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Confidently Accelerate Your Live Show & Podcast
in 6 Weeks

Get the tools and skills you need to go live like a pro with this

group mastermind program.


Limited to up to 10 Places

Are you...

  • Frustrated with lack of growth?
  • Your show doesn't look professional enough?
  • You're not repurposing effectively?
  • Your process isn't working?
  • Not getting much engagement?
  • Feeling alone and frustrated?

I'll give you the exact process you need to engineer your success.

What you need is a process that gives you the tools, skills and resources you need to produce addictively engaging live shows and podcasts.

A process that gives you personalised support so you can build a custom setup that suits you and your personality.

A process that’s been tried and tested by hundreds of entrepreneurs before you.

A process that will turn your live shows into a powerful content repurposing engine.


The Confident Live Process

(aka- your personalised master plan for going live confidently)

The Confident Live Accelerator Program is built around this process.  Designed with confidence building at its core, you’ll be able to personalise your set-up with “steal all of my stuff” expert mentorship and get ongoing support to take you to pro-level confidence as you hit the button to Go Live.

In the first 5 weeks, I’ll walk you through this process so you can upgrade your skills and your systems before you launch your new setup in week 6.

Planning arrow (1)

Learn your “secret sauce” and get a fail-proof strategy in place for your show. Most people skip this step, but this foundational element will keep you producing addictive content consistently.

Prep arrow (1)

Get hooks, intros and templates that will teach you how to boost audience engagement so you can keep people listening for longer. Increasing their interest and boosting your position in the algorithm.

You’ll also learn what to do when things go wrong so you can confidently go live no matter what.

Confidence and communication arrow (1)

Get over your fear with my Confident Live Warmup Formula, which will teach you how to re-channel your nervous energy into “heightened authenticity” so you’re turning up as you… but with more engaging energy.

Tech and tools arrow (1)

Build your custom home set-up whether you’re bootstrapping your first studio or upgrading to pro-level tech.

Weekly group calls with me means you can get personalised help to make this as simple or techy as you want.

Process arrow (1)

Steal all of my templates, my process for reaching out to guests, and my entire process for going live (including my run of show) so you can fast track all the most common mistakes to create a professional show, fast.

If you’ve heard me talk about the 5 Ps of Live video, I’ll be taking you through each of of these in detail.

Practice arrow (1)

Practice makes perfect builds confidence. By now you’ll have your tech set up and your processes in place.

Now, you’re going to test and practice in structured live tests into our cohort only, a supportive community and a test group to go live in where you’ll get feedback from me.

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What You Get

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  • On demand bite-sized video lessons so you can learn the Accelerator process
  • Weekly group mastermind calls starting from Week beginning March 28 (no call in week 3)
  • Special masterclasses with Experts
  • Group support in our Accelerator community via Volley (video, audio & text chat)
  • Practice going live in our test Facebook group
  • Learn how to use Stream Decks & Teleprompters
  • Access to all existing Confident Live courses
  • Downloadable Run of Show template
  • Downloadable Guest Check List
  • Downloadable Process template
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Be quick!
This group mastermind program is limited to 10 places.

Just like Dr Jo North did when she joined my Launch Your Live program last year. Now she’s confidently recording LIVE video for her new show, The Idea Time Show...

Dr Jo North

You've helped me enormously with your programme on how to get confident, live video out there… not just something that I say I'm going to do, not just something I've been thinking about and talking about, but actually doing it

Dr Jo North

Host of The Idea Time Show

What Previous Confident Live graduates are saying

The Confident Live Accelerator program is brand new. It's built on the previous course, Launch Your Live. We've expanded the Accelerator over 6 weeks (instead of 2), reduced the number of participants down to 10, and have weekly group mastermind calls.
Have a look at what previous participants of the previous course have said...

It's a fun course that is broken up into bite sized pieces. So it's not overwhelming at all, even though you go from beginner to as advanced as you really want to go.”

Katy Simpson

Host of the Thrive with Live Show

 Connecting with everybody in the course has been absolutely phenomenal. I've met some really amazing people. And we are scattered all over the world.”

Phillipe Deseck

Action Movie Makers Training



Hi, I’m Ian!

I'm an international speaker, tech geek and LIVE video convert/addict/fanatic. And I have a confession to make...

Back in 2016, I was the reluctant live video guy. I wrote an article about going live on Facebook, and 6.5 million page views later I had to bite the bullet and start going live.

I made all the mistakes people make when they first start going live and I’m here to share these with you, so you can fast track to launching your live show without dropping into the cavernous craters I fell into on my journey.

One thing most people don’t know about me?

I trained as a professional singer and taught voice at the Royal Northern College of Music Junior School. You’ll see some of the techniques I perfected in the Confident Live Warmup Formula which will become your secret weapon for success.

The Confident Live Accelerator is the culmination of everything I have learned from hosting over 300 of my own live shows and as a coach to other live broadcasters who are enjoying using their shows to drive more traffic into their businesses.

Join now, and here’s what you’ll get...

Course Mockup

Confident Live Accelerator

  • Weekly Group Mastermind Calls
  • Accelerator Community
  • Confidence going live
  • Custom tech set-up
  • Engaging & Professional shows
  • Systems and templates for everything
  • On-demand support & Expert mentorship
  • Repurposed content frameworks
  • A process you can trust

Be quick!
This group mastermind program is limited to 10 places.

Some things you might want to ask me

The people who make the most progress tend to ask the most questions. So I’ve distilled the most frequent queries to help you make the right decision for you.

Got any more questions? Book a 15-minute call with me.
Or contact me directly.

Be quick!
This group mastermind program is limited to 10 places.

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