Seriously Social News #4 – Google+ Circles, Foursquare, Facebook Voicemail and

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Welcome to Episode #4 of Seriously Social News for Friday, 4th January 2013.

We cover a potential bill in Arizona that could outlaw parody Twitter Accounts, Google+ allowing interaction with non-circle members, an updated privacy policy for Foursquare, Lie ins for Apple users, a voice mail feature in Facebook messenger and a special holiday offer for life for Social Relationship Management tool,

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Seriously Social News is a short weekly round up on all that is new in the world of social media, the internet and technology. With so much happening in the world of social media and technology, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest news that affects you.

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Show Notes

Arizona Bill could outlaw Parody Twitter accounts

A few weeks back we covered the news that the law in the UK has been clarified when it comes to sending tweets that are deemed as offensive. In the same week as a French Minister wants Twitter to start censoring offensive tweets, the US state of Arizona is considering a bill that could outlaw Parody Twitter accounts. In a similar style to the UK legislation, the Arizona bill may impose a jail sentence for anyone who parodies someone on a social network if they have malicious intent.

Google+ Now allow interaction with non-circle members

Google+ is Google’s own social network or “social layer” as Google like to call it. Google have stepped up their pace and released a huge number of updates and extra features recently. Although slated as a ghost town by many in the past, Google+’s user base has been increasing dramatically over the past 6 months and is definitely worth considering if only for increased Search Engine Optimisation and proving the authorship of your website or blog.

Google+ business pages which are the equivalent of Facebook pages used to only allow you to interact with other Google+ members if they had added you to their circles of contacts. The reasoning behind this was that it was supposed to reduce spam from too many mentions with the sole intention of increasing numbers. However, last week, Google+ business pages can now interact and share posts with all users of Google+. Google are also working on adding Google Analytics to your Google+ page.

Foursquare Privacy Update

Location mobile app, Foursquare are updating their privacy policy to make users’ full names visible. Currently Foursquare only shows users’ first names and the initial of their surname. In the privacy policy update which will change on the 28th of January, users’ full names will be publicly viewable as well as sharing more user information with venues. Users can change their names in their Foursquare profile’s if they are concerned about privacy. Venue owners will also be glad to know they will be able to access more detailed check-in information.

Apple “Do Not Disturb” Problem

Many Apple iPhone and iPad users were up in arms on January the 1st when they were forced to have a lie in due to a bug in the “Do Not Disturb Feature” in iOS6. This feature is supposed to allow you to set a time when you don’t want to receive calls, messages or alerts. It also has the option to allow repeated calls or specific calls to get through in an emergency. Unfortunately the bug meant that the “Do Not Disturb” feature didn’t switch itself off on New Years’ Day.

Apple are aware of the issue, but say that the bug will automatically fix itself after January 7th. Up until then, the only way is to manually switch the feature off or on. Unfortunately this isn’t working for everyone, but at least after the 7th everything should be back to normal although that might mean no more lie ins!

Facebook voice in mobile apps

Facebook have been incredibly busy with releasing new features. In previous weeks we mentioned the new Poke app, new privacy features, a drag and drop photo uploader and possibilities of your timeline changing again. On Tuesday the 3rd of January, Facebook updated it’s stand alone Messenger app for iOS and Android devices to include a voice messaging feature. As well as sending a private message to friends on Facebook through the messenger app you can now record a voice message to send to them. The option can be found next to the photo and camera options when sending a message. Facebook are also trialling a way to allow you to directly call your friends using VoIP. Currently, this feature is being tested to users living in Canada. Have you had a chance to use the new voice messaging feature? What do you think? Let us know in the comments! 30% off

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