Seriously Social News #5 – New Google+ Features, LinkedIn Reaches 200M, RIP Messenger, New Facebook features & 1 Million Pis

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Welcome to Episode #5 of Seriously Social News for Friday, 11th January 2013.

Life in the social media world never stands still! We have new features for Google+ and Facebook, LinkedIn doubles its user base in 1 year to top 200 million users, Microsoft pulls the plug on Messenger, Android users finally get Facebook Pages Manager and 1 Million Raspberry Pis have been sold!

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Seriously Social News is a short weekly round up on all that is new in the world of social media, the internet and technology. With so much happening in the world of social media and technology, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest news that affects you.

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Show Notes

Google+ adds Panning and Zooming for Photos and Possibility of a Pause button feature for Communities

google-plus Google have been busily adding new features to their social network Google+ despite already adding quite a few in the previous week! It is now possible to zoom in and pan whilst viewing larger photos in Google+’s photo gallery feature. This is particularly useful now that Android users can automatically upload all their photos to Google+ at their original size. We’ve also heard rumours that Google may be adding a pause button feature to Communities so that new posts will be queued whilst you are reading. Finally, we are told that Google Analytics for Google+ is in the pipeline. This will mean that business page owners will be able to track visits and engagement to their page in a similar way to Facebook Insights.

LinkedIn now has over 200 million users

LinkedIn MilestoneBusiness social networking site, LinkedIn was launched nearly 10 years ago, and has just celebrated the fact that it now has over 200 million users worldwide. In fact it has doubled it’s user base in just one year and now has more than 2 new users signing up every second of every day.

Microsoft  to shut down Messenger with Users migrated to Skype in March

Messenger migrating to Skype

First there was MSN messenger and then Windows Messenger. One of the most used instant messaging programmes all round the world is being retired on March 15th this year with users being migrated over to Microsoft owned Skype. Many were surprised when Microsoft bought Skype back in May 2011 for a cool $8.5 billion, but over the past year it has been clear that Microsoft has been working to integrate Skype into it’s new operating system Windows 8. Users of Windows Messenger will be migrated over to Skype, with the ability to merge their messenger account with their Skype one.


Facebook voice in mobile apps & Facebook Page Manager for Android


Unfortunately, although the Facebook news was in the accompanying show notes from last week, it was missing from the podcast. Apologies for that. However, since then Facebook released even more features. In previous weeks we mentioned the new Poke app, new privacy features, a drag and drop photo uploader and possibilities of your timeline changing again. On Tuesday the 3rd of January, Facebook updated it’s stand alone Messenger app for iOS and Android devices to include a voice messaging feature. As well as sending a private message to friends on Facebook through the messenger app you can now record a voice message to send to them. The option can be found next to the photo and camera options when sending a message. Facebook are also trialling a way to allow you to directly call your friends using VoIP. Currently, this feature is being tested to users living in Canada. This week the Facebook page manager, which allows you to manage your Facebook Pages on the move has finally being released for Android.

Raspberry Pi Quickly Approaches 1 Million Units Sold

Raspberry Pi InfographicThe super budget $35 computer, the Raspberry Pi has almost sold 1 million units. The Raspberry Pi was launched almost a year ago in February 2012, and has struggled to keep up with demand from students and computer enthusiasts round the world. Manufactured in England, the Pi has been praised for bringing back programming to the fingertips of children and for exciting bedroom projects such as turning the Pi into media centres, retro gaming machines, onboard car computers and more with it’s network capability and High definition HDMI output. Unfortunately mine lies dormant on my desk ready for some time to play. If you have any ideas for me, do get in touch and let me know!

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