you deserve. 🙂

Kelly Baader

Online Marketing Strategist & Founder of the Godly MBA Academy

Maurice Kilbride

Ian is fantastic! A tech and social media wizard and he has been so incredibly helpful to me with FB Live, so relaxed to be around and a natural in front of the camera. Above all, he’s just a very genuine and nice guy! Anyone wanting to learn about FB live should get on this!

Maurice Kilbride

Managing Director at Maurice Kilbride Estate Agents


Who is this Ian Anderson Gray?

I've been teaching for over 15 years and speak regularly at conferences around the world about social media, marketing and technology. I'm a regular speaker at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, USA

Through my blog posts and courses, I've taught tens of thousands of people how to use Facebook Live using the latest tools and techniques. My article on how to broadcast to Facebook Live from your computer has been visited over 3.5 million times and been shared over 22,000 times.

I love to make technology easy to understand and to encourage others. I'm also a bit of a geek!


Joey Vitale

I feel so lucky to have found Ian right when I was starting to tap into live video for my business. Through Ian's course — and his community — I was able to level up my "live-streaming game" considerably. My following and tribe definitely noticed, I now have higher views and engagement, and when people reach out to me for help live-streaming I point them to Ian.

Joey Vitale

Owner and Founder at Indie Law

Ian Anderson Gray

International Keynote Speaker, Coach & Consultant

Live Video, Social Media, Tools & Productivity 

Got any Questions?

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  • Live Masterclasses & group coaching
  • Community & Ongoing Peer support
  • Accountability & Live Video Challenge
  • Direct Access to Ian as your Live Video Coach
  • Lifetime access to masterclass recordings
  • BONUS: Live Video Show Workflow (lifetime access) - Worth $97
  • BONUS: Daily Vocal Warmup Download (lifetime access) - Worth $97
  • BONUS: OBS Studio Course (lifetime access) - Worth $97
  • BONUS: Wirecast Course (lifetime access) - Worth $197

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Signature Course
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  • LIFETIME access to the CLM Academy
  • LIFETIME Access to Academy Expert Workshops
  • Bonuses (as listed above)
  • BONUS: Marketing Webinars (lifetime access)
  • Free Access to future Live Video Tools Mini-Courses
  • No more to pay after 12 months

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